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To pass tests for seeding Often, when preparing for tests, many carelessly refer to elementary rules, although it is with their observance that doctors guarantee reliable results. For example, it is advisable to find out the location of the laboratory in advance, since storing the analyzes for more than three hours makes them unreliable. Crops and urine tests should be sent to the laboratory immediately.

Before you take the test for sowing, it is important to completely abandon the drugs, both internal and external use. The purpose of the examination for a period of less than two weeks after taking a number of drugs is impractical because during this period it is unlikely that reliable tests will be obtained. Where to get tested for seeding?

In order to be tested for sowing, it is not at all necessary to go to the doctor (although this is often necessary for an examination). If there is a desire to monitor the state of your health yourself, this can be done without unnecessary red tape. To date, many laboratories are taking samples without additional directions. In this case, it is recommended to be examined completely, and not to save and rely on intuition, attributing to yourself apparent diseases, since only a specialist can identify the disease. Choosing where to pass the tests for seeding should be guided by the seriousness, recommendations and scale of the institution.

It is advisable to pass tests for seeding a week after unprotected sexual intercourse or when the first symptoms of the disease appear. In the first case, it should be remembered that even condoms do not provide a 100% guarantee of protection against infections, regardless of whether it is torn or not. If you identify a partner with a disease, you should not limit it to the results or take tests only for a detected infection, go through a full examination. Remember that only you can take care of your health - do not rely on "maybe" and don’t believe every sexual partner in words, because with rare exceptions in such cases they can warn you about the presence of the disease; Do not focus on asymptomatic, it does not guarantee the absence of infection. How to pass the analysis for sowing?

When such a need arises, patients often wonder: how to pass the analysis for seeding? There are certain rules for preparing for such analyzes.

For urogenital seeding:

- it is necessary to completely abandon the use of antibiotics and the use of intravaginal drugs (suppositories, tablets) and various manipulations (for example, ultrasound) at least 2 weeks before the examination;

- the last sexual contact should be the day before the analysis;

- On the day of the test, do not hold toilet genitals;

- Do not urinate 2 hours before the examination.

How to pass a urine culture test? Before urine collection, a thorough toilet of the urinogenital organs is carried out using ordinary soap, without using antiseptics. For analysis, take the average portion of morning urine, after urinating the first few seconds into the toilet. Be sure to use a sterile urine collection container. The analysis must be delivered to the laboratory within 2 hours.

For seeding blood (for sterility), material is collected before applying antimicrobial therapy. With the obligatory prescription of an antibiotic, blood is taken immediately before the next injection of the drug or 1-2 days later (this depends on the time the antibiotic is removed by the body). The intake of material produced on an empty stomach.

Analysis on sowing how to pass For sowing of breast milk, it is necessary to express Obligatory treatment of the nipples and the periphery region, which includes disinfection with a cotton swab with ethyl alcohol (70%). Each gland is processed by a different tampon, and the milk from them is examined separately. Breast milk is taken before feeding the baby or 2 hours later. For the analysis it is necessary to note which breast-fed the child last time.

The first 5 ml are decanted and poured out, the next 5 ml are filled into a sterile container (trying not to touch the nipple) and labeled according to which gland (right or left) the milk was collected. Long-term storage of breast milk is not recommended, it must be delivered within two hours to the lab.

For sowing mushrooms it is forbidden to use antifungal agents for 2 weeks before taking the test for sowing. If you need to take material from the skin of the feet or nail plates, you need to take instructions in the laboratory.

For seeding, semen is collected in a sterile container, which is dispensed in the laboratory. In the morning you need to urinate, then wash your hands and genitals thoroughly with soap (moving the foreskin back and freeing the head of the penis). Sperm is collected by masturbation without touching the walls of the container, and within three hours delivered to the laboratory for analysis.

The material is taken before the course of antibiotics or 3 weeks after its completion.

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