Grape Viva

Date: 01.10.2018, 11:29 / View: 91183

This variety does not need nets, wasps will not be eaten. And on Bazhen, there are stains without nets, because of low transportability, I didn’t grow it. Looked signal fruiting and cleaned.
The skin is rather coarse, hence the good storage and transportability ability, the berry holds very firmly. This variety is not the best if viewed as for oneself, for the family, but it is one of the best commercial varieties. It is bred as an export and is grown all over the world. By the way, sometimes in the supermarkets you can find white large oval grapes, this is Victoria. Of course, there, as a rule, it is removed over the green, there is no question of any taste, but this is not a sort of problem, but a commercial feature of the work of networks. Let it ripen and the taste will be quite good, if compared with the same Bazhena, Victoria is not worse. The flesh is fleshy juicy, the taste is classic, without any shades.

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