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Types of carrots are striking variety. When choosing one of them for sowing, a novice gardener must take into account not only taste, but also ripening terms, soil requirements, and care rules. It is also important whether you plan to keep the crop fresh, preserve it or eat it right away (different carrots are stored differently). Take a look at the best carrot varieties suitable for growing in private households.

Content Early carrot varieties

Early carrots are not very suitable for storage - usually they are either immediately consumed or canned. We offer you the best varieties of carrots related to the early maturity. Amsterdam

Amsterdam carrot has a cylindrical shape

Bright orange carrots. It has a cylindrical shape and a blunt tip. Length - up to 17 cm, weight - up to 120 g. The core is small. Juicy, sweet to the taste. High-yielding variety resistant to color and cracking. The Carotel of Paris

It belongs to the oldest varieties. Rounded fruits with a diameter of 3 to 6 cm resemble radishes, weigh up to 60 g. The Carotel is not very productive, but tasty: delicate, sweet fruits are considered to be dessert. This little carrot prefers heavy loamy soil. Parmex

Variety Katoriely. Small carrots with characteristic bright orange fruits in the form of balls (2-4 cm) in diameter, weighing about 50 g. Juicy, with a delicate flavor. It can be preserved as a whole. Can be grown in heavy soil with a thin fertile layer. dragon

Beautiful and unusual carrot with purple skin. The flesh is orange, spicy and sweet to the taste, with notes of juniper and rosemary. Length - up to 25 cm, diameter - 1.5–3 cm. This colored carrot contains powerful antioxidants. Prefers slightly acidic soil, bright lighting and abundant watering.

Dragon carrots prefer abundant watering Tushon

Large carrot with orange cylindrical roots up to 20 cm, weighing 80–150 g. Resistant to coloring and cracking. Juicy, sweet. The core is poorly allocated. The shelf life is small, used fresh and for preservation. The vegetation period is 80–90 days. Requires abundant light. Suppose podzimny planting, but the seedlings should not germinate before frost, otherwise they will die. Fairy

Fruits are tasty, even, in the form of cones, the tip is slightly pointed. Length - 18–20 cm, weight - up to 170 g. Matures in 95–105 days. Just as the carrot variety Nandrin, is one of the few early maturing varieties that can be stored. Especially suitable for freezing. The soil requires fertile, loose, sandy or light loam with a deep arable layer. Finhor

A large carrot of conical shape, smooth, weighing up to 150 g. It has a delicate dessert taste. The core is small. Vegetation period - 80 days. It has good disease resistance. Mid-season varieties

Mid-season varieties withstand long-term storage. Many consider them particularly appetizing, since during the ripening time they manage to get some juice and sweets. Consider the best varieties of carrots with an average growing season. Nantes

Many people consider Nantes to be the most delicious carrot

Many consider Nantes the most delicious carrot. Cylindrical, orange. Average length - 12–16 cm, weight - up to 150 g. The skin is thin and smooth. The ripening period is 90–120 days. It needs light soil (this also affects the shape of root crops). Vitamin 6

Widespread variety. Long carrot cylindrical form up to 20 cm, weighing up to 160 g. The pulp is orange-red. Like all the best varieties of carrots contains a large amount of vitamins.

The growing season is about 120 days, but due to its good resistance to adverse weather conditions, it is suitable for growing in the northern regions. Losinoostrovskaya 13

Yielding, well suited for storage variety of carrots. Length - up to 18 cm, weight - 70–115 g. Easily removed from the ground. The base of the fruit does not turn green (which is important because the green carrot tastes bad). Can be to grow both in open ground and in the greenhouse. Prefers loam or sandy soil. Needs abundant watering and lighting. Disease resistant. Moscow winter A 515

Moscow winter carrots can be stored until spring

Fruits are bright orange in color. The average length (up to 18 cm), weight - up to 170 g. Juicy and sweet (the sugar content is 7–8%). The core is small. Can be stored until spring, resistant to color. Subwinter seeding for early harvest is allowed. Incomparable

Solid conical fruits up to 17 cm and weighing up to 200 g. They have a delicate dessert taste. The content of carotene increased. The core is thin. They sprout together, yields are high. The hangers slightly look out of the ground. Ripening occurs within 90-110 days after germination. Fruits are easily removed from the ground. The variety is resistant to cold and tsvetushnosti. You can sow under the winter. NIIOH 336

Contains a lot of carotene (19 mg per 100 g). Fruits - 16–18 cm, weighing 100–130 g, sweet and tender, are well suited for making juice. Do not need hilling. Requires light acid soils and moderate watering. Rothe-Riesen

Large carrot, with proper care grows up to 25 cm. Juicy, sweet, you can make juice. The core is average. Long stored, preserving freshness. From 1 square. m can get a crop of up to 3.8 kg. Resistant to cold, can be planted for the winter.

Rota-Riesen Carrots Resistant to Cold Samson

Massive, sweet, crunchy and at the same time juicy variety. The length of the fruit - up to 20 cm, weight reaches 200 g. Maturation occurs in 108-115 days. Very productive variety, with proper care from 1 square. m can collect 5-6 kg of crop. Loves good lighting and loose soil. Forto

The fruits are elastic and sweet, up to 20 cm in length, weight - up to 110 g. The vegetation period is 100-110 days. Forto resistant to bolting, lodging and cracking. Green areas do not appear on top. Late ripening carrots

Late-ripening varieties can be stored until the new harvest. As a rule, have large fruits. The best carrot varieties in this category are described below. Vita Long

A huge deadly cracking resistant variety. The length of the fruit reaches 20-25 cm, weight - from 100 to 300 g. Contains a large amount of vitamins and carotene, gives a lot of juice. Yellowstone

An exotic look for those who like a colorful carrot. Fruits are bright yellow, narrowed towards the end. Sweet, crunchy. Length - 20–25 cm, average weight (200 g). It contains a lot of lutein, which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and eye health.

Carrot Yellowstone contains a lot of lutein Queen of Autumn

Red carrot up to 22 cm. Sweet, tasty, with a pronounced pleasant smell. Resistant to both diseases and adverse climatic conditions, unpretentious in care. Suitable for subwinter seeding. When stored for long periods, it does not lose its taste and healthy substances, and is resistant to coloring. MO (Carrot Special)

A variety of conical shape up to 20 cm. Juicy, sweet. Suitable for sowing in the winter, gives a great harvest. Chantenay 2461

Popular big orange carrot. Juicy, fragrant. Average length (15 cm), weight - up to 250 g. Resistant to tsvetushnosti. The vegetation period is 105–110 days. Fully immersed in the ground, easily pulled out. Video "Review of carrot varieties"

From this video you will learn about the best varieties of carrots.

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