Properly planting the cuttings of roses

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how to plant rose

The queen of the garden always takes pride of place in the flower beds of almost every experienced gardener, but not every beginner can grow a beautiful, majestic flower. For the planting of roses to be successful, there were no disappointments, it is necessary to know the secrets and subtleties of the simple process ...

Content When is it best to plant roses in the fall or spring?

It is widely believed that planting roses with an open root system in open ground is best done in the autumn months, in fact, this can be done in the fall, spring and summer. Planting roses in the autumn is preferable for the southern regions of our country, when the autumn is warm and before the onset of frost the roots of the plant have time to get stronger. The best time is considered the last week of September and the first days of October, after which it is necessary to cover the roses for the winter. An earlier planting will give rapid growth of shoots, while the root system of roses does not fully strengthen, most likely, such a plant will die.  planting roses

In central Russia, the northern regions and the Urals, it is better to plant roses in spring, from mid-April to the end of May, the main thing is that the buds do not begin to swell. It is not recommended to carry out the autumn planting of seedlings of roses in these latitudes because of the risk of poor rooting of the plant, which can lead to the death of the bush in the winter. preparing roses for autumn planting in the photo - preparing roses for planting
Regardless, roses are planted in spring or autumn, you need to refresh the root system by a small pruning of the main roots. The ends of the roots are cut off quite a bit, about 70-90 millimeters, so the root system is refreshed and better grows. Pay attention to the color of the spine at the cut, at the healthy root it is white, which means it is alive. The brown color indicates the dead root, it is necessary to cut until white color appears.

It is possible to plant roses in summer, this method of planting is most suitable for container roses with a well-formed root system, which will not be damaged during transplantation. Roses planted in summer should be sheltered from the direct rays of the sun, well watered in hot, dry weather. How to plant roses: detailed instructions

All beginning flower growers and gardeners are wondering how to plant a rose in spring, autumn and summer, so that next year they will get beautiful and luxuriantly flowering plants. The principles of planting roses are the same for all time periods, in a certain sequence the following steps are performed:

Preparation of the fossa. The pit for planting seedlings should be slightly larger in size, but deep. Roses develop poorly and grow, if there is a close flow of groundwater at the site, make a drainage (expanded clay aggregate, river pebbles, broken and crushed bricks); preparing a pit for planting a rose in the photo - preparing holes for planting roses

Preparation of nutrient mixture. Take one part of the sand and fertile land, add 3-4 parts of humus (you can take peat, compost), mix thoroughly. On one small sapling leaves one and a half-two buckets of prepared soil mixture; applying organic fertilizers when planting roses in the photo - applying organic fertilizer when planting roses

The bottom of the dug fossa on 1/3 of the ground is filled with nutrient soil so as to form a small mound. A rose sapling is placed at the top of the hill, the roots must necessarily be straightened down. The distance between rose bushes during planting is observed depending on the varietal characteristics, approximately 0.6-0.7 meters; fertilizer when planting roses in the photo - fertilizer when planting roses

A plant placed on a hill is covered with nutritious soil. It is important to note that the purchased seedlings, as a rule, are grafted on the briar shtampa, so the place of grafting during planting should be below the ground surface. With this method, the cultivar will take root, and the rosehips will not grow; planting roses

on the photo - place of grafting roses below the ground level

On the buried surface of the soil around the seedling is a shallow circular hole for watering. There is a mound around the root collar, and a little further a groove in which there will be water; a hole is made around the place where the rose is planted in the photo there is a hole around the place planting roses

Watering roses after planting should be abundant, a large amount of liquid will fill all the voids in the soil, and the roots will be completely surrounded by earth; watering the roses after planting in the photo - watering the roses after planting < br>

When the water is fully absorbed, we fill the sagging surface with the remnants of ordinary earth left over by digging a hole, compact it a little;

Planted rose need to pile up, for this is taken the remaining soil mixture (you can take the humus, peat) and poured into a small layer. This is done to retain moisture in the soil and preserve young shoots from the bright spring sun. After fourteen days, the mulch layer is removed, the cuttings can start growing and the root system will develop poorly. At this stage, the formation of strong roots is important;

After planting roses, you must bring pruning, leaving a pair of buds on each shoot. This should be done only in the spring, smearing the cuts with garden pitch or any other means acquired in the store. If you cut the planted rose in the fall, the young shoots are not likely to ripen and freeze during the cold season.

Now, dear readers, you know how to plant a rose, so the process should be approached carefully, with all severity, and observing the above recommendations, planting roses will be not only easy, but also correct.

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