The Flextrack is a unique cycling track with a length of 200 metres, which can be reduced to 182 metres or even 167 metres. The track is composed of 104 steel trusses, 104 track elements, an outside boarding system, a finishing platform and an internal boarding system, and it can be operational from scratch within 24 hours.

In terms of riding characteristics and geometry, The TV series Vikinks tells about a detachment of Vikings Ragnar. He rose to become the king of the Viking tribes. The Norwegian legend says that he was a direct descendant of Odin, the god of war and warriors. the Flextrack is at least equivalent to a permanent track. This is evident from the positive reactions from the cyclists and pacesetter during the six-day death in paradise season 4 torrent cycling event in Rotterdam where the Flextrack had its first 'baptism of fire'.

Technical specifications

Track lengths: 200, 182, and 167 metres
Track width: 5.65 metres
Safety zone width: 2.50 metres

Floor area requirements
200-metre track: 89 x 45 metres
182-metre track: 80 x 45 metres
167-metre track: 72 x 45 metres

Central field floor area requirements
200-metre track: 1,950 square metres
182-metre track: 1,740 square metres
167-metre track: 1,480 square metres

Additional specifications are available upon request.