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AUTUMN LANDING ROSES - do not be afraid to plant roses before winter, you do not even need to root them, you can plant them to the frost. But, if you plant them in September-October, they manage not only to take root, but also to be hardened by negative temperatures - this is very important. In the spring, roses, without hurting, are already rapidly growing, and all summer and autumn delight us with their flowering (they do not need to take root, as during spring planting).

Roses should be covered with a negative temperature, preferably in frozen soil. Up to minus 10-12 degrees. Roses do not freeze. It is better to use the dry-air method: on top of the carcass or inverted boxes - we place them directly on the roses (cut the roses to 30 cm or cut 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the stem beforehand, fold them and pin them up), and on the boxes or frame , or arcs - lay ruberoid or black construction paper (glassine), a thick spunbond in two layers or building insulation, and cover with a film from promakanie (do not cover the ends with a film!). Under the shelter put poison from field mice. You can put a bucket of chips, peat or dry soil in the middle of a handicraft. In the spring, open the ends for airing. Roses, as a rule, disappear more because of damping, and not from frost.

Only modern French and English varieties are presented with increased resistance to disease.! They will surprise you with the shape of buds and unusual twisting petals. Winter well with a little shelter, because we are adapted to the middle lane. All roses are biennial and grafted on dogrose (wild rose is strong in growth and resistant to diseases).

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