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Since ancient times, farmers have determined that the moon affects the rate of development of the crops they grow. Today, science has given an explanation for this phenomenon. Night light attracts or repels water molecules in plants. It depends on what phase it is in. A sowing calendar is drawn up annually, which shows favorable dates for planting various crops and other agrotechnical measures. It is completely based on the position of the moon. Today, dear gardeners and farmers, we will look at the topic: planting seedlings in 2018 according to the lunar calendar. Every gardener and gardener has his own secrets that help them grow beautiful and healthy crops. However, a special role in any case in matters of agriculture plays the lunar calendar. In this article we will tell you when it is better to plant seedlings of pepper, tomatoes and flowers in 2018.

Features of the lunar calendar landing seedlings in 2018

Thanks to the lunar calendar planting seedlings for 2018, you can calculate the most successful time for growing crops. This takes into account the location of the lunar phases and the influence of other cosmic forces. It is these objects that are able to correct the fruitful properties of plants, which always affects the quality of the crop. Even in ancient times, our ancestors planted seeds according to the phases of the moon. Recent studies of astrologers prove the influence of the light on the biological rhythms in living organisms. For crops, the growing Moon is more favorable, but in the full moon it is not worth doing. Today, a special calendar not only provides information on growing plants, but also indicates the timing of fertilizing, harvesting. When sowing seedlings on schedule, the crop is always more abundant, and the cost of growing it is less. Thus, when the moon decreases, the growth processes of the underground part of the plants are activated, and the vital energy wakes up during the growing phase. Even experienced gardeners use this information for agrotechnical work.

Lunar calendar for planting seedlings in 2018

If we plant seedlings, then we definitely use the lunar calendar. This will allow to achieve an excellent harvest. We remember from the school course that the Moon revolves both around our planet and with it around our star. The orbital period of the moon around the earth is the lunar month. During this time, four phases pass in front of us — the new moon, the rising moon, the full moon, and the waning moon. Each of them has its own influence on everything earthly. These observations and formed one of the principles of the maintenance of lunar sowing calendars. New Moon

The day before it will be very timely get rid of weeds in all the beds. Also this period is favorable for the removal of all dried branches and pruning of trees, as well as for pinching shoots. At the very new moon, we do not take any action at the site, except perhaps to slightly plow and water. But for harvesting seeds and collecting root crops, the new moon is the best suited. According to observations, the seeds and fruits collected in the new moon are better preserved, since all the power remains in the roots. the moon is growing

This is approximately 11 days. At this time, all the sap and vitality of the plants stretch into the sky. Therefore, remember that for climbers or ampelous plants, planting is recommended at the beginning of this phase, and for other plants, if you do not want them to be too tall, the middle phase will do. The most timely actions in the garden on the growing moon are loosening, pruning, grafting, cuttings, planting.

Full Moon

This is for 3 days. The right time for active weeding to the last blade of grass. We are also actively fighting diseases and pests. Do not forget to loosen and spud. But with trimming and vaccination will have to wait. the waning moon

Lasts 11 to 12 days. At this time, the most sensitive part of the plant is the roots, since the pressure drops all the juice to them. Therefore, all works that could damage the root system of your plants are canceled. But we are engaged in their above-ground part - we water, feed, cut / prune, harvest seeds or vegetables.

Favorable days according to the lunar calendar of planting seedlings 2018

Specific dates for planting crops, recommended by the sowing calendar, are calculated by the location of the star in the signs of the zodiac. If you decide that the exact location of the moon in the sky plays a serious role in the development of cultures, the information provided below will be useful to you.

Recommended dates for sowing cabbage in February 2018, these are 5-8 and 19-22; March, 7, 8, 18, 21; in April - 4-6, 8-10, 20-23.

For zucchini and eggplant in 2018, these days are suitable in February - 4-8, 18 and 23; in March - 20-24; in April - 4-6, 8-11, 19-23.

Dates for planting beets, radishes and legumes: March - 20-23; April - 6-9, 19, 20, 23-26.

Planting a seed calendar advises planting sweet pepper as follows: in March - 8-11, 20-24; in April - 7-11, 22, 23, 26, 27.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and bashtan on seedlings calendar advises to plant: in March - 19-24, 27-28; in April - 5-9, 20-24.

Bulb flowers: in February - 21-23; March 22-24, 26-27; in April - 4-8, 19-23, 26, 27.

Flower seeds: February - 19, 20; March - 12-14, 22-24; April - 7-10, 19-22.

The moon for the period of the monthly cycle of rotation around the Earth is alternately influenced by one or another sign of the zodiac. The effects of the constellations on the moon are made by means of electromagnetic forces, light impulses, other planetary, including unexplored influences, and are perceived by plants. Astrology, based on the experience of thousands of years of people’s observations, divides the signs of the zodiac for agriculture into: very favorable (the most prolific, aquatic, feminine) - Cancer, Pisces; favorable (prolific): Scorpio (water), terrestrial - Capricorn, Taurus, Libra (air); less favorable (unproductive) Virgo (earthly), Sagittarius (fire); unfavorable (barren) - fire (hot) Aries, Leo and air (drying) Aquarius, Gemini.

When planting seedlings on the lunar calendar for 2018

It is time to introduce you to the lunar calendar planting seedlings. Experienced gardeners - gardeners over the years have developed their own, tested for many years planting schemes. It provides for everything - time, order and so on. But even here, the lunar calendar will greatly simplify the task by providing proven exact dates of planting of various seeds. With their cultivation and care, nature itself will be on your side, and with its help, a rich harvest from the beds will become the natural result of your efforts.

So, pay attention to the following factors: In case you had to plant the seedlings on the seedlings under the influence of water signs - Pisces or Cancer, then you should be careful to water them, as the plants simply cannot stand the overmoistening. While the moon is in the signs of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, it's time to prepare a nutritious earthen mixture for seedlings. It is especially advisable to do this with a rising or decreasing moon. In the new moon, in no case do not plant seeds on seedlings! Do not expect good germination from them during this unfavorable period. The full moon is the same. The waning moon is beneficial for planting root crops.

Lunar calendar planting seedlings 2018 - what you need to consider?

The basic principle of planting on the moon is this: after a new moon, you need to plant plants with above-ground fruits, and after a full moon - roots. If you follow this principle, then in each month the farmer will have 13-15 days to plant a particular crop. Just look at the lunar calendar and determine the date of the new moon and full moon. For gardeners who agree on a plan of sowing with the phases of the moon, there is such a law: on a full moon day and the two days closest to it, never plant anything. On the new moon and the days closest to it, it is impossible to plant “roots”, and for the landing of “vershkov” this is the most favorable time. However, over time, apart from the phases of the moon, the agronomists began to take into account in sowing works and its passage through the signs of the zodiac. Some of them began to be considered fertile, while others were barren. You can investigate this question and decide for yourself, whether to take into account this nuance.

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