The variety of Belarusian pears

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The most popular among gardeners fruit trees after an apple tree, of course, are pears. Any gardener is trying to grow this crop on his personal plots. But still, in this process it is necessary to take into account the climatic zone. It is worth noting that not every selected variety can be grown in the middle zone of our country. For example, in the Moscow region there will be a not very favorable climate for growing many garden plants. But do not be discouraged, as the breeders carried out a very difficult job concerning the creation of frost-resistant seedlings, which, moreover, have excellent resistance to various pests and diseases. At present, many specialists have developed winter and autumn varieties of pears for cultivation in the harsh regions of the country. In this article we will tell you exactly that. From it you can learn a lot of valuable and useful information that will surely satisfy the requirements of almost any amateur gardener.

Autumn types of winter and autumn varieties of pears are almost as good as summer ones according to their taste. The fruits begin to sing in the second half of September. Older plants are able to give a good harvest, which is able to be stored in cool cellars for a long time. In addition, their integrity and juiciness are not lost.

winter pear varieties photo with name and description Popular varieties of autumn pears

In this article you can find winter pear varieties with photos and with the name and description. It is worth noting that this article will help you in choosing a particular variety for your garden plot.


This species is previously autumn. It was bred by breeders by crossing the variety Bere Mchchurina and Forest Beauty. This variety has a good yield for 6-7 years. Will require constant watering from its owner. According to many reviews of gardeners, this species can tolerate light frosts perfectly. In addition, they noted the excellent tastes of the hearths: the pulp of a pear of this variety is very soft and grainy. It has a delicate and sweet taste.

winter pear varieties photo with name and description

Bere Bosc.

French autumn-winter types of pears are very popular in Russia. Quite widely used for industrial purposes. They can perfectly adapt to different soils and perfectly tolerate frosts. But still, the best productivity can be given on fertile soil. The fruits begin to sing in the first decade of autumn. Stored almost until December in the refrigerator. According to many experienced gardeners, the most valuable quality of this pear variety is that this crop is not affected by fungal disease (scab). The fruits have a very attractive appearance and large size. They have a soft yellow tint and oily, dense pulp.

How to choose the winter variety of pears

Elegant Efimova.

Here you can find winter pear varieties. It is very easy to find a photo and a description of each variety. And it is very convenient. After all, such information is useful at the time of choosing a pear for the garden. In the course of long work, the breeders could still bring autumn-winter pear varieties for the Moscow region. One of these varieties is called elegant Efimovna. This variety of pears has a long form. Fruits are yellow-green, with a rich blush, and fleshy, juicy flesh. At the beginning of 1989, in the city of Erfurt, this variety was awarded a gold award for unsurpassed taste and quality. The main advantages of this variety include excellent resistance to various fungal diseases and frosts. This variety of pear is one of the few autumn varieties that are suitable for cultivation in the middle lane. Many gardeners with great pleasure engaged in the cultivation of this variety in their cottages. people celebrate many positive qualities of the crop. The most important thing is not to overheat. Either the flesh will be very dry and mealy. After the harvest has been fully harvested, fruits can be stored for 2 weeks in a cool dry pestle at a constant temperature, which should not exceed 15 degrees above zero.

winter pear varieties photo with name and description

Pet Yakovleva

According to numerous user reviews, the following can be noted: this variety is one of the most reliable in terms of frost resistance. The tree has a rather large crown. and its fruits are very sweet. Every year, this pear variety gives its owners an excellent harvest. Its fruiting begins in the 6th year. And with the onset of autumn, you can already eat juicy and tasty pears. You can also begin to collect still not fully ripened fruits, and put them in wooden containers or boxes, covered with paper. Thus, they can get enough for 2 months in a cool place.

How to choose the winter grade of pear Varieties of winter ripening

Together with autumn, winter pear varieties are distinguished by their unsurpassed freshness and tartness. These varieties are successfully cultivated in the Moscow region, because they can tolerate frosts better than others and are stored for the longest time. They are also unpretentious in their care.

May Day.

Does not require ground soil. It can tolerate dry weather, frosts and is not subject to fungal diseases. According to gardeners, all of these factors are major. And what is most interesting, the fruits of this variety almost never lose their freshness for 250 days. They have an attractive appearance and a small wax coating. Fruits have an interesting taste.

How to choose a winter pear variety

Ukrainian pear variety "Artyomovsk winter"

Probably every gardener wonders what a good grade of winter pear varieties to choose? And it is important to note that there are many points to consider.

The next variety was bred in the city of Donetsk. Flowering begins in the second half of December. The tree of this grade of a pear has wide krone. Fruits are not susceptible to damage even at low temperatures. Culture can tolerate drought and hot weather. Not demanding to care. The fruits are quite large. Reaches weight in 250 grams. The color of the fruit is bright yellow. Have a red blush. As a rule, large industrial organizations and amateur gardeners are silicating this variety of pears. Also, it is well tolerated transportation. able to be stored for a long time. According to most experts, the yield of this variety simply admires. How to choose the right winter variety of pears

November winter.

This variety was bred by hybridizing the variety Nikolai Kruger and the triumph of Vienna. He was able to gain great popularity in Europe for its unsurpassed quality and long-term preservation. In appearance, the tree is not very big. It has a rather spreading crown and elongated large fruits. They can reach a weight of up to 500 grams. Practically not subject to diseases and scab. Try to find out the fruits of this variety can be on a rather dense skin, which has a pale yellow color. The very first crop of this type of pear can be harvested after 4 years. you can plant young seedlings of pears next to the quince crops. To keep the fruits of winter pears, it is necessary in the cellar before spring. It is worth noting that the fruits of pears will not deteriorate and change their taste. This is their main advantage.

How to choose a winter pear variety

Belarusian late.

This sort of pear was created from the seeds of the winter species Kind Louise. If we talk about the best winter varieties of pears, then it’s worth telling about the Belarusian Belarusian variety. It pleases gardeners with good frost resistance, not a very large crown, and medium resistance to all sorts of diseases, as well as storage time. After planting it, one should expect the very first harvest not earlier than in 5 years. There are a lot of different reviews about this variety. And they are all positive. According to gardeners, a tree of this pear variety can produce a good and stable crop every year. In addition, the quality of the fruit remains as good, their flesh is very sweet.

How to choose a winter pear variety

Charles Konya.

Most of the winter types of pears for the Moscow region regions were bred by French breeders. Charles Konya is a very interesting and amazing variety. He is not afraid of frosts (up to minus 9 degrees). You can collect the fruits with the onset of October. They are very delicate in structure and remotely resemble chocolate.

How to choose a winter pear variety


Created exclusively for the harsh regions. Very popular variety. It is able to grow on different soils, also on clay. The crown of the tree is quite voluminous. Constantly demands from the gardener pruning. Fruiting begins in the 3rd year after disembarkation. Gives a sufficient amount of harvest. Fruits are bright yellow. have an average value. This variety is one of the most favorite varieties of amateur gardeners, as the pear fruit has a delicate and fine-grained structure. Many people make delicious desserts and preserves from fruits. It is worth noting that not all winter types of pears are preferred by cooks. After undergoing heat treatment, the fruits practically do not change their shape, but remain as healthy and tasty. How to choose the right winter variety of pears

Winter Dean.

This variety is also called winter duchess. The tree of such a pear is very large and massive. It has a very wide branched crown. Fruiting begins quite early. The fruit of pear pears are large. Despite such dimensions, it can very well be held on the branches of a tree, does not fall for a long time. The peel of the fruit has a beautiful amber color. The flesh of the pear is very sweet and meaty. Its main advantages include storage time, excellent transportation and frost resistance. If you like a pear, then you surely are interested in winter varieties for the Moscow region. And it is worth pointing out that we have listed these varieties for you above. Use this information and then the choice of variety will be easy.

How to choose the right winter variety of pears How should winter pears be kept in your home?

The duration of storage of hearth depends on the degree of their maturation. In order for fruits to fail to lose their original appearance, oily structure and elasticity, they need to be collected in certain periods. Winter pear varieties have a different period of ripeness. Most people think that green fruits can also be in the fridge. But this statement is not true in the roots. With this storage, the pulp of the pear will become firm and simply not usable. This practice has been mastered by many unscrupulous exporters who want to get a large income, without worrying about the final quality of the product. It should be noted that any grade requires an individual storage temperature.

Early autumn varieties should be stored in a room with a temperature of three degrees above zero, not more than 2 months. You can also extend the shelf life of fruits up to 150 days, if you maintain a temperature of one degree. Before leaving for storage pears of winter varieties, they will need to prepare proper conditions: the humidity in the room should not be below 85 percent. And the approximate temperature in the room should be at around 1-2 degrees. It is necessary to place the fruit in special containers or containers made from natural materials. In order for fruits to fail to deform and lose their original appearance, they should be laid in a chess or diagonal method. The bottom of the container must be covered with shavings or paper.

winter pear varieties photo with name and description

Useful information in conclusion

So, autumn and winter varieties of pears were listed here. According to the long-term observations of the leading agronomists and gardeners who have been cultivating winter varieties of pears for a long time, the more suitable varieties for the Moscow region are such varieties as: Belarusian Late, Northerner, Artyomovskaya winter. These varieties can tolerate frosts perfectly (up to minus 10 degrees). At the same time they are able to give a good harvest and very tasty fruits. Skeletal branches of pear are not exposed sunburn and most diseases. Until now, an active study of a large range of winter-hardy species of pears, which could perfectly suit for cultivation in the middle zone of our country, continues.

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