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A family

Born in the family of Leo Moiseevich Zilbeltrud and Natalia Iosifovna Bykova. Parents soon divorced and Dmitry brought up his mother, a teacher of Russian language and literature at school number 1214 Moscow. He took his mother's surname.

He is married and has two children. Wife - writer and journalist Irina Lukyanova - author of stories, novels and art translations, as well as columnist of the newspaper "Sobesednik." In co-authorship with her husband she wrote two books: "Animals and animals" (AST and Astrel, 2008) and "In the world of tummies" (2001).


He was born on December 20, 1967 in Moscow. In 1984 he graduated from the school with a gold medal and entered the journalism faculty of Moscow State University (specialized in the department of literary criticism). In 1991 he graduated from the university with a red diploma.

In 1987-1989 he served in the army.

In 1985, while studying at the university, Bykov began working as a correspondent in the newspaper Sobesednik, in 2000 he became a creative editor in it.

In 1989-1992, Bykov was an active participant in the poetic association "Order of Courteous Mannerist." His poems were included in the poetic collections published by the Order.

Member of the Union of Writers of the USSR since 1991.

He made his debut on TV in 1992 in the program of Kira Proshutinskaya. Participated in the TV project of Sergei Lisovsky as the lead and author of the programs. At ATV, he ran his own program "Good Bykov" and worked as a co-facilitator of the "Vremenchko" program.

In 2003-2006, he conducted a master class "Journalistic Excellence" at the Institute of Journalism and Literary Creativity (IZHLT).

In 2005-2006, he was one of the leading evening shows at the Yunost radio station (VGTRK).

From 2006 to 2008 - editor in chief of the art project "Moulin Rouge".

In 2008, the documentary "Virginity" was published, the script of which was written by Bykov in co-authorship with Vitaly Mansky.

In 2009 he was an invited guest in the program "Born in the USSR" (channel "Nostalgia").

Since 2010, he has been giving lectures on the author's cycle "Calendar". He gave lectures on Bernard Shaw, Boris Pasternak and about Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin.

From 2010 to January 2011, he conducted a television talk show "Oil Painting" on the Fifth Channel. Conducted the program "City show with Dmitry Bykov" on the radio City-FM.

In 2011, Dmitry Bykov began working in the project "Poet and Citizen" on the television channel "Rain" in conjunction with the actor Mikhail Efremov. During the preparation of the sixth issue of the program, the author of the verses and the editors of the television channel disagreed, which led to the termination of cooperation.

Since April 2011 new issues of the program began to be aired on the radio station Ekho Moskvy entitled "Citizen Poet". At the same time, on the F5 portal of the media group "Live!" there were video recordings of speeches. A total of 45 issues were published.

In 2011, several concert performances took place in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Krasnodar.

Since February 2012 - co-host of the radio program "Novosti" in the classics on Kommersant FM.

Teaches Russian language and literature in Moscow secondary schools "Intellectual" and "Golden Section", previously worked at school No. 1214. He is a professor at the Department of World Literature and Culture of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and is also a teacher of the Moscow State University. Bykov believes that "this work is more meaningful than journalism, more saturated with benefits."

Dmitry Bykov - author of dozens of books (novels, novels, collections of poems, etc.) Winner of many literary awards. He was awarded the Golden Pen of Russia-2010 prize, which is awarded by the Union of Journalists of Russia.

The author of publicistic, literary, polemical articles, which were published in a variety of magazines and newspapers, from elite monthly newspapers like "Fly & Drive" to extravagant tabloids such as the "Moscow Komsomol"; regularly printed-as a columnist in many publications.

December 2014 Dmitry Bykov presented his new collection entitled "Clearly: New Poems and Writings of Happiness" at the intellectual fair Non-fiction. It includes poems written over the past two years, as well as a previously unpublished full version of the translation of Moliere's play The Wives' School, commissioned by the theater studio Oleg Tabakov.

Political and social activities

Twice I refused a personal invitation to a meeting of personalities culture with Vladimir Putin on October 7, 2009 and April 29, 2011.

In August 2011, Dmitry Bykov, along with other journalists and politicians, participated in the creation of the public movement "Vote Against All!", Which called for boycotting the upcoming elections to the State Duma as dishonest. Bykov proposed to make the emblem of the invented character - the pig Nakh-Nakh, whose name soon became used as the name of the movement itself.

December 10, 2011 - took part and spoke at a protest rally on Bolotnaya Square against the falsification of the results of the elections to the State Duma of the sixth convocation. I joined the organizing committee of the following demonstrations. His activity was motivated by the fact that "such a feeling of power and such an atmosphere in the country" has bothered. On the "direct line" of Vladimir Putin, remembered by the audience a replica of the bandergists, responded with satirical poems "The Fresh Law of the Jungle", sounded on December 19 on the air of the radio station Ekho Moskvy.

According to the results of the Internet voting on the Facebook page, he entered the top 10, whom citizens want to see and listen to at a protest rally on Sakharov Avenue on December 24, 2011. In his speech at the meeting, Bykov predicted the soon emergence of a new political elite, and concluded the speech with the words " on us - and put them on. "

In January 2012 he became one of the founders of the League of Voters.

February 4, 2012 took part in the "anti-Putin" protest rally on Bolotnaya Square, where he joined the demand to release all political prisoners.

In October of that year he joined the Coordinating Council of the Russian Opposition, taking second place in the number of votes cast for him (Aleksey Navalny received the most votes. The Coordinating Council declared its main task to be the development and promulgation of a detailed plan for political reforms.

2014: On joining the Crimea and the situation in Ukraine, he expressed himself as follows: "Economically, it (Crimea) is rather unprofitable for Russia, politically - doubtful, because it increased isolation and quarreled with Ukraine definitively." And further: "If on the same Maidan many swore in love for Russia and hatred only for certain of its representatives, today the idea of ​​the slavish nature of Russia and its complete incorrigibility is owned in Ukraine by almost all minds - thanks to it should not be the Ukrainian authorities ... the consequences of the current confrontation will have to be deconstructed for decades, if not centuries. "The geopolitics that so quarrel with their closest neighbor, and in the future with the whole world, are good."

"Donetsk is a Russian Israel, where a passionate minority is trying to restore the Russia that exists in the imagination of representatives of this minority," so Dmitry Bykov commented on the situation in Novorossia on the "Echo of Moscow".

Dmitry Bykov described the "parade" of prisoners on the streets of Donetsk as follows: "The march of the captured Germans in the center of Moscow is the foreknowledge of victory in the most terrible of wars over the most terrible enemy." The parade of captured Ukrainians in Donetsk is a mockery of the prisoners , and the matter is not only that the Geneva Convention is being violated in this way.The essence of what is happening is that ideologists and commanders of the two republics generally like to shoot (referring to Stalin's orders) and publicly humiliate: in this case and the parade on the occasion of Ukraine's Independence Day, when hundreds of captives were hooting around the city under the hoot, became the best illustration of this practice.It should be reminded that analogies with the great events of history do not pass freely, and those who unleashed and supports this war, the same epoch-making shame, the same large-scale catastrophe as the aggressors overtook 70 years ago, awaits. " ("The Interlocutor" .28.08.2014).

In his views, Dmitry Bykov is a convinced anti-Stalinist. In his opinion, "Stalin accepted Russia as a country with the highest intellectual potential, with the best culture in the world, with the fantastic enthusiasm of the masses ... Stalin 30 years turned Russia into the most boring and vilest country in the world - a country in which a five-year military pause, with all the nightmares of war, was perceived as a breath of fresh air. "

According to Bykov, Russia is a special country in which even "physical laws act very selectively," but "Russia is cracked, and therefore totalitarianism is impossible in it," he believes that "the Russian people willingly follow any leader, if only not to think himself. "In his opinion," Russian reality is disgusting, making the revolution very desirable and not so difficult, but it will lead to nothing, except the sea of ​​blood and several decades of intellectual mega-firing. "

Attitude to the liberal movement underwent a series of perturbations in Bykov. From statements after the tragedy of Nord-Ost, 2002: "Liberalism today is the exact, cowardly and mean choice of a weakling: he knows where the power is, and is opposed to this force," to the radically opposite positions in the 2010s.

In July 2015, Bykov made a column in the publication "Interlocutor", which asked the question "Can an honest man love his homeland?". In the opinion of the publicist - of course not. Further, the author reflects on the example of the closure of the "Dynasty" fund that humanity becomes an anti-Russian phenomenon in our country. "Because any humanitarian, humanistic and other civilizational activity is by definition anti-Russian."

Scandals, rumors

The ill-wishers say that Dmitry Bykov is a writer, journalist, poet, public figure, a man with an active civic position, active exactly as much as he is paid for this very position.

Once, an unknown young man called Bykov and, introducing himself as an assistant to businessman Sergei Solovyov, asked to perform on a creative evening in the small provincial town of Nizhnyaya Tura in the Sverdlovsk region. Allegedly, his head is going to take part in the elections to the city Duma of the city of Kachkanar, which is forty kilometers from Nizhnyaya Tura, and he really wants to present to residents of two cities a gift to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland - a charitable evening of Dmitry Bykov, a remarkable writer, publicist and poet.

Without going deep into who and why he calls, Bykov agreed. A few days later Bykov's assistant - Tatyana announced the amount of the required fee - a two-hour speech by the poet-citizen was estimated at half a million rubles. In addition, the terms of the meeting were agreed: the plane and cars exclusively business class, the hotel suite, sandwiches and mineral water behind the stage, so that the artist could refresh during the intermission, and obligatory VIP reception in the restaurant after the performance.

By agreement, Bykov was obliged to publicly thank Solovyov for the invitation to the Lower Tour and support the candidate. What Bykov did. Thus, during the performance of the Moscow guest, the audience for the first time was surprised to learn about the new progressive candidate for the deputies of the city Duma, Sergei Solovyov. The next day, Dmitry Lvovich did not refuse to take as a sign of deep gratitude a little more money, in addition to the already paid.

So it turns out that all the beautiful words about an active civic position and high moral standards of a fighter for justice are perfectly measured in monetary terms, - some media report. Bykov Dmitry Lvovich

In October 2016, Bykov interviewed Andrei Konchalovsky, in which the director ridiculed the opposition poet:

Konchalovsky - ... You, of course, give great upheavals, because you're fat, like Hitchcock, and accordingly you like thrillers ... Bykov - I'm not very fat. Konchalovsky - You're fat. Bulls - Fellini was also fat. Konchalovsky - But not like you. I have seen him more than once. He was a tight guy, but only.

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