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Hello dear blog readers! The meeting is led by Vera Ramazova. And so, with pleasure I continue to acquaint Irochkin friends and visitors of her blog, with dishes of Armenian cuisine. Today's will be especially in the case of these hot, summer days, when you want to eat everything chilled in the form of okroshka on kvass, beetroot, or holodnik on kefir. We have in our program a recipe for Tanov apur, a soup that can be eaten cold in the summer.

Tanov Singapore is probably the most popular Armenian soup. It's like borscht (how to cook it is told here and here) - for Ukrainians, cabbage soup - for Russians or minestrone - for Italians. Tanov Singapore is also called "Tanov saved." The word “Paz” in Armenian means “fast”. We have already introduced you to the Pasuta Dolma dish, which is cooked in fasting and on ordinary days. It’s just that in the Armenian church there is a time in a year of not very strict fasting, when it is allowed to eat Tanov Singapore (Tanov saved).

And also, they tell a beautiful legend that in the 19th century, in Kars (the Ottoman Empire), Russian Cossacks were asked to sleep in the house of an Armenian peasant. They froze and got hungry, while the peasant had nothing to eat except lavash and black tan (dry matsun).

But the hostess was not taken aback (that's where they say that "the needles on invention are cunning"). She diluted with matsun water and cooked hot soup for dear guests. The guests ate a treat for both cheeks and said: "Well, you saved my brother, saved!" Since then, in Eastern Armenia, Tanov Singapore, began to be called Tanov saved. Here is such a beautiful parable.

Well, what is "Tan", many people know, it is sold in bottles in stores. Matsun (Armenian. Մածուն) or Matsoni (Georgian. წონაწონი) - fermented milk product, relatives of yogurt, just a little sour taste. Now, if matsun shake with water, get "Tan". This chilled drink quenches your thirst wonderfully. In a conversation with the permission of the Faith I get in, Irina. My parents still prefer Tan in the summer. Mom salts it a little and sometimes adds crushed ice. In all honesty, I will say that it is deliciously extraordinary.

The content of the article Tanov Singapore: homemade recipe from Vera Ramazova Ingredients

1 liter of matsoni (matsuna). 180 g sour cream. 1.5 liters of cold water. 100-120 g Dzavara. 1 head of onions. 1 bunch of cilantro. Half a bunch of parsley. 1 egg. 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. 1 tablespoon wheat flour. Salt. How to cook

From the night you have to go through dzavar, rinse and pour with cold water before in the morning. After the required time has elapsed, pour out the water, fill it with a new one so that the grain is covered with at least 4 fingers. Cook over low heat until cooked. Grains should be well cooked, but not turned into a mess! In the course of cooking, watch the water level and add boiling water - water should always cover the dzavar. Cut onions into small cubes. Fry in vegetable oil until beautiful golden brown. Wash herbs and finely chop too. Put the matsun (or, at the very least, yogurt) in the pan, add sour cream, flour and whisk well. Separately, beat the egg with a fork and add to the matsuna and sour cream. Add water and put on medium heat, stirring constantly with a whisk until it boils. Immediately lower the fire, so that lunch would not "run away." It now remains to put ready-made dzavar, onion, greens and salt into the pan. And now our “Tanov Apere” is ready, it remains to cool it and put it in the fridge. Remarks by the author of the recipe Dzavar - is wheat, purified from the husk. If in your region it is not sold either in stores or in Armenian shops, you can replace dzavar with round rice in the same quantity. Cilantro can be replaced with mint, or add it to it. If you cook Tans saved from rice, then add it immediately after boiling and let it boil (round rice is prepared quickly), and then add onions, herbs and salt. In summer I always cook tanapur (another name for this soup) on vegetable oil that would be cold (alternative to okroshka). Well, in the winter I cook in melted butter or butter and we taste it hot. Naturally, you can eat hot and soup, boiled in vegetable oil. The recipe of the Armenian Matsun for Tan

Ingredients 1 liter of fat (6% and above) milk. 2 full dessert spoons of matsun or 150 g sour cream. How to cook at home Boil 1 liter of full-fat milk, I buy 6%. Cool it down until you dip a little finger into it and feel a tingling-nibbling. Milk should be pleasantly hot, not warm. Now quickly pour into the bowl 1 a ladle of milk, and the rest into a liter jar or 2 half liter, but not topping up the throat. Add 2 full dessert spoons of Matsun or 150 g of sour cream to the bowl, mix, add to the jar and mix well again. Cover the jar with foil and a toothpick; make 6-8 holes on it. After that, carefully wrap the jar in a newspaper (it keeps the heat well), and then into something woolen. Having wrapped the future of matsoni from head to toe, leave it where nobody will disturb it until the morning and where there is no draft. In the morning, “strip” the jar and close with a regular lid, put in the fridge for 6-8 hours. The more days it will stand, the necessary acidity in it will increase.

I love Matsun both by itself and with a crust of black bread, this is a delicacy for me. Well, naturally, all sorts of buns and any cookies suit him. If coffee is the drink of the Gods, then matsun is the food of the Gods, of course!

Please share this wonderful recipe on social networks and subscribe to blog updates. Goodbye, our dear readers!

Always your Irina.

With love Vera. vera
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