The garden in the kindergarten names

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A full-fledged guide on the garden in Black Desert only on our website, from this article you will learn: where to rent a fence, how to care for it, what to plant and what it is needed for. You are ready, well, then you went from the beginning.

What is the garden and its purpose.

You decided to try your hand and decided to go into the garden, it's very simple and does not require a lot of time. To begin with, the garden is intended for growing various cereals, mushrooms and other things. At the very beginning it is necessary to decide what you plan to grow and for what purposes. There are a lot of options, plant mushrooms for reagents and blood, or plant carrots for feeding horses, and the third option is the creation of trade packs. Also, the seeds differ in quality of the white grades, green grades and blue grades, hence the yield will be of this quality. After you have decided on the choice of seeds, you need to buy them, and carefully look at how many places they occupy, in the description it is indicated.

Types of vegetable gardens and where to rent them.

At the moment there are several types of fences: quest for 1 seat 4-seat for 3 points of influence 7-seat for 6 points of influence 10-seat for 10 points of influence, the most popular.

So, your choice fell on the garden for 10 places, where to buy it? We go to Hidel to the merchant with the tools of Plabiani and rent a fence from him, or we go to Kalpheon to the merchant with the tools of Keranoa.

If you wanted to buy a fence for 7 slots, then you should contact the merchant at the Costa Farm node or the trader at the node North field of wheat.

We decided to acquire 4 local gardens, then we go rent a fence from the NPS Merciana Moretti node Moretti Plantation or at the NPC Enzo knot Farma Diaz.

Single garden is available from the Jamsas Wormsbein NPC, which stands near the Watchtower post of Hideel. The maximum number of gardens per 1 account is not more than 10 pieces. After acquiring the fence, it should be installed, but if you do not have enough fence, you can rent more, for this purpose it is enough to just come in and rent another vegetable garden. Gathered vegetable gardens are going to set, we should take into account the fact that fences are placed only in an unsafe zone, you need to rationally choose places for a good harvest and rapid growth.

Planting seeds and caring for the garden.

After a careful analysis of the terrain and installation of the garden, it is necessary to plant our seeds. As already mentioned earlier, carefully examine how many garden cells occupy 1 seed. We go to the fence, press the installation mode and seed the seeds in the cells. Seeds are planted, what's next? Further, it is necessary to monitor the soil moisture, fertilizers for accelerated growth, and also crop and protect against pests. It's hard to tell you, it's really nothing complicated! Everything is simple enough, in badges of interaction where you have horse horses and stuff, there is a vegetable garden tab, click on it, and then click on the list, and then the fun begins, select the worker and send it to the garden. He will do all the hard work for you, that is, cut the harvest and catch pests! But watering, fertilizing and harvesting you have to do manually. However, it is worth noting the fact that if you send a worker to the garden, you will significantly reduce the pumping of Craft Harvest, and also exclude the fact of catching 16+ sharpening. To water the crop you will need water, or rather you will have to buy bottles from a trader and collect water in the river. On arrival to the garden for watering, just click on the bottle with the river water right mouse button. For applying fertilizers, you need to get them, for this you need to dry 5 of any cereals, or corn, potatoes, sweet potato and you will get mineral fertilizer, but this is the simplest and weakest fertilizer. To get better fertilizers it is necessary to mix 2 Mineral fertilizers and 2 units of Yeast and get a Compost, there is still the most effective fertilizer Organic, for its reception it is necessary to mix 1 Compost with 2 units of Distilled water. Fertilizer is similar to watering.

Harvesting and seeds.

From time to time controlling his crop he is will reach 100% growth, which means it's time to harvest or seed, but if growth exceeds 100 +%, it means that you will get less harvest, and therefore 1 seed instead of two or three. So, here there is such a nuance, after harvesting will have to go for seeds, and if they are not how to be? It's quite simple, we gather a part of the garden for harvest and some for seeds, thus we develop rational application. However, after sowing a new crop, do not forget to make fertilizers and watering, and constantly maintain the fertilizer scale! And then it's up to you to decide what to use for the harvest and whether it's worth to go into orchards.

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