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Hello! I decided to write a review on the series "Fern Flower". I liked the atmosphere of mystery in this series, there was no obvious fiction or mysticism here. And I also liked the fact that there is nothing terrible and frightening in the film. On the contrary, “Fern Flower” is a series about bright feelings, good, understanding. Easy magic in the series as a decoration of the story. I also liked the landscapes of rural nature, and the actors, in general, coped with their work. It is a pity, of course, that the series turned out too protracted. I will not talk much about the storyline ... The point is this, in the Russian village there are places where people say that everything happens: fangs live there, wood goblins and there are unusual ferns. In these places, something precious is decided to find the boy, but different circumstances, witches and cuffs prevent finding the treasure and being with his beloved ... In other words, the guy has a difficult path, to achieve the goal he will have to try. The authors wanted to convey everyday and important thoughts - you should not break yourself, accept the situation as it is, do not deceive yourself ... Some people do not want to believe it at all and live by self-deception, try to refute these rules by their actions. For example, pretty girls rely on their beauty and assure themselves that this is a guarantee of happiness and a guarantee of fulfillment of all their desires. But in life is not so simple, if somewhere arrived, it means somewhere lost. I have many friends and very pretty girls, but they have great difficulties with long-term relationships. Not all men try to look into the soul. But just lovely women in life develops strong and strong family relationships, they are not obsessed with makeup, they appreciate home happiness. There were a lot of moments in the series that just made me laugh, too many scenes were unnatural. The cast played well, I do not mean it, the matter is in the very plot narration. Talking characters often do not have anything to do with the actions of the series. Yes, a lot of events were not built according to the laws of logic, which could not help but catch my eye. Well, what to say, rural landscapes are good, nature is pleasing to the eye. Only here the village life was implausible. I myself lived in the village, very far from the city. What was shown in the "Fern Flower" is far from reality. Among the cast, there were mostly young and unknown actors, although there were also popular performers for a change. I think that their appearance was in the series in order to attract a large number of viewers to the project. I will not recommend to watch, but this does not mean that “Fern Flower” is a bad project. Here and about the bright feelings - then love and mysticism even exist, but the authors could not fascinate me with the project, but for me this is a very important moment. I am sure that they tried on the project, but I did not get the proper impression. Yes, and the movie series consists of sixteen episodes, for him it is very much. It would have been better if they shot less than series four times, and would have gotten a better option. Thank you

Date of publication on the site: 02/11/2016

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