How to water orchids if bloomed

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Content Proper watering of orchids - tips from experts

Often, buying an orchid, we too much and often water the flower, and then we wonder why the plant rots. Here there is one rule - it is better to underpower water than to pour it. The basic law that applies to this flower is watering when the soil is 100% dry and the root system dries.

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There is an opinion that it is necessary to irrigate strictly once every 7 days - this is fundamentally wrong. The time it takes for the soil to dry out depends directly on many factors, including air temperature and humidity, lighting in the apartment, and the size of the pot. By the way, many people care what kind of water to water the orchid, because it is both a source of food for the flower and a method for regulating the temperature.

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In its usual environment, these flowers feed on rainwater, but even a child knows that rainwater in a city differs in its characteristics from rainwater in tropical forests. How to prepare water for plants?

To answer the question of how to properly water the orchid, first of all, you need to remember about the rules of water preparation. After all, the life and growth of your beloved green pet will depend on its quality. So, the water for the flower should be either soft or moderately hard. Check the level of rigidity by technological methods - the procedure is quite expensive. However, there is one home method: the stiffness can be determined using an ordinary kettle. The faster scale builds up at the bottom, the harder the water level will be.

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To reduce this figure, ordinary oxalic acid, sold in any flower kiosks, is useful to you. We take a bucket of 5 liters, pour water into it, where we pour half a spoonful of money. Within 24 hours, the liquid should be infused, after which the water should be carefully drained so as not to disturb the sediment from oxalic acid.

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In order for orchids to develop normally, it is important to take into account the indicator of water acidity. The best level is considered Ph5. If the index is below the optimum, then lemon juice can increase it — a few drops are enough for a liter bottle. No need to water the plants with cold water - the ideal liquid temperature is approximately +35 ° C. Having grown beautiful orchids, you can undertake such a pleasant procedure for every plant lover as decorating a balcony with flowers.
How to care for and water the orchid: methods

There are several methods of watering a flower, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. To choose the most appropriate, you should first familiarize yourself with each method, having learned their basic characteristics. The most effective method is a hot shower, which almost exactly repeats the natural conditions of watering. The experience of gardeners proves that this method allows the plant to increase its green mass faster, the plant grows larger and more often. Regular shower will reduce the risk of pests and diseases. However, it is important to remember that the hot shower method is suitable only for those who have soft water from the tap. To use the method, the flower pot is placed in the bathroom, after which it is poured from the shower with a small stream of warm water. Watering time depends on how quickly the substrate gets wet. When the soil gets wet, leave the flower alone for 15–20 minutes - this will help to remove excess moisture. After about an hour, you can wipe the leaves and sprouts with a dry soft cloth, removing excess moisture.

 Photo of watering orchids under the shower, Another way is to dive when a flower pot is dipped into a liquid. After you dip the plant, you need to allow the water to completely drain. Do not forget that this method is suitable only for completely healthy plants. The third method is using a watering can. In this case, water from a watering can needs to be gently poured over the surface of the soil, not falling on the leaves and avoiding the ingress of liquid to the growing points. Watering is necessary until the liquid begins to leak from the holes in the bottom of the pot. After 5 minutes, the procedure is repeated, be sure to drain all excess water. If we are dealing with orchids that grow without soil, then spraying of the root system is best for them. It is desirable to carry out spraying in the afternoon that the root system has already dried up by the evening. As you can see, in order for an orchid, the maintenance and watering of which is quite laborious work, please with its beauty, it is necessary to follow all the above rules. Only in this case, this capricious and delicate flower will live long.

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By the way, in the interior of the apartment you can combine orchids and artificial flowers, the main thing is to choose suitable plants for their appearance and color.

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