The soil for chrysanthemums in a pot

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from wikipedia, free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search For the zemnate the foundation in the building is the building soil.

The soil is borne by the earth and the crust. This is a complex structure and structure. The main property on soil fertility is the ability to store substances, water, air, and toplin on the plant. cond

The fertility of soil on the soil is nejnoto property and osogurjava storing substances, water, air and fuel on the plant, are certainly necessary for rastezha, development and productivity them. Soil fertility e result from one and the same time for two golems and groups from the process: windmills and soil formation.

Soil is represented by a habitat, rooting on the root of a plantata, on a milion species by microorganisms, hilari insects and deserts of mammalian drebni (Nai-veche grisachi).

Soil in Bulgaria: chernozem, smolnitsi, aluvialno-livadny, livadni, kafiavi gorski, sivi gorski, kaneleni gorski, pseudo-podzolic, as well as salinization, and soil spoilage.

It is taken from " Soil&oldid=8582257".

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