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If suddenly when you start your browser, your home page constantly opens and you want to get rid of it, then I suggest that you familiarize yourself with a simple instruction that will help remove the site from the startup of the browser.

delete site

Surely there have already been attempts to enter the browser settings and change the start page, but they were not successful.

The fact is that when downloading a program or an extension, you did not uncheck the permission to set the default start page. Therefore, it is not a virus, but a change you made voluntarily. And antivirus programs in this particular situation can not help.

What is needed in order to remove from the start page?

To get rid of the pop-up you need to make changes to the properties of the shortcut. Do not be afraid if for someone it sounded like something difficult. Not at all. It's simple.

For clarity, at the end of the post I will add a video so that even the most inexperienced users can do it.

You need to open the properties of the shortcut by clicking on it with the right mouse button.

Label Properties

Properties will open.

remove from the start page

Pay attention to the line "Object". At the end is the address http: ///? 10. In the end, not necessarily the number 10, maybe 1,2,3,4 ... etc. Not so important. It is this link, added in the Object and is responsible for the fact that the browser opens the start page. Therefore, it should be deleted and save the changes by clicking on "OK".

The screenshot above shows how to do this in Google Chrome. If you use a different browser (Opera, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Yandex Browser), then simply act by analogy. The operation itself is no different.

You can restart the browser and make sure it is missing. If you use multiple browsers, you should do everything described for each of them.

Video: How to remove from browser 08/20/2015

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