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Lining - is the most popular decorative board from an array, characterized by a small thickness and always recognizable, even despite some intraspecific differences, by a form factor. Sheathing clapboard - quite a unique type of finish, which has no analogues produced from natural materials. Appearance and features

Wall paneling calm in the section

There are several main types of lining, and the specific differences allow us to define each of them into a separate category.

A distinctive feature that allows us to determine that it is the lining of larch that we have before us - a wide, planted "shelf" at the base of the mounting crest (tenon). It is this “shelf” that distinguishes a mounted wall with a level drop near the joint of parts.

Lining calm, having the same mounting system as eurolining, is characterized by the absence of a “shelf” near the joint and a wider surface of the board. Otherwise, it is the same planed, profiled part designed for decorative decoration of walls and ceilings. Related Products Lining Characteristics

The sizes, depending on a type of material, slightly differ. On average, the width of the canvas lining is 110 mm (options from 80 to 135 mm). The average thickness of the board is 14 mm (there are models with a width of 12.5 to 20 mm). Board length from 2 to 4 meters, allows in most cases to perform both longitudinal and transverse installation, without a seam across the width of the web.

Technological humidity of the material, during installation, should not exceed 10-12%. But it is not recommended to leave mounted lining without additional treatment with antiseptics, paintwork and other protective materials. Larch calm lining Prices of larch calm lining Section, mm Length, m Price per m2 grade Thickness Width Extra Prima A AB BC 14 80, 88
2-4 950 750 550 400 14 110, 115 2-4 1100 850 750 600 400 14 130, 138 2-4 1200 950 800 650 450 Photos of lining calm from larch  Lining the calm of larch  in-house lining in engagement Lining profile calm Lining calm calming Lining calm calm of different width Lining calm and euro from Angarsk pine Prices for lining calm from Angarsk pine Section Length Price per m2 grade Thickness Width Extra Prima AB BC 12.5 90 2.1-2.4 550 12.5 90 2.1-4.0 650 14 80; 90 2.75; 3.0; 4.0 750 600 500 330 14 110 2.75; 3.0; 4.0 900 780

500 330 14 130; 138 2.75; 3.0; 4.0 1100 900 500 330 Photos of Angara pine lining  Calmboard and Euro from Angarsk pine lining  Profile of the lining of pine The front part of the pine Molded calm and euro from Angarsk pine  Lining the calm and the euro from Angarsk pine Calmboard and Euro from Angarsk Pine Grade Extra Angarsk Pine Calm Grade Prima Angarsk Pine Stila Lining in Comparison Grade Extra and Prima Claydar Molded Walls Prices for Cedar Plywood Lining Section Length Price per sq.m. grade Thickness Width Extra Prima АB 14 110 2.0-3.0-4.0 1600 1100 600 14 136 3.0-4.0 1600 1100 600 The use of lining

Scope of lining, in most cases, is limited to interior decoration of the most diverse areas: from residential (with normal indicators of humidity and temperature) to technological (unheated). Ideal, both as a separate design element, and in the aspect of general decoration, in the design of rooms with difficult operating conditions - kitchens, saunas, baths and pools. Useful clapboard articles:

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