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An interesting sort of plums - Angelina. Externally, the tree looks like cherry plum, and its fruits are typical plums. This is explained by the fact that the variety was obtained by crossing cherry plum and Chinese plum. The result of the work of breeders is a plant that produces large fruits that are stored for a very long time, unlike the berries of other varieties. Description of the variety with a photo. Trees are characterized by a pyramidal crown shape, wide ...

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This variety, known and popular long ago, was obtained by breeders of the Primorsky Territory in the middle of the last century. Due to compactness and moderate growth, it is convenient to grow a tree in small-size garden plots. Fruits delight in their size, with a small growth of plums, they look impressively large. Description varieties with photos tree medium height. Crohn moderately sprawling, dense. The root system is powerful. ...

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At the end of the 19th century in America, a new variety of the Giant Plum appeared. To obtain a new variety, varieties such as Pond seedling and Hungarian Azhanskaya were bred. First, the variety spread across North America, then crossed the ocean and began to spread in European and Asian countries. The variety is winter-hardy and even grows in the northern regions of the country during winter shelter. This red fruit ...

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