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Homemade gifts flower

Homemade gifts flower

Date: 16.10.2018, 07:31 / View: 73141

cards made by children at www.podelkidetkam.ru What gift can a mother do to a child with her hands? The simplest and all the doable children are postcards for March 8 with their own hands from a child. Our master class will show step by step how to make a card with your own hands on your own.

With the arrival of spring begins a series of spring holidays, including one of the most important - International Women's Day. On March 8, it is customary to give mothers, grandmothers, sisters, girlfriends pleasant surprises, and self-made greeting cards will be the best gift to lovely women. Therefore, today we consider an example of making such a postcard.

This card will be created in the technique of quilling. Such or a similar original postcard for a holiday can be made by a child from 4-5 years old with adults.

At first glance, the postcard may seem difficult to manufacture. But watch our master class on how to make postcards for the spring holiday in March with your own hands in more detail and you can see that there is nothing complicated.

In this technique, you can make beautiful greeting cards for any holiday, the inscription changes, but the idea of ​​creating beauty is preserved. How to make an original greeting card on March 8 with your own hands on a master class

Before creating a beautiful gift in the form of beautiful flowers, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with what kinds of shaped parts there are for quilling crafts, we wrote about this in the article “Quilling Technique”. This will help you find the best elements for your creativity in the technique of quilling when creating a gift with your own hands for mom. For this we need: Paper quilling strips Colored paper and a couple of white sheets of A4 format PVA glue Scissors curly and ordinary Quilling tools Printed on the printer "From March 8!" Set for creativity (flowers and beads)


We will use flowers for our postcard decoration. For the manufacture of one flower, we need 6 free rolls of approximately the same diameter and one tight roll for the core. When creating flowers, it is best of course to use special paper for quilling crafts. It is well twisted and very easy to use. Then the elements of the greeting card will be much neater look. Postcard for March 8, made by yourself will turn out beautiful.

quilling crafts

With ready free rolls we give the shape of droplets with fingers, slightly pressing down only on one side.

quilling master class

Glue the droplets between each other with sharp tips inside. Now let our flower dry for a while.

flowers quilling

In the center of the flower glue tight roll-core.

the heart of the flower

According to this scheme, we produce 3 red flowers with a white core and 1 white flower with a red core. Chamomile

Now we need a daisy flower. For its manufacture, we take a strip of white paper 1.5 cm wide. We cut it with ordinary scissors in the form of a fringe.

quilling master class

We twist the tight roll of red, glue the free edge, and on top of the red roll we start to wind the white fringe.


Fully wrapped white strip fix glue.

quilling master class

We open the petals of chamomile and slightly arch them out, giving the flower a realistic look.

chamomile www.podelkidetkam.ru

From the green stripes we twist the free rolls and shape them into leaves.

technique quilling master class

Now in the course will go figure scissors. From blue and white paper, cut out 2 rectangles with dimensions of 11x7 and 12x8 cm, respectively.

On a blue colored canvas, first glue the white rectangle, and then on top of the white blue, observing the central location. It may be more convenient to first make a thin markup with a pencil. This will allow the top blue layer of paper to be precisely glued to the center.

Create a beautiful card for a gift by March 8 with your own hands a very beautiful and enjoyable experience!

the basis of the postcard

Then we cut out congratulatory words with curly scissors and also glue on the canvas. The congratulatory inscription can be printed on the printer. Or, if you paint beautifully, you can write in a beautiful handwritten font “Since March 8!”. Cut and glue.

On the free edge of the postcard, glue the finished flowers, and the white flower should be glued over the red ones.

flowers in the technique of quilling

Next, glue the chamomile and leaves.

how to make a postcard with your own hands

From the set for creativity we take 2 flowers.

We glue them to the postcard and fix the beads with glue in the center of the flower.

postcard do-it-yourself master class www.podelkidetkam.ru

Our original quilling postcard is ready!

It is so very interesting to create postcards for March 8 with children’s hands to their mothers and grandmothers. Everything is quite simple. Try to make such a postcard on your own or with your children. Postcards made by children’s hands are very valuable in their own right and incredibly beautiful!

how to make a postcard with your own hands www.podelkidetkam.ru

www.podelkidetkam.ru how to make a postcard with your own hands

Usually, when mothers or grandmothers receive such wonderful wonderful gifts from their children and grandchildren with their own hands, mothers heart is filled with tenderness for their children. Because it is always nice!

cards made by children at www.podelkidetkam.ru

Flowers are loved by all moms in the world! And the child can quite cope with the creation of such a wonderful gift for the closest people. The original greeting card for the holiday of March 8 will surely turn out for a child or teenager who will want to make such a wonderful and uncomplicated gift.

how to make a postcard with your own hands a master class www.podelkidetkam.ru

Postcards on March 8 with their own hands will bring a lot of positive emotions for everyone: children from the process of creation, and mothers from the fact that their child thought about his mother and made a beautiful gift with his own hands just for his mother or grandmother.

Delight your loved ones with your talent! Always do better than you can and everyone will be fine! Look in our section "Crafts from paper", as well as in the subsection of our site "Postcards with your own hands." We try to fill our site with unique and interesting master classes. Do not forget to subscribe to news on our site, so as not to miss something new and beautiful.

Happy holidays and creative inspiration to you, as well as peace and kindness in your families!

Let the 8th of March greeting card raise your spirits so that your child with his own hands made a gift for you!

The author of the master class Agalakova Julia.

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