Seedling tomatoes yellow leaves what to do

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Features of growing seedlings. Growing seedlings from seeds is quite a laborious process that requires a lot of strength, knowledge and skills. The main conditions, the observance of which affects the quality of growing annual seedlings, are: suitable capacity for seed germination (container, peat trays, etc.); fertilizer suitable for a particular variety; observance of temperature; timely cupping; proper care after landing in open ground. For each variety of seedlings have their own special germination. What types of seedlings are there? All seedlings can be divided into groups: early, medium, late. The difference between them lies in both the timing of sowing seeds to create seedlings, and in time of planting grown plants in open ground. Seedlings can be made for garden crops (cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pepper, etc.), as well as for annual flowers. When is planting seedlings in open ground? Seedlings of annuals are usually planted in open ground in the third decade of April or until the end of May. Specific dates depend on the particular variety and may vary. It is best to plant the plants in the afternoon so that they can adapt and get used to the sunlight during the night. If the seedlings are planted early in the morning, then the sun's rays can damage it. During the landing, it is necessary to follow the recommendations for each type of seedlings. They consist of the composition of the soil, the degree of its moisture, the need for mineral or organic fertilizers, and so on. At first, after planting the seedlings in the ground it may need to be covered, that is, to make a small greenhouse. Possible diseases of seedlings. As mentioned above, caring for seedlings is a time consuming process. Its main difficulty lies in the protection of immature plants from diseases. The most common diseases of seedlings: late blight; blackleg; spotting But this amount is the difference for each variety. If during not paying attention to the affected plant, you can lose all the seedlings. Buying planting material in our online store you get only healthy plants. How to make a purchase of seedlings? Seedlings in bulk is a great opportunity to buy high quality seedlings for a reasonable price. Buying goods in our online store you get high-quality planting material and a high percentage of similarity. To buy seedlings of annual plants, you need to place an order on our website or make a call by the specified phone. If you have questions related to the characteristics of a particular variety (plant characteristics, preferred planting place, caring for it, and so on) or you do not know what type of seedlings are most suitable for your garden plot, you can ask them to our professional gardeners online -that either by phone.

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