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Sunflower is a decorative flower

Sunflower is a decorative flower

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decorative sunflower growing from seeds Sunflower - flower with a very positive energy. Such a sun you want to have in your garden. Industrial varieties with a large number of seeds to grow to decorate the site is not quite aesthetically pleasing. Much more beautiful in life and spectacular in the photo looks like a decorative baby with a large inflorescence of a rich shade of yellow. Planting and growing such a crop from seed or using seedlings will not be difficult: it is important to observe the deadlines. Not difficult to organize and care for the plant.

Content Description of a decorative sunflower

The decorative variety of sunflower carries the name heliantus. In Europe, it is actively used to decorate flowerbeds, stylized decoration of flower beds (for example, in rural style). Recently, geliantus became an active guest in the beds of domestic gardeners and gardeners: in the form of hedge near the fence; a separate bulk group in a flower garden; in flowerpots; for bouquets.

In comparison with the well-known sunflower from the fields, decorative has the following differences: a large flower basket: diameter - 5-30 cm; small amount of green mass; seeds of such flowers are too small for use in food or for processing; massive and strong stem; decorative sunflower growing from seeds

Sort Lemon Queen the height of the stem is about 40 cm (in large varieties it is much higher, at the level of industrial sunflower); the color of the petals is not only yellow, and maybe white, beige, orange, lemon, golden, with shades of reddish and brown, even burgundy, and chocolate; depending on the variety, the petals may be twisted, oblong or rounded; smooth or have a terry / semi-double texture; inflorescences fragrant.

The most famous among the decorative sunflowers deserve the golden Giant Single, creamy-green Vanilla Ice, rich burgundy Moulin Rouge and wine-burgundy Red Sun. Terry varieties that even have the names cozy and warm look good: Teddy Bear, Sunny Bunny, Teddy Bear, Light of the Moon.

Attention! One of the most popular varieties of heliantus is a tuberiferous, known as Jerusalem artichoke. Features of sowing decorative sunflower

First of all, you should choose a place for landing. It should be protected from the wind and sunny - then you can personally observe how the flower turns its head after the sun. The soil is needed with a good level of drainage. On very acidic or saline soils, the sun flower does not want to grow. The deadline for planting with seeds is from the first days of May to the end of summer.

Council To get a flower bed with continuous flowering, simply sow the seeds in portions at weekly intervals.

Heliantus seeding technology: decorative sunflower growing from seed

Sort Moulin Rouge Soak the material. To do this, wrap it in a material that is impregnated with infusion of wood ash. Recipe: 1 tbsp. l ash per 0.5 liter of water at room temperature. Dig holes about 6 cm deep. Deepen 2-3 cm seeds in them. 2-3 pieces per well. Keep the distance between sprouts about 30-70 cm. The specific length depends on the variety, look for it on the seed packaging. Usually, the larger the grade, the farther apart should be its samples. The distance between the rows is 70 cm. Roll the bed after planting. Wait for seedlings 6-10 days (depending on the average daily temperature).

Council The longer the period between sowing and the first shoots, the higher the risk of damage to seed by birds or rodents.

Theoretically, a decorative sunflower will sprout even at earlier sowing - for example, in April. The flower has a fairly stable daily air temperature of + 6 ... + 9 ° С. However, in this case, the seedlings will be somewhat delayed and will appear no earlier than the 20th day. In total, you can win a couple of weeks by increasing the presence of a blooming sunflower in your flower bed. But late sowing, as a rule, is accompanied by less intensive development and lower yields of sunflower. Therefore, the best option are varieties with average landing times. decorative sunflower growing out seed

Sprout of a decorative sunflower How to grow a decorative sunflower with seedlings

Heliantus can be grown in a seedling way: Seeds close up 1-3 pieces in small glasses or pots. The procedure is carried out for 20-30 days before the planned planting of seedlings into the ground. Sprouts in pots provide a lot of light so that they become fluffy and strong. With the help of irrigation, they maintain the light moisture of the earth and do not overflow the flower.

Council In the matter of sowing dates for seedlings rely on the weather forecast. To settle down in the open field, future young flowers need + 10 ... + 12 ° С of average daily heat. From the approximate date, subtract the time required for the sprouts to grow and strengthen enough to “move”. What you need to know about the care of gelianthus

As well as industrial and decorative varieties of sunflower are not very picky about the growing conditions and care. Highlights: Before the emergence of seedlings during seed planting, protect the sprouts from weeds by harrowing. Sunflower is very dependent on moisture. Water it often, but in small portions to avoid stagnant water at the root. decorative sunflower growing from seeds

Decorative sunflowers in flowerbed For good exposure to the underground part of the flower with oxygen and moisture, weed regularly and loosen the flower bed. After the appearance of the first leaves, it is desirable to make a piercing. Late procedure will lead to mutual oppression of seedlings and poor development of flower baskets. Small flowers form on plants that grow too tightly to each other. During the growing season, the sunflower requires 3-5 weeds. The sunflower will develop more actively if you feed it a couple of times a season. Better - liquid fertilizers. For the first application, in the phase of 2 true leaves, use full mineral fertilizers. For the second, at the stage of tying baskets, it is nitrogen-phosphoric. If necessary, repeat the second dressing at the beginning of flowering. The flowering inflorescences need to be cut. After the last basket has faded, cut the plant under the root. You can not dig, because the root system is connected with the neighboring ones. Among the pest enemies of the sunflower are birds, as well as insects: sunflower moth, barbel and shponoska.

A simple care for the heliantus will help to decorate your site with lively and sunny decor. Seeds of Ornamental Sunflower: Video SIMILAR PUBLICATIONS

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