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Pots for flowers Everything about flower pots - the purpose, use, types.

What is a flowerpot and how does it differ from a regular flowerpot? Many pots are associated with hanging tanks for hanging plants. In fact, their species is much larger. But first things first. It is possible to determine whether it is pots or pots, if only because the hero of our article does not have holes in the bottom. Therefore, it would be unwise to plant a flower in it. Its main purpose is to hide an ordinary flower container. Therefore, their appearance is usually thematic, colorful, and choose the one that will suit the design of your interior is not difficult.

Why do we need pots?

And why is it, if you can just buy a beautiful flower pot? After all, they are now apparently invisible, and plastic, and ceramic. If you look closely, there are a lot of pluses.

- Again, the appearance of a decorative flowerpots, which is much easier to replace than to transplant a flower.

- Flower pots, especially ceramic, tend to accumulate white bloom, which I would also like to hide.

- Pallets are not always good for water after watering. You can pour water and pour expensive furniture or other furnishings, parquet flooring. And the pallets themselves often do not look very much in due course.

- In the winter season, the plant will help increase the humidity of the air near the plants, but for this function it should be at least 3 cm in diameter larger than the flower pot. In addition, you can pour claydite or put moss between pots and a pot with a flower.

- Pots help maintain balance in unstable, high, hanging plants.

- Also you can use the supports for climbing plants, setting them in the distance between the pot and the pots, and not sticking them into the ground and without damaging the roots of flowers.

Stretched pots in the same style

How to use flower pots?

Here you need to know that just put a flower pot in pots is not enough:

- It is necessary to determine its type and where it will be installed or suspended.

- After watering the flower, after 15 minutes, it is desirable to drain the excess water. Otherwise, you can destroy the roots of the plant. If the air temperature in the apartment is high, the water can not be drained, it will evaporate. But we must be sure that the water does not remain.

Cache-pot with your own hands

In fact, the original and unusual pots can come up with the most ordinary household utensils. For example, cactus is very iron banks from under the coffee or tea. You can even look into the antique shop if you want to give the design of an apartment, house or villa a vintage style. Someone puts pots in old saucepans and some make hanging pots of macrame. More on how to make flower pots for flowers with your own hands.

Types and types of flower pots

Kashpo bike 1. First of all, they can be bright and catchy, and can be neutral and strict and not stand out. Appearance pots perhaps in the first place, because this is their purpose. Do not forget that the brighter the pot is, the more pale the plant looks. Keep this in mind when buying. If the plant is blooming - especially, pay attention to the combination of shades during flowering.

2. Suspended and outdoor pots and baskets for plants. It turns out that previously hanging options were intended for orchids, and then they were already used for appellate flowers. Suspended variants can be mounted on ceiling beams, on eaves for curtains and on other decor items that are located at a high distance from the floor. They can also decorate pillars and columns.

3. Option ceramic pot without drainage hole and pallet with glazed pots. You can also plant a flower in a simple terracotta unglazed pot, which tends to breathe and flow. And it already put in a colorful and appropriate to your style ceramic flowerpots.

Flowers for street pots

Pots for shrubs Street pots are relevant in gardens and gardens more and more. Usually they differ in large sizes. They can even fit small shrubs. This is done at least in order to be able to rearrange the plant, and if necessary - to move it into the room for the winter.

What plants are suitable for such home and garden decor? These can be begonias, Waller balsams, ivy, fuchsia, pelargonium, bacopa, lobelia, coleus, morning glory, nasturtium, sansatia, and kisses.

There are also pots - containers and compositions from small flowerpots on different levels. They look especially beautiful, someone even manages to plant there strawberries or strawberries. When installing them, it must be borne in mind that the plants need to pick the same ones for them. To water them simultaneously and provide all the necessary amount of light or heat.

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