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Hello Dear viewers! We have for you a new version of the site Soviet films. We invite you to our new site http://kinocccp.ru !


Dear friends! Welcome to the site of Soviet films online!

On our site you can watch Soviet films online , old Russian films, download Soviet films, read comprehensive information about the selected film.

On our site, films are distributed by genre, most of the films belong to several genres at once, for example: the movie "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" also applies to detective and film adaptation and adventure, we have this movie in the category of adventure.

Each movie is only in one category for the convenience of the user.

Best use site search left below the menu (write two words of the movie name, if you forgot the name of the movie, then write the name of the actor, or the director and in the search will appear all the films, in the cat. The actor starred)

movie library updated ...

Dear viewers in connection with the adoption of the law on the protection of "copyright" in Russia, some films may be temporarily absent, we are working to restore the films, moreover, if there is no possibility to watch an online film, you can now download some films from a torrent client (with In time, all films can be downloaded).

If you can’t access our site from the territory of the Russian Federation, you can access another AP-address of another country, you can read more on the forum


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