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Not the news that any gardener gives the privilege of proven varieties over the years, but in any case, every year buys new seeds, waiting for a fabulous harvest.

After all, each variety has its own advantages, be it a high yield, early ripeness, the appearance of fruits, taste or resistance to diseases and climatic conditions. Description

The variety “Siberian Trump” was bred by domestic breeders and entered into the state register of the Russian Federation as suitable for cultivation in open soil and film shelters. Refers to mid-season varieties, the fruits ripen already at 110-115 days after the emergence of sprouts. The bush is of determinant type, reaches a height of 80 cm. The stalk is quite strong, medium leafy. >

The fruits are large, from 300 to 500 grams, on the lower branches, their weight can reach 700 grams. Tomatoes are round, slightly flattened with pronounced ribbing. At the stage of full maturation are painted in raspberry-red color. The skin is dense, the pulp is juicy and fleshy, of rich taste. "Siberian Trump" is suitable both for fresh consumption, and for the preparation of juices, mashed potatoes and sauces. Whole fruits are not canned, as they are very large and simply do not fit in a jar. But you can close for the winter in the form of a salad platter.

Interesting! In the southern regions, the plant can grow up to 130 cm.

In the north and east of Russia it is not always possible to grow tomatoes, which have a long growing season, which is why the breeders bred such varieties as Siberian Trump. It is adapted to the deterioration of weather conditions and will grow and bear fruit, regardless of the climate.

Benefits Excellent presentation. Stable harvest. Adaptation to adverse conditions. Subject to long-term storage. Well tolerated transportation. Great taste.

There are no flaws. Disease prevention

Provide plants with sunlight. Do not thicken landing. In time to eradicate weeds that can be carriers of disease. Remove lower leaves to allow air circulation. Follow the recommendations for watering. When signs of viral mosaic are found, it is better to remove the plant in order not to subject the other tomatoes to infection. Growing seedlings

In the northern regions, the Siberian trump is grown in a seedling manner, in the south it is possible to plant seeds directly into the soil. First you need to prepare the seeds, pickle, and soak in a growth promoter. Do it 55-60 days before the estimated date of landing. Then they are immersed in a previously prepared soil of about 1.5 cm, watered with warm water and covered. Sprouts appear after one, two weeks, after that the shelter is removed and watering of young seedlings every five days.

A picking into separate tanks is obligatory; they are carried out when 1-2 leaves appear; it will grow there before landing on the beds. It is necessary to ensure that the plants are warm, and they have enough light. If necessary, seedlings are decorated with photo lamps, which are placed at a distance of 10 cm.

Important! Twenty-four-hour lighting is not only beneficial, but also harming young plants.

Two weeks before transplantation, you can begin to carry out tempering procedures that will strengthen the plant, for this, containers with seedlings are carried out outside for a while, gradually increasing their stay in the fresh air. The appearance of six leaves indicates readiness for transplantation, one inflorescence can also form. transplanting beds

On the day of planting plants, they are poured with warm water, this will help to easily pull the seedlings with damp earth from the cups. It is necessary to approach the choice of a site with all responsibility, despite resistance to bad weather conditions, tomatoes like light and sunshine. Do not plant tomatoes after solanaceous crops, as they have common diseases. Usually, the soil is prepared in the autumn, for this organic fertilizers are introduced into it and they are dug up, but if it did not work out, it is not terrible. You can fertilize it even two weeks before planting tomatoes. The holes are dug out, leaving a distance of 50 cm between them, optimally leaving 70 cm between the rows. 3-4 bushes are planted per square meter. You can interest:

Seedlings together with a lump of earth are placed in the hole, deepening up to the first leaves, and sprinkled, then watered with warm water. Care

The first feeding can be carried out in two weeks, for this mineral fertilizers are perfect. The second and third to make with an interval in a month.

Weeds are the main enemies of the tomato, they need to regularly pluck and mulch the soil, this will help retain moisture in the soil for a longer time. Watering Siberian trump you need regularly, suitable drip irrigation. Bushes as they grow need a garter to support.

The formation of a bush in 2 stalks is recommended, all stepchildren must be removed before the first brush. Harvesting and storage

The first fruits ripen together, the rest of the formed ovaries can bear fruit until the onset of cold weather. Ripened fruits should not be left on the bush, they will pull out all the juice. To store the tomatoes are harvested at the stage of technical maturity, the flesh is still hard, but already painted red. If before the cold on the bushes the immature fruits are left, they are collected and placed in a dry, dark room that is well ventilated. Periodically, tomatoes need to sort out, not allowing the storage of good fruits with spoiled. Conclusion

“Siberian trump card” is an unpretentious variety in care, besides it can be grown anywhere in Russia, everyone who planted it at least once will certainly plant it in the future. Reviews

Eugene 30 years

Finding a suitable variety for cultivation in our region is not so easy, because the climate is very changeable and frosts can even be in the middle of summer. Planted "Siberian Trump" in the greenhouse, sowed seed for seedling at the end of March. The plants did not hurt, they wrote the truth that it tolerates a cold snap. The harvest took off excellent, the tomatoes are tasty, I had large grams of 350 grams each, on the floor of a kilogram only a few pieces. I am satisfied, I will grow more.

Peter is 65 years old

I live in the south, so I decided to plant on the beds. At first, I wanted to sow the seeds right away, but I was afraid, although I’ll still try next season. I grew up seedlings in my house, my temperature is about 20 degrees, regardless of the weather outside. Every day for 3 hours the lamp was turned on so that the seedlings would have enough light. She grew up very strong, not exposed to disease. After transplantation I fed with compost, and then a month later with a solution of mullein, I do not use artificial fertilizers in principle. Bushes grew meter in height, tied up, there was a lot of harvest. I liked the taste of the tomato.

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