Healing flower as chamomile

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g of birch buds; 120 g of immortelle.

Components grind and place in a glass jar, Pour 0.5 liters. raw material hot water, infuse 40 minutes, filter. To drink one glass with the addition of 1 tsp of honey at night.

Effective effects the chamomile infusion with the addition of Valerian. Drink lowers blood pressure, tones the body and removes toxic substances.

For its preparation should:

2 tbsp chamomile; 1.5 tbsp Valerian; 1 tsp cumin.

The ingredients are mixed, pour boiling water and brew for hours. Use 0.5 cups in the morning and evening.

application Features

Before use chamomile from the pressure it is recommended to get acquainted with some peculiarities of the use of medicinal plants:

To reduce blood pressure to only take chamomile enough. You should combine the plant with other herbs, relieves vascular spasms. Chamomile teas. very useful for hypertensive patients. Infusions should be consumed hot and immediately after cooking, in this case, they will be most useful. The pressure is rapidly reduced, if we take the tincture, insisting flowers on alcohol. Faster vessels dilate and the pressure drops. It is not recommended to take a very strong tea, because it can trigger a headache, retching, bleeding and even increase the pressure. National treatment on the basis of chamomile at elevated pressure is useful only in the first stage of hypertension.

Chamomile is very useful and, in combination with other herbs, is quite effective medicinal plant. It effectively cope with high blood pressure and several other diseases.

Hypotensive use flower care is needed and no more than two cups a week. Chamomile is not desirable to use in large quantities, so as not to cause overdose. Before drinking tea, infusion and tincture of the plants should consult a doctor.


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