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Home flowers names and photos

home flowers photo with names

Homemade flowers adorn our lives with greens, bright colors that can elevate mood, invigorate and soothe with their appearance and beauty. Content of the article

Of course, they require careful attitude towards them, care, attention, and they themselves are always ready to respond with beauty, tenderness and love to the cares of a person, create coziness and unique special atmosphere in an apartment, house, in the country.

Home plants not only delight with their beauty, novelty, but also purify the air in the apartment, saturate it with oxygen, pleasant aromas, which have a beneficial effect on mood and human health.

It is especially nice to see greenery in the house, flowering home plants, when there is bad weather outside, bad weather, slush, in late autumn or winter, when nature stops, falls asleep, hides its wonderful colors. And at home you can arrange a small, eye-catching garden on the windowsill, table, on the insulated loggia, in the small winter garden, if conditions allow.

In communication with nature, a person rests, gathers his thoughts, analyzes, new ideas are born, life is filled with new energy.

Well, when a small piece of wildlife is in our home. If we have the desire, patience and love, the unrealized creative excitement, we can create in our apartment, house, in the country our small green kingdom from home plants, where we can rest our soul from the intense everyday worries. After all, man is a part of nature that surrounds our whole life.

Here are some plants that can be grown at home, take a look at this beauty and the riot of colors, I want to share with you some photos of ornamental and flowering plants. Home flowers photos with names Types of home flowers

Anthurium - Anthurium, a genus of evergreens of the Aroid or Aronik family:

home plants name

In nature, there are more than 800 species of these plants, both flowering and deciduous, growing mainly in tropical and subtropical America. Anthuriums are perennials with leathery leaves of various shapes and sizes. The name of the genus Anthurium, translated from Greek, is the flower-tail, given to the plant because of the shape of the inflorescences.

Anthurium Andre Anthurium Andreanum - a beautiful view of flowering domestic plants.

home plants photo and name

These are perennial herbaceous plants up to 90 cm in height with rounded heart-shaped leaves, have a bract or a coverlet — brilliant, glossy red, pink, can be white, orange. They bloom from early spring to mid-autumn, they are light-requiring and moisture-loving, they need to shade from direct sunlight. Suitable for winter gardens, as it can reach large sizes.

home plants photo

In nature, Anthurium Andre is common in Colombia, where it occurs above 1000 meters above sea level.

Hydrangea - Hydrandea, family Hortensia:

home plants photo

Semi-shrub perennials with large leaves and large spherical inflorescences of white, pink, blue, red, lilac color. It blooms from April to November.

home name flowers

The flowers are named after an interesting, courageous woman who traveled around the world, survived a shipwreck and became a famous astronomer - Hortensia Lepot.

Ranunkulus - Ranunkulus or Asian buttercup, plants of the Buttercup family from Asia Minor, beautiful home flowers:

home name flowers

home name flowers

types of home colors Photos of home plants

Pelargonium - Pelargonium, plants of the family Geranium.

Pelargonium zonal Pelargonium zonal (photo from the Internet):

types of home colors

Zonal pelargonium - 30 - 60 cm high with beautiful leaves, one of the most common and favorite home flowers on the windows. It is usually called geranium, very much like the brightest place in the house on the window sill, on the balcony.

home flowers photo

It blooms with red, white, pink, orange clusters of flowers in umbrella inflorescences, it can bloom with proper care almost all year round from early spring to mid-winter.

Pelargonium grandiflora - Pelargonium grandiflorum:

home flowers photos and titles

home flowers photos with names

A plant with larger flowers up to 6 cm in diameter, the color of the petals is pink, white, orange, purple, red. It blooms from the beginning of spring all summer.

name domestic plants

home plants photo

You can read about the healing properties and the use of forest, meadow geranium and room geranium - pelargonium here.

Guzmania - Guzmania, a genus of plants of the bromeliad family:

home flowers photo

The genus Guzmania is one of the most thermophilic bromeliads, the flowers of the plant are located on spike-like inflorescences - bright red, orange or yellow, the leaves are gathered in a funnel-shaped rosette, wide-linear. It usually blooms in April or August.

The name of the genus by the name of the Spanish botanist A. Guzman, was described in 1802. House Plants Names

Aloe Cosmo - Aloe, a genus of plants of this. Aspowers:

home plants photo

Herbaceous plant with a dense rosette of fleshy curved leaves, loves to be located on the sunny side.

The Schlumbergera cactus is a member of the Schlumbergera Schlumbergera cactus family:

home name flowers

A genus of epiphytic cacti, in nature it grows on trees in the tropical forests of Brazil at an altitude of 900 - 2800 meters.

The cactus, unlike its relatives, is unusual - the shoots are flat, articulate, do not have thorns. Flowers can be white, pink, orange, red, light lilac, unusually delicate and beautiful. Decembrist does not like direct sunlight, loves moisture, watering.

Many home flowers are named after famous names, this cactus was named in 1858 in honor of the French cactus collector Frederick Schlumberger. The popular name of the plant is associated with the flowering time in winter - Decembrist, Christmas Cactus. It is the most popular blooming cacti.

You can see a variety of cacti and other succulents in the tropical greenhouse of the Pharmaceutical Garden of Moscow State University.

Calathea krokata - Calathea, plants of the Marantovaya family:

types of home colors

Bottom leaves, oval or elliptical, green or variegated, always turned towards the sun. The flowers are collected in spike-shaped inflorescences yellow, white, purple. Flowering from April to July.

Codiaeum or Croton - Codiaeum, genus of plants of the family Euphorbia:

types of house plants

Stem erect, branching with large leathery leaves up to 30 cm long, of various shapes, brightly colored yellow, red, green or variegated. The most popular is Codiaeum motley.

species of house plants

In nature, it is distributed in South and Southeast Asia and on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, it grows in the form of shrubs and small trees. The name of the genus Codiaeum is derived from the Greek word kodeia - head.

Camellia japonica - Camellia japonika, plants of the Tea family:

home name flowers

An evergreen shrub with simple and terry white, red, odorless flowers with dark green shiny leaves, is the birthplace of the plant Japan.

Camellia in Japan is called Yabutsubah; in China, Sung-Tsf is a mountain tea that grows naturally in the mountains at an altitude of 800 meters, where it is cool. When the time comes for the flowering of the camellia, lanterns are held in Japanese temples, which lasts several days. The branches of flowering camellias adorn the burials of loved ones in cemeteries, which at night are lit with small lanterns.

home plants photo

Camellia was brought to Europe by a Jesuit monk, Father Joseph Camel, the plant was named on his behalf. It blooms in a cool room with good lighting from late autumn to March.

Nolina - Nolina, a genus of perennial tropical plants of the Asparagaceae family, used to belong to the Agave family:

types of house plants

Other names for this exotic plant are horse tail, bottle tree, bottle palm tree due to its appearance. A photophilous plant with narrow, long, bright green leaves with pointed ends, collected at the top of the plant and an expanding base where moisture is collected. Home flowers photo

Fuchsia - Fuchsia, a genus of plants of the family Cyprus;

home name flowers

A small evergreen shrub with small oval leaves and long tubular drooping flowers of various colors - red, white, pink, purple. There are varieties with double color, with double flowers. More than 2 thousand hybrid varieties have been bred, blooming fuchsias are very beautiful, when they are richly covered with flowers, they bloom for a long time.

In nature, about 100 species of fuchsia are known; they are common in Central and South America, on the island of Tahiti and on the islands of New Zealand, and grow in the form of grasses, bushes and small trees.

The genus is named after L. Fuchs, a German physician and botanist (1501 - 1566)

Yucca - Yucca, a genus of arboreal evergreens of the Agave family:

home plants photo

Evergreen houseplant, long sword-shaped leaves are collected in a bunch on top or trunk branches. There are stemless plants, the leaves are collected in one rosette. Blooms with white bell-shaped flowers in paniculate inflorescences.

About 40 species of yucca grows in nature in southern North America and in Central America, mainly in arid areas.

Platicodon - Platicodon - large-flowered bell:

home flowers of the name

Perennial herbaceous plants from the natural flora of Siberia and the Far East. Bell-shaped, translated from Greek - a wide bowl, bloom with large bells of pink, lilac, white, blue.

homemade flowers photos with titles

Poinsettia - Poinsettia, plants of the Euphorbia family:

home flowers photo and name

types of home colors

A perennial shrub that blooms in winter from December to February, it is often called the Christmas flower or the Star of Bethlehem.

home plants photo

The flowers of the poinsettia are inconspicuous, the bracts of bright colors adorn the plant - red, white, cream, yellow, pink, there is a two-colored variety of poinsettia.

Christmas Poinsettia Arrangement - Christmas Flowers:

home flowers photo

Watch a video about caring for different types of home flowers: Indoor flowers Decoration window sill

The world of house plants, flowers is a huge wonderful extraordinary country! Some Home flowers photos with names The types of home flowers we reviewed here, other photos of home plants are waiting for us in the next article, read and watch.

Stroll through the Tsaritsyno Orangery, where a large number of ornamental and flowering plants from around the world are gathered, photo:

Greenhouse Tsaritsyno in Moscow

Dear readers, I hope it was interesting. And what home plants, home flowers do you grow, what makes you happy? Share your opinion in the comments, thank you for your attention.

Be always healthy, beautiful and happy! See you in the next articles! You will also be interested to read:

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