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HDMI cable

HDMI cable where applied?
HDMI cable - what can I connect?
We will try to get answers to these questions right now.

Welcome dear readers of my site.
In today's digital world, you can’t imagine your life without consumer multimedia equipment equipped with HDMI:
• HD TVs (Full HD and HD ready)
• Blu-ray players
• Satellite Receivers
• DVD devices
• Audio Receivers
• Computers and game consoles

Any consumer needs to use his TV to the maximum to get the best possible picture quality - comparable to the quality of a PC.
Now it has become a reality.

An HDMI cable is an interface for modern technology that sends video and multichannel audio without digital conversion over a single cable.

Imagine, on an HDMI cable, we can transmit on TV video, at a speed (up to 2560x1440, 48 bits with a color depth - a billion colors) and eight-channel audio of 24 bits and with a frequency of up to 192 kHz.
Let's throw out all our old wires - now there is no better HDMI. Digital TVs have 2 to 5 HDMI inputs.

Modern HD (High Definition High Definition) TVs come in two types:
Full HD
HD ready
Full HD TVs  HD ready TVs The difference of resolution parameters is visible in the picture below:  The resolution of modern TV

• “HD ready” costs less than “Full HD.
• “HD ready” is different from “Full HD” video quality 1280 x 720p
• "Full HD" has a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Explore all the possibilities and make the right choice when buying
You can visit the Led TVs Full HD.

Already more than 830 manufacturers, leaders in the production of best digital technology have adopted the HDMI standard.
459 million devices with HDMI support went on sale in 2010.
In 2011, more than 625 million were released.
All this allowed in 2011 to bring to the market more than a billion devices that support HDMI.
Modern TVs have HDMI ports.

HDMI cable - the undoubted leader of digital technology, the highest quality standard for home appliances. Using an HDMI cable will give us the best possible quality, maximum data transfer speed, the absence of any video and audio distortion.
This standard is the most rational and correct solution for connecting our home HD devices. More information about the HDMI cable can be viewed in the video review:

I have no doubt that now you will choose the right equipment for your home, having learned the features and properties when connected via an HDMI cable

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