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Dear friends! Today's my post is fragrant and floral. You will see white, pink, yellow and red peonies of different varieties in the photo. I do not have a garden, I am a full amateur in floriculture, so I was surprised to learn how many different types of these lush and at the same time delicate flowers exist in nature. Of course, photos of peonies do not convey their splendor, but perhaps, reading this post, you will remember your feelings at the moment when you were next to these fragrant petals ... peonies of the flowers


... Put your face in peonies, -
Petals cool water pool
Instantly tighten. Spinning
How intoxicating, head ... (c) flowers peonies photo


Peony is a symbol of China. It began to grow in this country more than 2,000 years ago. In China, the peony flower symbolizes love. It is called the flower of fiery love. Therefore, peonies were presented as a sign of love. If a girl takes a peony, she favorably responds to the man's wooing. peony bouquet photo

(with) Peonies - photos of flowers of different varieties

In each country, peonies symbolize something of their own. And sometimes diametrically opposite.

pink peonies photo

And, I think, it depends on the type of peony that grows in the country. Look at the photos of these peonies - they really cause different sensations.

Photo peony varieties "Lemon Dream" Peonies Pictures Photos


And this is another kind of peony in the photo - the sort of peony “Coral Charm” Coral flowers peonies photo


Photo of the famous peony variety “Goody” pink peonies


Or a completely different photo of a peony resembling a wild rose, a grade of "Neon" photos of peonies


All varieties are very different. I wonder if the scent is different too? If in China, a peony is a symbol of love and well-being, in Japan a peony is a symbol of modesty and shyness. But in India, in Iran and some other eastern countries, the pion is a symbol of pride and pomposity. pions picture photo


In ancient Greece, peonies were a symbol of longevity. No wonder that in translation from the Greek “paionios” is a doctor. Peony roots were strung like beads and worn as a healing necklace. In Hellas, one could see a lot of babies who had necklaces of peony roots hanging around their necks. It was believed that evil spirits would not approach such children, and the evil eye would bypass them. Although some girls still prefer roses) photos of flowers and children


If the girl will wear a wreath of peonies, then she will definitely meet her prince) peonies photo pictures

(with) Peony Legends

There are many legends and myths about peony. The most popular ancient Greek legend of the peony. Ancient Greek legend of the pion.

Aesculapus, the god of healing, had a talented student of Peon. The god of the underworld Hades himself turned to Peon for help. During the battle with Hercules, Hades received many heavy wounds. And only Peon cured him. Aesculapius decided to get rid of the student, who began to take his fame, and decided to poison Peona. The gods took pity on the healer and turned him into a flower - a peony. Peony Evading, as he had time to evade a terrible fate and gained immortality.

legend about peony

Two weeks a year, peonies bloom and the scent of these flowers makes your head spin. Legends are made about him, poems are written, stories are dedicated, and artists treat him with special trepidation.
In Europe, the peony has long competed with the rose. Rose won, and the peony was called swaggering and puffed up. Do you know how this happened? The Legend of Peony and Flora. the goddess of flowers Flora


The goddess of blooming flowers and gardens, Flora decided to choose the most beautiful among all the flowers, so that he could replace her during her absence. The rose was so exquisite that no one had any doubts - only she could be next to the goddess. And suddenly the peony was furiously mesmerizing. He began to inflate, grow in size, shag his petals and assure that he - PION - is the most beautiful, most fragrant, most worthy flower. photos of pink peonies


Alas, he only angered everyone, and Flora indignantly called him proud, stupid, swaggering ... Moreover, she pronounced a terrible spell that no butterfly touches his petals, not a single bee drinks his nectar and yet ... he will always be disheveled! It became bitter peony and ashamed. The flower turned red ... beautiful red peonies photo


Judging by the fact that butterflies and bees are frequent guests of the peony, Flora has forgiven him all the same. Looking at the red peony, her heart trembled. Although the expression "turned red as a peony" - flower petals spread throughout the world)
And now I want to offer a small selection of photos of peonies. At first I wanted to make a selection of pictures with peonies, but they are so gorgeous that they are worth a separate post. Peonies - photos of different varieties and different authors. gentle peonies photo


Peonies ...
Luxuriously negligent,
like skin infanta.
Svetlana Kholodova Photos of white peonies

White peonies are a symbol of purity and tenderness. If your daughter grows, create a corner of white peonies in the garden, put a small bench on which a small volume of Turgenev will lie ... white peonies

Charles Courtney Curran (s)

Oh, what a bright girl you grow up) White Peony


White peonies in the photo


Photos of yellow peonies

Yellow peonies are happiness, wealth and joy. I think around each house should grow yellow peonies. Yellow Peonies photos

(with) peony yellow


yellow peonies in the photo

Photos of pink peonies

Pink peonies are romance. If you are dreamy and lyrical, there must be an open-air gazebo among pink peonies in the garden! pink peony in the photo

(with) beautiful peonies photo


Photos of red peonies

Red and maroon peonies are considered the strongest in energy. They literally attract love. Get plenty of them, lots more !!)) burgundy peonies

(with) red peonies

(with) red peonies

(with) Photos of purple peonies

Violet peonies are a refinement, greatness, advantage. Is there a corner in the garden for your little daughter? It is necessary to make a purple corner and for the mother) A comfortable chair, a blanket, a table and a favorite cup with tea) beautiful photos in the garden


And around here are purple peonies purple peonies


purple peonies photo blue peonies


Let the aroma of peonies be with you as long as possible)) At least until the next post with peonies in painting) See more!


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