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Hello, guests of the blog "Cho ?! Cho ?! In today's article we will look at what it is and how to remove it from the start page of your browser, be it Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox or others.

Nowadays, modern man is more and more using the world wide web, and everything would be fine, but very often ordinary users become owners of virus programs. Third-party utilities not only penetrate the operating system, but also begin to actively manifest themselves without the knowledge of user participation.

Very often such malicious programs get into the operating system through the fault of the user himself. Sometimes such virus extensions are integrated into installers of other programs. The user begins to install a regular program on his computer, but sometimes due to carelessness or unknowingly he forgets to remove the check mark from the tricky extension. Symptoms of infection

After opening his browser, the user discovers that the start page has changed. After some time, the browser begins to spontaneously open new tabs that do not carry anything useful in addition to banner ads. One of the reasons for this behavior is the application "".

what is hi ru and how to remove it

Without having special knowledge or simply carelessly, users install hidden software "", with this and the headache begins. “My Page” or the start page changes to “http: // www.”. Among other things, the browser begins to redirect the user to questionable sites and opens various advertising windows without any permission.

The site "" is an entertainment portal, which is visually very similar to "". But the worst thing is that the developers and owners impose the services of their site through a viral application. You need to get rid of such an obsessive application as soon as possible, even if, at first glance, this extension does not bear any harm to your computer.
The whole trouble is that your operating system may pick up other viruses during the opening of advertising sites, and forcibly installed extension will not bring any benefit. How to remove Anti-Virus from the start page of the browser

The first thing to do is to check the operating system with antivirus. However, some antivirus programs simply do not find the browser hijacker "". These do not include: SpyHunter; FixerBro; ADWCleaner; and Drweb.

All these programs are in most cases able to fix the problem. Plus, they will reliably protect the operating system in the future. Remove manually

If the antivirus could not eliminate "", then there are other ways. Manually delete this extension: Find your browser shortcut; Click the right mouse button and click “Properties”; Go to the tab “label”; We are looking for the "Object" field - the line should end with "... \ your browser.exe" without any; If such an inscription is found, you must delete it.  how to remove hi ru from the start page

Also worth checking out the extensions in your browser. If you find something completely unfamiliar and suspicious, it is likely that the root of the trouble is in this. Feel free to remove them. Delete in the registry

If all these methods do not fix the problem, you can use the registry cleaner. For this: We go into the operating system in safe mode; Press Start - execute or call the window with the key combination Win + R; In the search bar, type “regedit” and press “ENTER”; start page hi ru how to remove The registry editor opens, here you need to press CTRL + F; A search window will open, where you need to insert "" and click "Find Next";  how to remove hi ru from the browser If during the search you can find malicious entries marked" ", then we can safely remove them.

After deleting the records, close the tabs and reboot the PC.

Well, the last option is to reinstall the browser itself. To begin, remove the software through the "Add or Remove Programs." Next you need to clear all the data programs: shortcuts, history and other temporary files. Also run clean the registry using the software "CCleaner" and reinstall the browser.


To protect your operating system from various intrusive programs and other viruses, you need to install an up-to-date antivirus program with fresh updates.

Download software only from trusted sites, carefully watch that when installing programs do not install useless intrusive applications.

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