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Incredibly delicious Armenian matnakash bread is easy to bake at home. The bread is made from aged yeast dough, which results in an appetizing golden crust, a characteristic pattern and a soft crumb. Products Wheat flour (top grade) - 500 g Dry yeast (instant, for bread) - 6 g Sugar - 6 g Salt - 18 g Water (boiled) - 270 ml Vegetable oil - 30 ml

Step by step photo recipeArmenian bread matnakash

Products for the preparation of Armenian bread matnakash.

How to make armenian matnakash bread:
Sift flour into a deep bowl.

Add dry yeast, salt, sugar - mix.

Pour in warm water, knead the dough for at least 15 minutes. (dough kneaded by hand).

The dough should be sticky, but painful. Leave in a bowl, covered with film, for an hour.

An hour later, the dough is well suited, having doubled.

Replace it with hands moistened with cold water. Cover again with foil and leave for 30 minutes in a warm place.

We take the dough out of the bowl, divide it into two parts. On a well-oiled vegetable oil baking tray, stretch the tortillas, turn over and stretch again. Fingers make grooves in a circle and in the center. Leave for 15 minutes under the film - to approach.

Replace the pattern on the approached blank. Liberally lubricate the cake with slightly warm boiled water with a brush.

We bake matnakash flatbreads in an oven heated to 220 degrees, set to a level below average. Baking time - 17 min. Under the baking pan with baking, you must substitute a second pan with hot water. Cool the bread before serving.

We serve matnakash armenian to the table! Thick tortillas can be cut, or you can simply serve matnakash entirely and break off pieces of bread right while you eat.

Recipe: Armenian Matnakash Bread. How to cook Armenian bread matnakash?

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