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Today I want to share my favorite recipe for marinated instant cabbage. Cabbage is sweet and sour and incredibly tasty. Try to be sure, cooked simply and quickly! And most importantly - it is not necessary to wait a long time for pickling, immediately after pouring the marinade, it is already possible to take a sample. I recommend that you try to cook! Ingredients Natalya772 1 hour ago 184 18 6

White cabbage Carrots Pepper sweet red Garlic Water Sugar Salt Sunflower oil Vinegar Black pepper Bay leaf

Dedicated to lovers of lamb ... The birthplace of my soup is the Southern Urals. It was there, in the performance of my granny, that I first tried and loved him. He was always preparing for the holiday table for the delight and pleasure of the gathering children and grandchildren. Now this soup has become a frequent guest in my family. Ingredients e raduuga 2 an hour ago 312 7 9

Lamb Potatoes Bulb onion Bay leaf Water Wheat Flour Salt Black pepper

For all lovers of chocolate and apples, this recipe will come in handy. Indeed, in these cupcakes are perfectly in tune with the aroma of chocolate and juiciness of apples. Very tasty cupcakes for tea, gentle, fluffy, moderately moist. Ingredients Tanushechka- 2017 4 hours ago 229 18 3

Wheat flour Baking powder Salt Cinnamon Sugar Egg chicken Butter Dark chocolate Apple

All products for salad are in every home. Very easy to prepare and very satisfying turns out. Ingredients Tanushechka- 2017 4 hours ago 828 23 12

Potatoes Egg chicken Pickled cucumber Onion Bulb Processed Carrots Salt Mayonnaise

Category: Desserts Cookies Other

Crispy cookies (or gingerbread) of sesame prescription wise1288 (with small changes) in my performance with the video. Wonderful diet treat! Ingredients Ivelinas 4 hours ago 282 18 6

Sesame Bran Egg Chicken Honey Butter Butter Baking Powder Salt

Category: Blanks Jam

Jam according to this recipe turns out thick, fragrant, suitable both for making any sweet products, and just to drink tea with family and friends. Ingredients

Ingredients: Apple Sugar Lyudmila 5 hours ago 751 39 18

Apple Sugar

Vanille Kipferl - traditional Austrian cookies, which are most often baked for Christmas. Beautiful and tasty cookies, must-have vanilla flavor and nuts. You can use either almonds, or walnuts, or hazelnuts, in general, what you like or have in stock. And, of course, the form must be in the form of a crescent. Ingredients Nyashka 5 hours ago 425 39 13

Wheat flour Icing sugar Butter Almond Vanillin Salt

The salad "Pomegranate placer" has three advantages: it is tasty, easy to prepare, but also beautiful. The pomegranate sweetness of pomegranate adds originality to the familiar combination of ingredients of meat salad with vegetables. The salad is arranged in layers and all the proposed products are perfectly combined with each other. Ingredients wise1288 8 hours ago 401 19 8

Pork Bulb onion Beet Carrot Mayonnaise Salt Black pepper Vegetable oil Potatoes Pomegranate

Soft, airy, tender buns under the cheese crust, cooked with the addition of spinach juice. Bright, beautiful, delicious homemade baking. Try it, it's delicious! Ingredients Mary Stone 13 hours ago 372 44 21

Spinach Water Wheat flour Sugar Salt Milk Yeast Chicken egg Butter Semisolid cheese

Category: Snacks Snacks from vegetables

This appetizer may be served, in fact, as a snack - in small portions. Or as salad, - in one big salad bowl. In any case, spicy beetroot mousse is perfectly combined with garlic croutons. Ingredients mizuko 13 hours ago 262 22 16

Milk Sourdough Curd Beet Mustard Garlic Black pepper Salt Bread Vegetable oil

This dish has a very interesting taste, salted cucumbers are in perfect harmony with meat. Yoghurt sauce made the meat softer and tastier. Please new family and friends. Ingredients Janet yesterday at 23 : 51 203 9 5

Escalope Onion bulb pickled Pickled cucumber Hard cheese Vegetable oil Yogurt Mustard

Category: Desserts Cakes Cake Souffle

Mousse cakes have recently become more popular in the pastry world. These desserts conquer their exquisite look and variety of taste. Here you can always come up with your recipe. They are not difficult to prepare, the main thing is patience and you will succeed. This dessert will be cooked on two types of starter Orsik kefir and yogurt. To help us, a wireless thermos thermos holder Orsik. I want to say that I, with great pleasure, without any labor prepared wonderful, natural products from Orsik, whether it be yogurt, ryazhenka, kefir or cottage cheese. Products turned out very delicate, soft, rich, thick, with an unmatched taste. Thanks to everyone who made this contest for us - to Orsik for the most wonderful products and for the chic gift miracle yogurt maker, as well as to the site administration Cook. I would also like to thank all those who "supported us", gave their support and attention, these are our dear Cooks, thank you very much !!! Ingredients Gali 28 yesterday at 23:50 305 15 24

Milk Sourdough Kefir Egg Chicken Sugar Butter Vegetable Dough baking powder Soda Vanilla sugar Wheat flour Cherry Starch of corn Gelatin Water Egg protein Citric acid Dye food Cookies Yogurt Icing Sugar Cream

Category: Desserts Other Desserts Jelly

Orange Confi plus vanilla jelly - true bliss of taste! Orange-vanilla dessert is not similar to the usual sweets, such a treat is good to submit to a children's party instead of sweets. Ingredients Janet yesterday at 23 : 49 183 16 9

Orange Sugar Gelatin Yogurt Mascarpone Sugar Powder Vanilla Sugar Vanilla Essence

Delicious and tender dessert made of ryazhenka with bananas, white chocolate and caramel oatmeal! Dessert, great to cook in the evening for breakfast! Balanced taste of ryazhenkovoy dessert will provide the body with energy reserves for a long time! Ryazhenka, cooked at home on sourdough from Orsik is natural and very tasty !!! Ingredients TANCHITTA yesterday at 23 : 48 212 16 10

Baked milk Sourdough Oatmeal flakes Sugar Banana Chocolate white Ryazhenka

You got a call - "In the evening, wait for a visit, we will." I propose to prepare for tea a quick sponge cake with an abundance of fruit, sweet icing and chocolate crumb. The main thing that was kefir. And in order not to doubt the quality, cook yourself with our Oursson sourdoughs. Ingredients yugai ludmila65 yesterday at 22:42 300 31 9

Milk Sourdough Kefir Wheat flour Chicken egg Sugar Soda Cognac Salt Plum Pear Grape Powder sugar Food coloring Chocolate chips Butter

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