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Semen Slepakov is a bard, artist, producer and author of sketches. But many know and love Seeds first of all for his songs. Slepakov is produced by Comedy Club, and sometimes he can be seen on stage performing comic-satirical songs with a guitar.

For two years, the charismatic bard wrote and sang about 30 songs that immediately went to the people, they were instantly taken to quotations, and they began to recognize the black beard all over the world
On our site you can watch the most interesting performances and listen to songs.

We recommend watching these videos right away:

I want to be a shareholder of Gazprom

This video made the songwriter popular. A sore subject, a common Russian gas that serves to fulfill a dream, it is not clear whom and it is not clear for what merits. But owning even one percent of the shares can almost all ...

Pathetic and satirical song Victory Day about the Order Bearer Trofim Pal Yegorych, and now does not get tired of fighting with the enemies of the motherland. Alas, they are now inside the country. Hope only on Pal Yegorych, because he was left alone from his regiment

A real man cannot but devote a song to a girl. Especially beautiful blonde woman. Especially driving. After all, watching a chicken is parked is a pleasure (unless of course you are not dangerously close in its path). Only the song itself can be more interesting.

Luba - YouTube star.

Dangerous blonde can not be anything, if you believe Semen, however, most often they are dangerous for themselves. Here, for example, Lyuba became a YouTube star, just relaxing a little at a corporate party. Lucky for her, she is not the only one

Father Onuphrius.

And this is one of the rare songs that failed censorship. But in the song about the way of life of modern ministers of the church, he just wanted to play a trick on his friend, Ivan Okhlobystin :)

On our site you can listen to songs online for free, but do not even think about using the fruits of Seeds' creative activity for mean commercial purposes, since all copyrights belong only to Semen Slepakov.

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