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When buying a car, you should pay attention to the “ground clearance” (clearance) in the technical specifications. Depending on where you will drive, determine which vehicle clearance is best for you.

According to experts, crossovers with average ground clearance are perfect for city dwellers, and for outdoor activities, frequent outings and out of town it is better to buy a car with high ground clearance. In this case, the best option would be an SUV.

“In order to drive comfortably around the city and get to the cottage normally, the optimum clearance should be 190-200 mm,” says independent autoexpert Vyacheslav Chulkov.

“Cars are all different, but the best option, taking into account our roads, is not less than 210 mm. Especially - in the winter when the track is formed, ”says autoexpert Dmitry Bolysov.

“I believe that if the clearance will be not less than 190-200 mm, then on such a machine you can drive to the dacha and comfortably move around the city. We sometimes have incomprehensible country roads, sufficient ruts, and, in order not to catch anything with the bottom, a clearance somewhere from 180 mm to even 200 mm is the best option to drive off-road and on highway roads, ”says the head of the expert council. on the roads and transport of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) Armen Oganesyan.

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