How to put cabbage seedlings

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First of all, you need to consider that planting cabbage in one place more often than once every three years should not be. Otherwise, pests start in the soil, from which it is then almost impossible to get rid of.


When planting cabbage in the conditions of open ground, keep in mind that this is a very moisture-loving plant with a fairly long root system capable of extracting moisture from a fairly large depth, loving dense soil. Therefore, the soil for its planting is better to prepare in advance, even in the fall. The earth must be thoroughly dug, cleared of weeds and sprinkled with fertilizer.


If it was not possible to prepare the soil in advance, then at least one month before planting, dig, lightly tamp the soil and leave before planting so that the earth would compact itself. When preparing the plot for planting cabbage, the ground should be well fertilized - 10 kilograms of humus and 3 spoons of mineral fertilizers are applied per square meter of land. Also, cabbage does not like acidic soils, therefore, on acidic soils every two years when digging, you need to make lime, at the rate of 100-150 grams per square meter.


Most often, cabbage is planted in a seedling way. Therefore, it is necessary to take care in advance of planting seeds for seedlings. To do this, plant the seeds in the prepared soil one by one into small, better peat, pots, or all at once in one large box. Further care will be in a timely watering. When planting seedlings in open ground, you should try to injure the root system as little as possible, leaving a rather large earthen ball on the roots. This is necessary so that they are not damaged, because closed roots are more protected from the danger of attacks of diseases and pests, and are also much less susceptible to overdrying.


If you intend to buy ready-made seedlings, then choose a strong, stocky plant with a thick stem and a complete root system, preferably with five good leaves. Do not purchase plants with a thin dark stem, most likely they are infected with a black stalk. Swelling and sores on the roots speak of the defeat of cabbage seedlings.


It is better to start planting cabbage on a cloudy day or, if the weather is sunny, in the evening. So the seedlings will not wither, and its roots will not dry out. Planting seedlings in flat stripes, the distance between them should be at least 30 centimeters. Between the plants themselves should be about 25 centimeters. They submerge the plants before the first leaflets, and it is advisable not to bury it in the ground, but to sprinkle it on top, carefully pressing the root system. Then transplanted seedlings need to be watered well. Further care of the cabbage is a regular abundant watering, fertilizer and protection from pests.

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