Lunar calendar for September planting strawberries

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Lunar calendar for 2017 - a calendar for each month of 2017, which indicates the location of the moon relative to the zodiac constellations, the date and exact time of the main phases of the moon (new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter). The lunar calendar for 2017 tells not only about the cyclic change of the phases of the moon and lunar days, but also gives recommendations on matters, haircuts, diet, and also gives recommendations to the gardener and the gardener. ← 2016 Lunar calendar Lunar calendar on 2017 2017 2018 → Lunar calendars 2017

At present, all descriptions and characteristics of lunar days are sufficiently consistent with each other and verified more than once by a modern person. The moon, despite its smallness, also continues to exert the strongest influence, on our natural rhythms in the body, on our subconscious and psyche, on plant growth and many natural phenomena.

One of the oldest calendars on Earth is the lunar calendar, which was compiled in Egypt 6,000 years ago. Habitual to us - the solar calendar appeared much later.

The lunar calendar that we use now is based on the knowledge of ancient civilizations, taking into account modern information and facts known about the Moon and its phases. Even in ancient times, people noticed that the moon has a different impact on humans and the nature around us.

The most unpleasant are the "extreme" phases and days of the lunar calendar. Do not start in such periods, new and important things.

The most favorable time is the growing Moon, especially after the new moon, you can safely begin new and important things. Finishing plans is on a waning moon.

The lunar calendar will allow you to more carefully plan your affairs, save time and get the most benefit.

The perfect lunar cycle consists of 30 lunar days, and the defective lunar month is often found, its duration is 29 lunar days. We are pleased to present you our Lunar Calendar 2017, which shows all phases of the moon, the position in the signs of the zodiac, favorable and unfavorable lunar days in different spheres of life.

Our Lunar Calendar 2017 will allow you to navigate the phases of the Moon without visual observations and complex calculations, you can plan your actions more rationally and fruitfully. Lunar calendar of beauty and diet 2017

Lunar calendar of beauty, diet and health 2017 will tell you about the days in which you need to cut or dye your hair, do a manicure, care for your face, starve or go on a diet, do peeling or epilation when you can play sports, and when it is much better to avoid exercise physical activity.

For many years, astrological observations noted that on different days, taste preferences are replaced. For example, when the Moon goes into Aries, everyone immediately rushes to the fridge in search of herring, ketchup and pickled vegetables. So why not make a reserve in advance, so as not to run into a night supermarket?

Some people do not like milk. However, it happens that you really want milk - when the moon is in Taurus. And the pancakes at the housewives succeed in glory precisely when the Moon enters the sign of Taurus. Lunar calendar gardener and florist 2017

The lunar calendar gardener and florist 2017 should be useful to all gardeners, and will help solve practical problems in the garden. Of course, any gardener has the right to decide whether or not to use the advice of the lunar calendar. However, in today's time orientation to the fertile Moon during sowing and planting of plants has become a true fact. The use of the lunar calendar of the gardener and florist 2017 when performing agrotechnical measures during their growing season, makes it possible to significantly increase the harvest.

Lunar calendar gardener 2017 reports on what day and what is allowed and useful to do in the garden. And also gives a wide amount of information on the course of work. They affect the preparation of seeds for planting, the cultivation of seedlings, the control of pests and plant diseases, the secrets of agricultural engineering, the timing of harvesting of certain crops. He gives a hint about how and how best to feed the plants, how to increase the yield, what they love and what vegetables and flowers do not tolerate. Navigating the lunar calendar Other lunar calendars for 2017 Lunar calendar for the current 2018

Starting point to the world of the lunar calendar You will find everything about the influence of the moon on our life on the Lunar Calendar page. Lunar calendar for the previous 5 years Lunar calendar for the next 5 years

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