Lunar calendar for September planting strawberries

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What to wear on this day?

Aroma of the day - successfully use the perfume with the smell of lilies.

Stones charms and talismans - emerald, selenite, euclase. Metal - silver.

What is better to eat on this day?

There is no danger of gaining weight, even after a heavy and heavy meal. But it is better to know the measure. Rabbit, fish and seafood in a company with vegetable salads will satisfy your hunger. For dessert, fit dried fruit and nuts with herbal tea.

How to take care of health on this day?

Good time for excretion of toxins. For example, through the bath. The main thing is to follow the rules: do not go to the bath on an empty stomach and immediately after eating, the intestines should not be full. Drink cranberry juice, bread kvass or plain water in the bath. To enter the steam bath after washing the body and cleaning the pores. In the Russian bath poddavat steam with water, and not an oil solution of mint. After the bath, be sure to relax and drink nettle tea, preferably from 15 to 19 hours. Today it is better not to get a haircut.

Intimate scenario of the day

The moon in the sign of Cancer involves emotional sex. Sensuality, affection, tenderness on the part of a partner - this is what will be important to you. Emotions will erupt like a volcano. Are you embarrassed to scream with passion before? In the days of the Dark Emotional Moon you will forget about your modesty or complexes, if you have any, giving a partner voluptuous sighs, shouts and shouts.

What is better to do at home?

Time to start a general cleaning and a big wash, everything will be done efficiently and easily. It should not be ventilated. Watering fertilize and spray houseplants, if they dried out. Packaging for long-term storage of pre-prepared ointments.

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