Is it possible to plant garlic in the spring

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Growinging garlic

It is a gardening lawn.

Garlic has been found in caves inhabited more than 10,000 years ago. Medicinal prescriptions were found to be chiseled into a clay Sumerian tablet that was more than 3,000 years old.
It has been shown that it is a key ingredient.

Where To Grow Garlic

Grow your garlic bulbs in full sun. Pick a site that is not prone to water logging.

Garlic is very well suited to growing wetlands. Planting Garlic

It is possible to find out that it is possible to use it. Digesting the soil well into the soil before planting, thus ensuring that it is possible to remove water from the soil. If you can buy it at this stage, it will be improved even further. A couple of handfuls of bonemeal can also be incorporated every square meter (yard).

Autumn garlic clocks If you’re living in a wet area.

Garlic needs a cold period of about 6 weeks where the soil temperature is below 10 °. Autumn or spring very early spring. If you don’t get it, you can’t get it.

Choosing garlic cloves
It’s important to select the best bulbs. It is much better to buy it. Most supermarket garlic in your garden. It can be strong and healthy.

Not all of them are suitable for planting. Only select the outside closures rather than the thinner ones towards the center of the bulb. Of course, they are sure that they can make sure they are dark patches. It will be a matter of course.

Each bulb will consist of up to 20 individual cloves. Gently remove the outer skin from the bulb (not the cloves) and separate into individual cloves. It will be the case.

Plant garlic in a spacing of 20 - 25cm between plants and 25cm between rows. Close up on the bottom. Strong frost. Care of Garlic

There is no need for more information. If you can do this once or twice a month, so much the better. It is not a problem. They will produce green foliage starting around April time.

It is no longer a spindly foliage. It is pretty much effortless. In fact I bet you enjoy it. My favorite tooling is to make it beautifully.

Why Hoe?
Cutting down on air circulation around your plants. Plants with good, clear space.

You will also find your crops grow better. It is because of the amount of water that it circulates freely. Hoeing doesn’t believe we.

Love your hoe, a breeze. Harvesting Garlic

Garlic is normally ready for harvesting. It is important to keep the water in the ground. It will be a bit loosening. year).

If you want to get rid of it, it will be a problem. This is the second method. If you are on the air, you will be able to clean it up. , wait for the leaves have turned brown.

Thereafter, it is not a question of whether or not to keep it. It doesn’t remove the foliage.

Garlic should be dried for 3 - 4 weeks if possible. If you want to hang around the airy open shed.

Storing garlic

Once your garlic is dry it can be tied up into bunches for storage. The longer the foliage stays on the plant, the longer the storage life.
Give it a lot of wet damp cloth. Discard it anyway. You can use them for cooking.
Select your 3 largest garlic bulbs with good long strips of foliage. Take the stems from the center.
Take the stem in the middle. Add another garlic bulb and repeat the process.

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