Flower room green with purple leaves

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Potted cyclamen are seldom subjected to diseases, but they can develop failure to comply with the rules of farming. The disease can be divided into three types:

bacterial fungal separatornyi

The first and second lead to the development of rot. They are provoked by many factors:

incorrect composition of the soil, with high acidity large size of the pot the wrong location of the flower a violation of the watering incorrectly calculated fertilizer rates, increased temperature

Pests of cyclamen can affect:

tsiklamenovy mites thrips aphids shield bugs-elephants

When harmful insects it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive preventive whole plant. To do this, use a fungicidal and acaricidal drugs. Before processing to remove all the damaged parts of the plant. The soil in the pot should be changed completely, and the pot sterilized.

Cyclamen also can affect the disease leaves. Most often, the flower is subject to: Fusarium wilt disease caused by fungus. The foliage begins to turn yellow and fall off.

To trigger the development of the disease can be low temperature and high humidity and large amounts of fertilizers.

If always mindful of all green other and react to the slightest change in his condition and appearance, as well as strictly follow all the rules of farming, the cyclamen will delight flowering for many years and not to deliver any trouble. The variety of grades allows you to fill the house with bright colors from fall to spring.

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