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Sign in or register. The fifth zone of the USDA The maximum possible winter temperature to -29C (Kiev, Minsk) Aroma:




Very strong:    Disease resistance:

Weak, the plant needs constant prevention: +

Average, sick in adverse years: ++

Very good, almost not sick: +++ Resistance to rain:

Weak, when the rain does not open flowers:

Medium, some flowers are damaged:

Very good, the flowers do not spoil the rain:   Flowering:

Single flowering:


Continuous flowering:    flatrosette.jpg Flat rosette (many small petals are located in one plane)  recurvingrosette.jpg Rosette (flower is more voluminous than that of a flat rosette, petals are bent inward) cuppedrosette.jpg A saucer-like flower (the outer petals are slightly bent upwards, so that the whole flower has the shape of a saucer)  shallowcup.jpg Open cup-shaped flower (the flower is shaped like a bowl, wide open) deepcup.jpg Deeply cupped flower (the flower has a hemispherical shape) htbud.jpg White goblet flower The classic form of a hybrid tea-rose pompom.jpg Pompon-shaped flower (dense flower, lower petals unbend down, so that the whole flower has the shape of a pompomone single.jpg Non-terry flower (five petals)  semidouble.jpg Semi-double flower (visible middle of the flower with stamens)

Scrubs (Modern Shrub)

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A wonderful variety that is especially good when planted in small groups. Peach orange flowers, very large, 10-12 cm in diameter, densely-double-leaved, keep for a long time on a bush, and are perfectly combined with dark green foliage. Do not fade. The bush is vigorous, neat. The first bloom is abundant, followed by weaker flowering waves. Aroma tart. (TAN) Belvedere Uploaded to the site: Mrs_Jow Color :

apricot orange Number of flowers on the stem:

1-3 Flavor:  ? Flower size:

8-14 cm Height:

100-120 cm Width:

100 cm USDA:

The fifth zone Powdery Mildew Resistance:

++ ? Resistance to black spot:

++ ? Resistance to rain:  ? Flowering:  ? bush form:
bushy.jpg Flower:  shallowcup.jpg

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