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Let me again copy the list of reliable varieties, compiled by the International Association klematizovodov, I think not superfluous:
1.Rannetsvetuschie melkottsvetkovye clematis (princes)
Clematis Alpine, 'Constance', 'Frances Rivis', 'Frankie', clematis large-leaved, 'Markham's Pink', 'White Swan'

2.Rannetsvetuschie large-flowered hybrids
Clematis' Fujimusume ',' General Sikorski ',' Guernsey Cream ',' Pink Champagne '/' Kakio ',' Mrs. Georg Jackman, Niobe, Piilu, The President, Westerplatte,

3. Latrine-ligating large-flowered hybrids
Clematis' Ascotiensis, Comtesse de Bouchaud, Gipsy Queen, Hagley Hybrid, Huldine, Jackmanii, John Huxtable, Kardynal Wyszynski, Victoria, Viola, Warszawska Nike '

4.Letnetsvetuschie clematis of the group Vititsella
With bell-shaped flowers:
Clematis 'Alba Luxurans', 'Betty Corning', 'Minuet', clematis purple
With flowers up to 4 cm in diameter:
Clematis 'Abundance', 'Royal Velours', 'Rubra'
With flowers up to 10 cm in diameter:
Clematis 'Prince Charles', 'Blekitny Aniol', 'Emilia Plater', 'Etoile Violette', 'Polish Spirit', 'Venosa Violacea'

5. Clematis group Tangutika
Clematis 'Aureolin', 'Bill Mackenzie', 'Helios', 'Golden Tiara', 'Lambton Park', clematis Tangut

6. Travyanistye clematis and clematis of the group Diversifolia
Clematis' Aljonushka, Arabella, Blue Boy, Hendersoni, Durandii, Petit Faucon, Rooguchi, clematis Manchu

7. Others Paul Farges Sammer Snow, Praecox, clematis triternata Rubromarginata

Another small list of proven and reliable varieties of 3gr clipping flowers, perhaps also useful:

1. Violet-Jacquemana, Victoria, Viola, 'Etoile Violette', 'Polish Spirit (these are the most, the most stable)
2. Blue-lilac-'Prince Charles ',' Blekitny Aniol ',' Emilia Plater
3. Pink-'Comtesse de Bouchaud ',' Hagley Hybrid, Margaret Hunt
4. Crimson (conditionally red) -Ernest Markham, Abundance, Madam Julia Correvon, Ville de Lyon
5. White-'Huldine ', John Huxtable
6.Mark-Purpurea Plena Elegans

List of the most reliable and well-proven varieties of 2gr clipping:

With terry flowers-Multi Blue, Kiri those Kanava, Shin-Shigyoku, Crystal Fountain, 'Arctic Queen, Terry, Kaiser.

With a simple flower, John Paul 2, Dr Ruppel, Nelly Moser, Piilu, Sunset, Hope, Warszawska Nike, Guernsey Cream, Niobe, Westerplatte.

Separately, purple-lilac vydelju-William Kennett, The President, Ball of Flowers, Minister, Mrs Cholmondeley, Daniel Deronda, General Sikorski, Casper.

And probably worth paying attention to these grades, information on them is not much, but the owners' reviews are encouraged by -Fujimusume, Jerzy Popelushko, Solidarity, Countess of Lovelace.

I also want to give links to useful and informative sites about clematis:
- Encyclopedia of clematis website of Marcinsky
- The book of Clematis Beskaravayna with a description of a part of domestic varieties
- Photobase Websade
- The site of the Kivistik family
- Encyclopedia Clematis on the Internet

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