Songs from Indian film flower in the dust

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Phool or flowers are amongst the best of God's creations, so much so, that we often compare our dear ones to flowers; we send flowers to people we like and we are convinced that there are as many colours of flowers as the colours that God made.

There are many poems on Flowers. One of the best is Pushp Ki Abhilasha by Makhanlal Chaturvedi. This is even more apt after the heartless remark of Bihar Rural Works and Panchayat Raj Minister Bhim Singh that soldiers are meant to die. He was responding to five Indian soldiers having been killed in cold blood by the Pakis.

पुष्प की अभिलाषा - माखनलाल चतुर्वेदी (Makhanlal Chaturvedi)

[lineate][/lineate]चाह नहीं मैं सुरबाला के गहनों में गूँथा जाऊँ[lineate][/lineate]चाह नहीं, प्रेमी-माला में बिंध प्यारी को ललचाऊँ[lineate][/lineate]चाह नहीं, सम्राटों के शवपर हे हरि, डाला जाऊँ[lineate][/lineate]चाह नहीं, देवों के सिर चढ़ूँ भाग्य पर पर इठलाऊँ[lineate][/lineate]मुझे तोड़ लेना वनमाली उस पथ पर देना तुम फेंक[lineate][/lineate]मातृभूमि शीश चढ़ाने जिस पर पर जावें वीर अनेक II[lineate][/lineate]


[lineate][/lineate]It is not my desire to be weaved in the ornaments of a beautiful girl.[lineate][/lineate]It is not my desire to be weaved into a Lover's garland and tempt a beloved.[lineate][/lineate]It is not my desire, O Hari, to adorn the funeral of a monarch.[lineate][/lineate]It is not my desire to be presented as offering to a goddess and rejoice at my good luck.[lineate][/lineate]O, Gardner, all I desire is[lineate][/lineate]That you will pluck me and throw me on that path[lineate][/lineate]On which our brave soldiers tread to sacrifice their lives for the motherland.[lineate][/lineate]

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PS Any guesses how many Flowers would like to adorn the funeral of the Bihar Minister Bhim Singh?

The first Phool song, the best Phool song ever in Hindi movies, therefore, I have taken from the 1965 movie Shaheed starring Manoj Kumar and Kamini Kaushal. Lyrics are by Prem Dhawan as also the music. Mohammad Rafi has sung it with his usual passion. ‘Phool’ occurs once in the once in mukhada and the antara. In the mukhada it signifies that Flowers are nothing; at your feet, O’ Nation, we are prepared to offer our heads too. In the antara it signifies that We are from different parts of this great nation. Thus We are like flowers of different colours and plants in your pooja thali. Really, I cannot think of a better Phool song for an Indian.

Ai vatan ai vatan hamako terii qasam
terii rAho.n mai.n jaa.n tak luTaa jaaye.nge
chiiz phuul kyaa hai tere kadamo.n pe ham
bhe.nT apane saro.n kii cha.Dhaa jaaye.nge
ai vatan ai vatan

Koii Pa.njaab se koii MahaarAshhTr se
yuu pii se koii hai koii ba.ngaal se
terii kii puujaa thaalii me.n laaye hai.n ham
phuul har ke, aaj har Daal se
naam kuchh bhii sahii par lagan ek hai
jot se jot dil kii jagaa jaaye.nge
ai vatan ai vatan ...

Terii jaanib uThii jo kahar kii nazar
us ko nazar ke dam jhukaa hii le.nge ham
terii dharatii pe kadam jo hai Gair kaa
us kaa kadam nishaa.N tak miTaa de.nge ham
jo bhii diivaar aayegii ab saamane
Thokaro.n se use ham giraa jaaye.nge

The second song is from the 1968 movie Saraswati Chandra starring Nutan and Manish. The movie won the National Awards in the Best Cinematography and Best Music Director (Kalyanji Anandji) categories.

The lyrics are by Indeevar and singers are Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh.

Please enjoy: Phool tumhen bheja hai khat mein, Phool nahin mera dil hai, Pritam tum mere Kya yeh bhi likhana tumhaaare kaabil hai?

Phool or flower is often compared to blossoming of Love. The last thing that the lovers want is that it should be called infatuation. This is exactly the theme of this Manna De song. Manna De left us on the 25th of Oct 13 and this ranks amongst his best. The song is from the 1971 movie Anubhav directed by Basu Bhattacharya and starring Sanjeev Kumar and Tanuja. Lyrics are by Kapil Kumar and music by Kanu Roy.

Please enjoy: Phir kahin koi phool khila, chahat naa kaho isako...

Phir kahii.n phuul koI khilaa, chaahat naa kaho usako – 2
phir kahii.n koI diip jalaa, ma.nzil naa kaho usako
phir kahii.n ...

Man kaa samu.ndar pyaasaa huaa, kyuu.N kisii se maa.Nge duaa – 2
laharo.n kaa lagaa jo melaa, tuufaa.n naa kaho usako
phir kahii.n ...

Dekhe.n sab sapane vo, khud hii sajaae jo hamane – 2
dil unase bahal jaae to, raahat naa kaho usako
phir kahii.n ...

What about a Phool song describing the beauty of the heroine? There are dozens of them. I plan to give you just three of them. The first one is from the 1964 movie Aarzoo starring Rajendra Kumar, Feroze Khan and Sadhna. Hasrat-SJ-Rafi have put this together. It has phool all the way, in the mukhada and antaras.

Please enjoy: Ai phoolon ki rani, baharon ki malika...

[lineate][/lineate]Ai phoolon ki raani, baharon ki malika,[lineate][/lineate]muskaraana Tera ghazab ho gaya...[lineate][/lineate] ai phuulo.n kii raanii bahaaro.n kii malikaa[lineate][/lineate]teraa muskuraanaa gazab ho gayaa[lineate][/lineate]na dil hosh me.n hai na ham hosh me.n hai.n[lineate][/lineate]milaanaa nazar kaa gazab ho gayaa[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Tere ho.nTh kyaa hai.n gulaabii ka.nval hai.n[lineate][/lineate]ye do pattiyaa.n pyaar kii ik gazal hai.n[lineate][/lineate]naazuk vo labo.n se muhabbat kii baate.n[lineate][/lineate] hamii.n sunaanaa ko gazab ho gayaa[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]khul Kabhii kabhii ke khud jhijhakanaa milanaa[lineate][/lineate]kabhii raasto.n pe bahakanaa machalanaa[lineate][/lineate]ye palako.n kii chilaman uThaakar giraanaa[lineate][/lineate]giraakar uThaanaa gazab ho gayaa[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Fizaao.n me.n Tha.nDak ghaTaa bhar javaanii[lineate][/lineate]tere gesuo.n kii ba.Dii meharabaanii[lineate][/lineate]har ik pe.nch me.n saika.Do.n hai maikade.n[lineate][/lineate]teraa la.Dakha.Daanaa gazab ho gayaa[lineate][/lineate]

We are on the sub-theme of phool songs describing the beauty of the heroine. This is from the movie Professor 1962 starring Shammi Kapoor and Kalpana. Hasrat Jaipuri, Shankar Jaikishan and Rafi have put this together.

 Please enjoy: Aye gulbadan, aye gulbadan...

[lineate][/lineate]Aye gulbadan, aye gulbadan,[lineate][/lineate]Phoolon ki mehak, kaanton ki chubhan...[lineate][/lineate]gulabadan ai, ai gulabadan, phuulo.n kii mahak kaa.NTo.n kii chubhan[lineate][/lineate]tujhe dekh ke kahataa hai meraa man[lineate][/lineate]kahii.n aaj kisii se muhabbat naa ho jaae[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Kyaa hasiin mo.D par aa ga_ii zi.ndagaanii[lineate][/lineate]kii haqiiqat na ban jaae merii kahaanii[lineate][/lineate]jab aahe.n bhare ye Tha.nDii pavan[lineate][/lineate]siine me.n sulag uThatii hai agan[lineate][/lineate]tujhe dekh ke ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]ajiib Kyaa me.n saj rahii hai Kudaaii[lineate][/lineate]kii har ik chiiz maalik ne su.ndar banaaii[lineate][/lineate]nadiyaa kaa darapan hai chamakataa[lineate][/lineate]muKa.Daa dekhe.n sapano.n kii dulhan[lineate][/lineate]tujhe dekh ke ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Mai.n tumhii.n se yuu.N aa.Nkhe.n milaataa chalaa huu.N[lineate][/lineate]ki tumhii.n ko mai.n tumase churaataa chalaa huu.N[lineate][/lineate]mat puuchho meraa diivaanaapan[lineate][/lineate]aakaash se uu.Nchii dil kii u.Dan[lineate][/lineate]tujhe dekh ke ...

We are on the sub-theme of Phool songs describing the beauty of the heroine. The third best song in this category (there are dozens of these) is from the movie Shikari 1963. Lyrics by Farooq Qaisar and music by GS Kohli. It is a duet between Rafi and Lata.

Please enjoy: Chaman ke phool bhi tumako ghulab kehte hain...

[lineate][/lineate]Chaman ke tujh ko bhii phuul gulaab kahate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]hamii.n nahii.n, hai.n sabhii laajavaab kahate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]milaa ke Nazar mere dil kii baat pahachaano[lineate][/lineate]sunaa hai chehare ko dil kii kitaab kahate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Saaz-e-dil chhe.D diyaa hai to ye sun lo naGamaa[lineate][/lineate]bikharii bikharii huii ye pyaar kii kiraNe.n chun lo[lineate][/lineate]kiraN isii ko kahate hai sanam aafataab.n[lineate][/lineate]hamii.n nahii.n, hamii.n nahii.n[lineate][/lineate]hamii.n nahii.n hai.n sabhii laajavaab kahate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]chaman phuul ke bhii tujhako[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]aaj tak nahii dekhii.n aisii dahakatii aa.Nkhe.n[lineate][/lineate]aa ke Daal do in aaNkho.n me.n chhalakatii aa.Nkhe.n[lineate][/lineate]piinaa ise sambhal ke sharaab sab kahate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]hamii.n nahii.n, hamii.n nahii.n[lineate][/lineate]hamii.n nahii.n hai.n sabhii laajavaab kahate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Chaman ke phuul bhii tujhako ...[lineate][/lineate]

Lets now look at the comical and satirical songs with phool.

The first song in this category is also by Mukesh for the 1975 movie Prem Kahani starring Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz. Lyrics have a kind of indirect satire perfected by Anand Bakshi and the music is by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

Please enjoy: Phool ahista phenko phool bade naazuk hote hain...

[lineate][/lineate]Phuul aahistaa phe.nko, phuul ba.De naazuk hote hai.n[lineate][/lineate]vaise bhii ye to bad.h-qisamat nok pe kaa.nTo.n kii sote hai.n[lineate][/lineate]phuul aahistaa ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]ba.Dii khuubsuurat shiqaayat hai ye[lineate][/lineate]magar sochiye kyaa hai ye sharaafat[lineate][/lineate]jo auro.n kaa dil to.Date rahate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]choT lagii unako to ye kahate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]phuul ki aahistaa phe.nko, phuul ba.De naazuk hote hai.n[lineate][/lineate]rulaate jo hai.n logo.n ko ek din khud bhii rote hai.n[lineate][/lineate]phuul aahistaa ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]shoK kisii kii sair ko baaG me.n[lineate][/lineate]jo lag jaaye kaa.nTaa koii pair for me.n[lineate][/lineate]Kafaa husn vaalo.n se ho kis liye[lineate][/lineate]maasuum bahakataa ye hai is liye[lineate][/lineate]phuul ki aahistaa phe.nko, phuul ba.De naazuk hote hai.n[lineate][/lineate]ye kare.nge kaise ghaayal ghaayal ye to khud hote hai.n[lineate][/lineate]phuul aahistaa ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]gulo.n ke ba.De hamadard aap hai.n[lineate][/lineate]bhalaa kyo.n na ho aap bhii mard hai.n[lineate][/lineate]hazaaro.n savaal.o.n kaa javaab hai ik[lineate][/lineate]fareb-e-nazar ye na ho janaab ai[lineate][/lineate]phuul ki aahistaa phe.nko phuul ba.De naazuk hote hai.n[lineate][/lineate]jise sab kahate hai.n shabanam, phuul ke aa.Nsuu hote hai.n[lineate][/lineate] phuul aahistaa ...[lineate][/lineate]

The second one in this category is from the 1964 movie Sangam Raj Kapoor and everyone knows why it is a phool song: Sab jo laaye buddha gobhi phool le ke aa gaya....

Hasrat Jaipuri, Shankar Jaikishan and Lata Mangeshkar have put this together.

Please enjoy: Main kaa Karun Raam mujhe buddha mil gaya...

[lineate][/lineate]Mai.n kaa karuu.N raam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa -2[lineate][/lineate]hoy hoy buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]haay, haay buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]mai.n kaa karuu.N raam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]sab jo gaye baaG meraa bhii buDDhaa chalaa gayaa -2[lineate][/lineate]sab to phuul laaye buDDhaa gobhii le ke aa gayaa -2[lineate][/lineate]mai.n ho ga_ii badanaam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]haay kaa karuu.N raam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]hoy hoy buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]buDDhaa mil gayaa haay[lineate][/lineate]mai.n kaa karuu.N raam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]mai.n gu.Diyaa hasiin merii moranii sii chaal hai -2[lineate][/lineate]sar pe.n safed[lineate][/lineate]sar me.n safed usake daadaa jii kaa baal hai -2[lineate][/lineate]ab kyaa hogaa a.njaam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]haay kaa karuu.N raam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]hoy hoy buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]buDDhaa mil gayaa haay[lineate][/lineate]mai.n kaa karuu.N raam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]pariyo.n des buDDhaa ke mujhe le ke aa gayaa -2[lineate][/lineate]mai.nne jo uThaayaa ghuu.NghaT buDDhaa Gussaa khaa gayaa -2[lineate][/lineate]biga.De saare kaam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]haay kaa karuu.N raam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate][lineate][/lineate]hoy hoy buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]buDDhaa mil gayaa haay[lineate][/lineate]haay mai.n kaa karuu.N raam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]mai.n kaa karuu.N raam mujhe buDDhaa mil gayaa[lineate][/lineate]

And the third one in this variety is an old favourite of mine sung by Manna Dey.

The song is from the 1964 movie Door Ka Chand starring Bharat Bhushan and B Saroja Devi. Sahir Ludhianvi was the lyricist and Roshan the music director. This song has typical Manna De classical singing.

Please enjoy: Phul gendwa naa maaro,...

[lineate][/lineate]haay[lineate][/lineate]ajii gendawaa phul na maaro, maaro na[lineate][/lineate]lagat karejawaa me.n choT[lineate][/lineate]gendawaa phul na maaro, maaro na (2)[lineate][/lineate]lagat karejawaa me.n choT[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]duu.Ngii mai.n duhaa_ii[lineate][/lineate]chatur banat chhichhorii kaahe karat harajaa_ii[lineate][/lineate]gendawaa phul na maaro, maaro na[lineate][/lineate]lagat karej[lineate][/lineate]t karej (3)[lineate][/lineate]gat karejawaa me.n choT[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]he dahakaa hu_aa a ye.ngaaraa, a.ngaaraa haa.N[lineate][/lineate]dahakaa hu_aa a ye.ngaaraa[lineate][/lineate]jo gendawaa kahalaaye hai[lineate][/lineate] ajii tan jahaa par.N gire paapii[lineate][/lineate]wahii.n daaG pa.D jaaye hai[lineate][/lineate] moraa piir kare aur kar ke kahe[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]gendawaa phul na maaro[lineate][/lineate]gendawaa phul na maaro, maaro na[lineate][/lineate]lagat karejawaa me.n choT[lineate][/lineate]he gendawaa phul na maaro[lineate][/lineate]ajii gendawaa phul na maaro[lineate][/lineate]gendawaa phul na maaro -2[lineate][/lineate]ma_ika[lineate][/lineate]na maaro -3[lineate][/lineate]gendawaa phul na maaro, maaro na[lineate][/lineate]lagat karejawaa me.n choT[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]ruk jaa_o -5[lineate][/lineate]na sataa_o julamii mohe balam, balam o -2[lineate][/lineate]maan jaa_o, binatii abalaa kii[lineate][/lineate]dekho-dekho ab duu.Ngii mai.n duhaa_ii[lineate][/lineate]chatur banat chhichhorii kaahe karat harjaa_ii[lineate][/lineate]gendawaa phul na maaro[lineate][/lineate]na na na maaro maaro[lineate][/lineate]pa pa dha[lineate][/lineate]dha dha dha ni dha[lineate][/lineate]pa ma dha pa ma[lineate][/lineate]ga ma ga re sa[lineate][/lineate]sa sa sa sa sa sa[lineate][/lineate]gendawaa phul na maaro[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]na maaro (6)[lineate][/lineate]lagat karejawaa me.n choT[lineate][/lineate]karejawaa me.choT n (2)[lineate][/lineate]sa ga ga re re sa[lineate][/lineate]sa ma ga pa ma ga re sa sa ni[lineate][/lineate]sa dha sa dha pa pa dha pa sa pa sa pa sa[lineate][/lineate]pa ni ma[lineate][/lineate]gendawaa phul na -3[lineate][/lineate]na maaro -3[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]arre gendawaa phul na maaro, maaro na[lineate][/lineate]lagat karejawaa me.n choT[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]duu.Ngii mai.n duhaa_ii[lineate][/lineate]chatur banat chhichhorii kaahe karat harjaa_ii[lineate][/lineate]phul gend[lineate][/lineate]dawaa dawaa dawaa dawaa[lineate][/lineate]dawaa dawaa dawaa dawaa[lineate][/lineate]dawaa na maaro, maaro na[lineate][/lineate]lagat karejawaa me.n choT[lineate][/lineate]

Can a phool or flower be used for sad feelings or feelings of revenge? See it for yourself.

The name of this 1966 movie is ‘Aye Din Bahar Ke’ and hence one would expect that it would have a happy phool songs. Well, it had the title song and the song: Phoolon se mukhade waali. But, you have to give in to the revenge lyrics of this song too wherein the hero Dharmendra feels that he has been deceived by his beloved Asha Parekh. Amongst other things he curses her in the song that she should become a phool of patjhad (an autumn flower). The song has been put together by Anand Bakshi, Laxmant Pyarelal and Mohammad Rafi.

Please enjoy: Mere dushman tu meri dosti ko tarase...

mere dushman tuu merii dostii ko tarase
Gam mujhe tuu khushii dene vaale ko tarase

tuu phuul bane patajha.D kaa, tujh pe bahaar na aae kabhii
tuu hii merii tarah ta.Dape tujhako qaraar na aae kabhii
tuu jiye is tarah kii zi.ndagii ko tarase

itanaa to asar kar jaae.n merii vafaae.n o bevafaa
jab tujhe yaad aae.n apanii jafaae.n o bevafaa
pashemaan hoke roe, tuu ha.nsii ko tarase

tere gulashan se zyaadaa viiraan viiraanaa koI na ho
is duniyaa me.n teraa jo apanaa to kyaa, begaanaa na ho
kisii kaa kyaa tuu pyaar ko tarase beruKii

This is not a filmy song but is dear to me. It has the same sentiments as in the Lyrical page picture of Rajesh Khanna holding a dried flower in his hand whilst singing: Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye.

This ghazal is from a favourite ghazal of mine singer: Mehdi Hasan. The ghazal was penned by Ahmed Faraz.

[lineate][/lineate]Please enjoy: Ab ke ham bichhade to shayad kabhi khwaabon mein milen,[lineate][/lineate]Jis tarah sookhe hue phool kitabon mein mile....

[lineate][/lineate]Ab ke ham bichha.De to shaayad kabhii Kaabo.n me.n mile.n[lineate][/lineate]jis tarah suukhe huye phuul kitaabo.n me.n mile.n[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Dhuu.NDh uja.De huye logo.n me.n wafaa ke motii[lineate][/lineate]Kazaane ye tujhe mumkin hai Karaabo.n me.n mile.n[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Tuu Kudaa hai na meraa ishq farishto.n jaisaa[lineate][/lineate]dono.n insaa.N hai.n to kyuu.N itane hijaabo.n me.n mile.n[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Game-duniyaa bhii Game-yaar me.n shaamil kar lo[lineate][/lineate]nashaa ba.Dhataa hai sharaabe.n jo sharaabo.n me.n mile.n[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]ab na wo mai.n huu.N tuu hai na wo na wo maazii hai ‘faraaz'[lineate][/lineate]jaise do saaye ke tamannaa saraabo.n me.n mile.n[lineate][/lineate]

Another melancholic song in this category is depicting that if I don't get phool (flowers) I shall live with the friendship of the thorns. It is from the 968 movie Anokhi Raat starring Parikshat from India and Zaheeda. Kaifi Azmi, Roshan and Rafi have put this together.

Please enjoy: Mile naa phool to kaanto se dosti kar li...

[lineate][/lineate]Mile na kaa phuul to.NTo.n se dostii kar lii[lineate][/lineate]isii tarah se hamane zi basar.ndagii kar lii[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Ab aage jo bhii ho a.njaam, dekhaa jaaegaa[lineate][/lineate]Kudaa talaash liyaa aur ba.ndagii kar lii[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Nazar bhii na milii thii aur unako dekh liyaa[lineate][/lineate]zabaa.n bhii khulii thii aur na baat bhii kar lii[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Vo jinako pyaar hai chaa market.ndii se sone ishq se[lineate][/lineate]vahii kahe.nge kabhii hamane Kudakashii kar lii[lineate][/lineate]

Okay, just one last sad phool song before I end with happy ones.

This one is from the 1964 movie, Chandi Ki Deewar. The singer is Talat Mehmood on Sahir's lyrics Ludhianvi'and N Dutta''s music.

[lineate]Please enjoy: Ashqon mein jo paaya hai, vo geeton mein diya hai,[/lineate]Is par bhi sunaa hai ke zamaane ko hai gila...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]PHOOL is in the second stanza...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Ashko.n ne jo paayaa hai vo giito.n me.n diyaa hai[lineate][/lineate]is par sunaa bhii hai ki zamaane ko gilaa hai[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Jo taar se nikalii dhun hai vo sab ne sunii hai[lineate][/lineate]jo saaz pe guzarii hai vo dil kis ko pataa hai[lineate][/lineate]ashko.n ne jo paayaa hai ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Ham hai phuul.n auro.n ke liye laaye hai.n khushabuu[lineate][/lineate]apane liye le ke de bas ik daaG hai milaa[lineate][/lineate]ashko.n ne jo paayaa hai ...

Now Lets take up some happy phool songs.

No ‘Special’ on Phool songs can be complete without this Prem Pujari song penned by Neeraj with music by Sachin Dev Burman (since Prem Pujari was a Dev Anand movie). Kishore Kumar sang it.

Please enjoy: Phoolon ke rang se dil ki kalam se....

[lineate][/lineate]Phuulo.n ke se dil kii kalam se[lineate][/lineate]tujhako likhii roz paatii[lineate][/lineate]kaise bataauu.N, kis kis tarah se[lineate][/lineate]pal pal mujhe tuu sataatii[lineate][/lineate]sapane tere hii, lekar ke soyaa[lineate][/lineate]hii terii yaado.n me.n jaagaa[lineate][/lineate]tere khayaalo.n me.n ulajhaa rahaa yuu.N[lineate][/lineate]jaise ke maalaa me.n dhaagaa[lineate][/lineate]haa.N, baadal bijalii cha.'ndan paanii jaisaa pyaar apanaa[lineate][/lineate]lenaa hogaa janam hame.n, ka_ii ka_ii baar[lineate][/lineate]haa.N, itanaa madir, madhur itanaa teraa meraa pyaar[lineate][/lineate]lenaa hogaa janam hame.n, ka_ii ka_ii baar[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]saa.Nso.n kii saragam, dha.Dakan kii viinaa,[lineate][/lineate]sapano.n giitaa kii.Njalii tuu[lineate][/lineate]man kii galii me.n, jo mahake haradam,[lineate][/lineate]juhii aisii kii kalii tuu[lineate][/lineate]chhoTaa safar ho, lambaa safar ho[lineate][/lineate]suunii Dagar ho yaa melaa[lineate][/lineate]tuu yaad aae, man ho jaae, bhii.D ke biich akelaa[lineate][/lineate]haa.N, baadal bijalii, cha.'ndan paanii jaisaa pyaar apanaa[lineate][/lineate]lenaa hogaa janam hame.n, ka_ii ka_ii baar[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]puurab pachchhim ho, ho uttar dakkhin[lineate][/lineate]tuu har jagah muskuraae[lineate][/lineate]jitanaa bhii jaauu.N, mai.n tujhase duur,[lineate][/lineate]utanii hii tuu paas aae[lineate][/lineate][lineate][/lineate]aa.Ndhii ne rokaa, paanii ne Tokaa,[lineate][/lineate]duniyaa ne ha.Ns kar pukaaraa[lineate][/lineate]tasaviir terii, lekin liye mai.n, kar aayaa sabase kinaaraa[lineate][/lineate]haa.N, baadal bijalii, cha.'ndan paanii jaisaa pyaar apanaa[lineate][/lineate]lenaa hogaa janam hame.n, ka_ii ka_ii baar[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]haa.N, itanaa madir, madhur itanaa teraa meraa pyaar[lineate][/lineate]lenaa hogaa janam hame.n, ka_ii ka_ii baar[lineate][/lineate]ka_ii, ka_ii baar... ka_ii, ka_ii baar ...[lineate][/lineate]

The 1966 movie Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya starred Dharmendra, Nutan and Rehman and some very nice numbers put together by GS Rawal and Sonik Omi. This one is particularly refreshing; sung by Mohammad Rafi.

[lineate][/lineate]Please enjoy: Kaliyon ne ghoonghat khole,[lineate][/lineate]Har phool pe banvara dole....[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Kaliyo.n ne ghuu.NghaT khole har pe phuul bha.Nvaraa Dole[lineate][/lineate]lo aayaa pyaar kaa mausam gul-o-gulazaar kaa mausam[lineate][/lineate]kaliyo.n ne ghuu.NghaT ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]O hoy chaman jab tuu me.n aa_e har gu.nchaa muskaraa_e -2[lineate][/lineate]behijaab hai teraa shabaab ham ho ga_e diivaane[lineate][/lineate]lo pyaar kaa mausam aayaa tere diidaar kaa mausam[lineate][/lineate]kaliyo.n ne ghuu.NghaT ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]O hoy har-suu teraa nashaa hai har zarraa pii rahaa hai -2[lineate][/lineate]tuu aafataab jaam-e-shabaab roshan hu_e maiKaane[lineate][/lineate]lo pyaar kaa mausam aayaa visaal-e-yaar kaa mausam[lineate][/lineate]kaliyo.n ne ghuu.NghaT ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]haay O jaan-e-bahaar aa jaa dil ke qaraar aa jaa -2[lineate][/lineate]ye ye ye shab Kvaab maahataaab ab to lage ta.Dapaane[lineate][/lineate]lo pyaar kaa mausam aayaa mere diladaar kaa mausam[lineate][/lineate]kaliyo.n ne ghuu.NghaT ...[lineate][/lineate]

Since we are on the sub theme of happy phool songs, how can we forget this really enchanting duet from the 1975 movie Chupke Chupke starring Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bahaduri? Anand Bakshi, SD Burman, Mukesh and Lata have put this together.

Please enjoy: Baagon meinm kaise ye phool khilate hain?

[lineate][/lineate]BaaGo.n me.n kaise ye phuul khilate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]khilate hai.n bha.Nvaro.n jab phuul se milate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]o baaGo.n me.n ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]o a Haa[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Mausam bahaaro.n ke lagate hai.n kyo.n pyaare[lineate][/lineate]ha.Nsate hai.n rote hai.n kaliyo.n ke saare[lineate][/lineate]kaliyo.n ke khilane se bhii dil khilate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]baaGo.n me.n ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Achchhaa ab tum bolo kab aisaa hotaa hai[lineate][/lineate]ba.De vo ho mat chhe.Do aisaa hotaa hai tab[lineate][/lineate]jab tere nayano.n se mere nain milate hai.n[lineate][/lineate]baaGo.n me.n ...[lineate][/lineate]

We haven't exhausted all the sub-themes of phool songs. But I end up with the Yaad theme. Phool or flowers are beautiful creations of God. When you look at them, if you are away from your love, you think of him or her. There are many songs on this sub theme, eg, Rang rang ke phool khile mujhe bhaaye koi rang na..ab aan milo sajana; and Rajnigandha phool tumhaare mehake jeevan mein younhi. But my favourite is this from the 1967 movie Taqdeer. It is an Anand Bakshi –Laxmikant Pyarelal song sung by various singers.

Please enjoy: Jab jab bahar aayi aur phool muskaraye...

[lineate][/lineate]Jab jab bahaar aa_ii[lineate][/lineate]Aur phool muskuraaye[lineate][/lineate](mujhe tum yaad aaye) -2[lineate][/lineate]jab jab bhii chaa market.Nd nikalaa[lineate][/lineate]aur taare jagamagaaye[lineate][/lineate](mujhe tum yaad aaye) -2[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate](ik aur pyaar wafaa kii tasaviir maanataa huu.N) -2[lineate][/lineate]tasaviir kyaa, tumhe.n mai.n taqadiir jaanataa huu.N ho[lineate][/lineate]dekhii nazar ne Kushiyaa.N yaa dekhe Gam ke saaye[lineate][/lineate](mujhe tum yaad aaye) -2[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate](apanaa ko_ii taraanaa mai.n ne nahii.n banaayaa) -2[lineate][/lineate]tum ne mere labo.n pe har ek sur sajaayaa... o...[lineate][/lineate]jab jab mere taraane duniyaa ne gun_gunaaye[lineate][/lineate](mujhe tum yaad aaye) -2[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate](mum_kin hai zi.ndagaanii kar jaaye bewafaa_ii) -2[lineate][/lineate]lekin ye pyaar vo hai jis me.n nahii.judaa_ii n... o...[lineate][/lineate]is pyaar ke fasaane jab jab zubaa.N pe aaye[lineate][/lineate](mujhe tum yaad aaye) -2[lineate][/lineate]

On second thoughts the best way to end with the best songs phool is with a bhajan – my favourite form of music.

This is a very beautiful bhajan from the movie Nastik 1954 starring Ajit and Nalini Jaywant. Lyrics are those of Pradeep and music is by C Ramachandra.

This is the only way to love God!

[lineate][/lineate]Tere phoolon se bhi pyaar,[lineate][/lineate]Tere kaanton se bhi pyaar...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]AmR^it aur zahar dono.n hai.n saagar me.n ek saath[lineate][/lineate]manthan kaa adhikaar hai sab ko phal prabhu tere haath[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Tere phuulo.n se bhii pyaar[lineate][/lineate]tere kaa.nTo.n se bhii pyaar[lineate][/lineate]jo bhii chaahe de de denaa karataar[lineate][/lineate]duniyaa ke taaraNahaar[lineate][/lineate]tere phuulo.n se bhii pyaar ...[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Chaahe sukh de yaa dukh, chaahe yaa khushii de Gam -2[lineate][/lineate]maalik jaise vaise bhii rakhegaa rah le.nge ham[lineate][/lineate]maalik rah le.nge ham[lineate][/lineate]chaahe ha.Nsii bharaa sa.nsaar de yaa aa.Nsuo.n kii dhaar[lineate][/lineate]jo bhii chaahe de de denaa karataar[lineate][/lineate]duniyaa ke taaraNahaar[lineate][/lineate]

[lineate][/lineate]Ham dono ko.n hai.n pasa.nd aur terii dhuup chhaa.Nv -2[lineate][/lineate]daataa kisii bhii dishaa me.n le chal zi.ndagii kii naav[lineate][/lineate]le chal zi.ndagii kii naav[lineate][/lineate]chaahe hame.n paar lagaa de Dubaa de chaahe hame.n ma.njhadhaar[lineate][/lineate]jo bhii chaahe de de denaa karataar[lineate][/lineate]duniyaa ke taaraNahaar ...[lineate][/lineate]

I hope you liked my choice of phool songs under various sub-themes.

My next theme is the best of lori (lullaby) songs in Hindi movies. Please keep accessing this blog.