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Instructions for entering cheat codes in Fallout 4

Any console command in Fallout 4, is entered directly during the game process (not in pause mode!). To call the console, you need to press the tilde key "" (E - in the Russian layout). After that, in the translucent menu that appears, you can enter codes and console commands. All console commands need to be entered using the English keyboard layout, the game console does not recognize the Russian font, replacing characters with squares.

Codes that begin with “xx” indicate that these objects or properties are missing in the original FALLOUT 4, but are included in the supplements. To get an item from the add-ons, you need to enter two digits for the xx place that correspond to the order in which the add-on is installed, that is, the items from the add-on that was installed first will have the values ​​“01”, the second “02” and so on.

Important information that will make your task easier !!

If you do not want to constantly enter commands to get various items and weapons, then you can simply enter coc qasmoke - the code that moves the player to the secret location of the developers, which stores all the items from the game, weapons, etc. in the boxes. You can simply type what you need and exit. (team co 1 1 - leave the room).

Video how to enter cheat codes and demonstration of popular "

Content Main command set. Codes for gaining supernormal abilities Code Superpower tgm God mode (Immortality) tcl Flight mode and passing through objects tim Immortal mode. The character will take damage, but health will never end. Tcl Passing through walls, ignoring gravity. Codes changing parameters and character characteristics. Code Action player.additem [ID] [number] adds the item to inventory. (If you do not specify a quantity, one item will be added.) Setgs fJumpHeightMin [value] Changes your jump. The higher the number entered, the higher you fly. player.setav speedmult [value] increases the speed setscale [from 1 to 10] increases your size or the size of the target in the sexchange target Changes the gender of player.modav [perk] [value] increases the selected perk by the specified value player.setlevel [value] increases level by set value ShowNameMenu Character name change ShowLooksMenu [value] 1 - for changing hairstyles, 2 for changing appearance (Perk) slm player 1 opens the editor of the main character's appearance. player.resethealth Restores health. showSPECIALmenu Allows you to change the name, redistribute points SPECIAL Codes to interact with the NPC and change their behavior and characteristics Code Action tai No game characters lose their ability to move. (All NPCs stand still) tcai Enemies lose their ability to attack a character tdetect The character becomes invisible to NPC (the enemies do not see you) 250, 500, 750 and 1000; for companions, the maximum level of relations with which is 1100, nothing happens at 1000) trid.setav CA_affinity xxx Set the level to the exact value (there may be glitches). trid modav CA_affinity Change level to relative value (there may be glitches). unequipall The selected NPC loses all its items. setessential base_id 1 make the character immortal. (Example: setessential a71 1 - makes Jericho immortal. Setessential a71 0 - returns him mortality again.) Disable, enable and disable the character (or any other object) in the game (total vanish, reappearing). killall Kills all enemies and neutral NPCs in the area. (Does not affect companions and important plot characters) kill [ID] Kill a creature with a given ID - You need to know the character ID resurrect [ID] Revives a creature with a given ID - You need to know the character ID. killallactors Kills all NPCs and monsters loaded in the current location. Removeallitems Removes all items from the character under the cursor. Interaction codes with the world. Code Action unlock Opens a door or a safe (you need to select a target in the target) 100) activate opens the doors under the cursor, which are they are unlocked using buttons and knife switches (that is, not with keys or master keys). Codes affecting gameplay Code Action coc qasmoke Moves the player to the test room. (location with all items from the game) co 1 1 Exit special location set timescale to [value] Accelerates / delays time. fDiffMultLegendaryChance_ Temporarily change the number of legendary enemies, does not affect the level of difficulty of the game.
(VE - Very easy; E - Easy; N - Usually; H - Difficult; VH - Very difficult; SV - Survival; resetinterior Resets all dungeons or locations to the initial settings set gamehour to Set the game time to the entered value. The changes will take effect only if the game is out of pause.GetCurrentTime command can be useful before making any changes to the playing time setgs fXPDeathRewardHealthThreshold 0.0 100% experience for the kill done by teammates setgs fXPDeathRewardHealthThreshold 100.0 Does not give experience for the kill made by teammates for quests Quest Codes StartQuest quest Start quest CompleteQuest Complete quest CompleteAllObjectives Mark all quest tasks as completed ResetQuest Reset quest All quest variables, dialogs and objects that are associated with the specified quest will be reset (may break the quest, leading to failure)))) Get the quest GetStage Display the number of the current quest stage. It is also used as a “test” function (whether the player has completed the quest at the moment or not) SetStage Set the stage of the quest by its number. MoveToQuestTarget Move the hero to the current quest goal. ShowQuestStages Show all actions and events in quests. ShowQuestObjectives Show all current quest goals. sqt Show ID and targets for active quests. caq Start all quests (may lead to the departure of the game) saq Starts all quests in the game and adds them to your magazine. May spoil the game! Interface codes Code Action tfc free camera sucsm [x] Speed ​​of movement of a free camera. Example: “sucsm 50” printed after “tfc” will allow the camera to move five times faster than its standard speed. tm remove the entire interface (note that the console will also disappear, you will have to touch the interface again). twf to turn on the “Wire Frame” mesh is fun, but there is little use. (Turn everything around into a wireframe) fov Change camera angle (default 70) sucsm Change speed of a flying camera (default 20) Commands for raising FPS Code Action ts Show / hide sky tg Show / hide grass tt Show / hide trees tws Shows / hides water csb Resets the effects of blood and damage. gr Enable, disable and edit light rays. Commands for factions Code Action player.AddToFaction [Faction ID] [0 or 1] Make you an ally of the faction. If you hover on the NPC and remove the word player from the team, then this character will either become an ally (0) of the selected faction, or join (1) to it.

For example: The “player.AddToFaction 00028670 1” command will make you a member of the beetle faction. player.RemoveFromFaction [faction ID] Removes you from the selected faction. If you remove the word player from the team and look at the NPC, you will remove it from the faction. removefromallfactions Removes the selected character from all factions. setally [Faction ID] [Faction ID] [0 or 1] [0 or 1] Makes two factions friendly (0) or allies (1). setenemy [Fraction ID] [Fraction ID] [0 or 1] [0 or 1] Makes two fractions neutral (0) or enemies (1). Other Code The inv action shows the ID of things in the inventory under the cursor SpawnDupe [id] Spads any item and the NPC near the character QuitGame or qqq “Quick exit” immediately closes the game. amod ID or attachmod ID gives the selected armor, clothing or weapon the legendary property rmod ID or removemod ID removes the legendary property Getpos x, y, z from the selected armor, clothing or weapon. Get the position of the object, works only in one coordinate axis (example getpos z) Set x, y, z # Set the position of the object in one coordinate axis (example setpos z 250) Getangle x, y, z Get data about the angle of the object (example get get z) Set x, y, z # Set the angle value tilt (example setangle z 245) Rotate x, y, z # Rotates an object, adding a value to an existing one (example rotate z 245) pcb O cleans the location buffer. Often leads to an increase in FPS after a long game. Prid [id] Assign a companion moveto player [id] Moves a companion to player. Player.removeitem 001e22e5 getting rid of the player’s skeleton problem Help [Name of object, character] 0 Search for all objects with the specified name bat [File name] Runs a specific .txt file in which a list of console commands is written. The text file should be in the / Data srm folder of the repair menu, based on the “Repair” skill of the target character. This will allow the cover to be used instead of items for repair. recycleactor Reloads character. zap Removes an object that cannot be parsed in the workshop. tgp Pauses the game (enter again to resume the game) tfow Shows all unexplored terrain on the local map (No effects on the global map). setownership makes your item tmm 1 Open the entire map. Marks in Pip-Boy all locations cl Turning on, turning off and editing the glow of the character Cheats for change S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Increasing the specified attribute from 1 to 10 ID The attribute player.setav strength [value] increases the “strength” player.setav perception [value] increases the “perception” of player.setav endurance [value] increases the “endurance” player.setav charisma [value] increases the “charisma” player.setav intelligence [value] increases “intelligence” player.setav agility [value] increases “dexterity” player.setav luck [value] increases “good luck” Cheats for perks and skills

To improve the perks, you need to enter each level in turn. Power ID Name player.addperk 0004a0b5
player.addperk 000e36fc
player.addperk 000e36fd
player.addperk 000e36fe
player.addperk 00065e05 Major League player.addperk 0001dafe
player.addperk 0001daff
player.addperk 0001db00
player.addperk 00065e42
player.addperk 00065e43 Iron Fist player.addperk 0004b24e
player.addperk 00065e5b
player.addperk 00065e5c
player.addperk 001d2489 Strong ridge player.addperk 0004b253
player.addperk 0004b26a
player.addperk 000264d8 Blacksmith player.addperk 0004d89b
player.addperk 00065e3c
player.addperk 00065e3d Locomotive player.addperk 0004b254
player.addperk 0004b255
player.addperk 0004b256
player.addperk 001797ea Gunsmith player.addperk 001d2487
player.addperk 001d2488 Firm hand player.addperk 0004a0d6
player.addperk 0004a0d7
player.addperk 0004a0d8
player.addperk 00065e2a
player.addperk 00065e2b A fan of big guns player.addperk 00065df9
player.addperk 00065dfa
player.addperk 00065dfb
player.addperk 00065dfc Slurp! player.addperk 001d247f
player.addperk 001d2480
player.addperk 001d2482 Man-tree Perception ID Name player.addperk 0004d88a
player.addperk 000e3702
player.addperk 000e3703
player.addperk 001d248f Pickpocket player.addperk 0004a0b6
player.addperk 0004a0b7
player.addperk 0004a0b8
player.addperk 0006fa20
player.addperk 00065e52 Carabiner Expert player.addperk 000d2287 Observation player.addperk 000523ff
player.addperk 00052400
player.addperk 00052401
player.addperk 001d246a Burglar player.addperk 0004c923
player.addperk 0004c924
player.addperk 0004c925
player.addperk 00065e13 Expert bomber player.addperk 0004c93b
player.addperk 001d2495 Night creature player.addperk 000ca99d
player.addperk 000ca99e
player.addperk 000ca99f
player.addperk 00065e4b
player.addperk 00065e4c Reflector player.addperk 0004c92a
player.addperk 0004c92b
player.addperk 0004c92c Sniper player.addperk 00024aff
player.addperk 001d2477 Through shots player.addperk 0004d890
player.addperk 001d2459
player.addperk 001d245a Massive Fire Endurance ID Name player.addperk 0004a0ab
player.addperk 0004a0ae
player.addperk 0004a0af
player.addperk 00065e5d
player.addperk 00065e5e Fortitude player.addperk 0004a0b9
player.addperk 00024b00
player.addperk 00024b01 Lead belly player.addperk 0004a0cf
player.addperk 001d2465
player.addperk 001d2467 Fountain of life player.addperk 0004a0d5
player.addperk 00065e0c
Aqua boy / Aquaboy:
player.addperk 000e36f9
player.addperk 001d248d Pure life player.addperk 001d2479
player.addperk 001d247a
player.addperk 001d247b Lead Pants player.addperk 0004c92d
player.addperk 00024afd
player.addperk 00024afe Adamantine skeleton player.addperk 0004b259
player.addperk 001d1a62
player.addperk 001d1a63 Cannibal player.addperk 0004d89e
player.addperk 00065e22
player.addperk 00065e23 Gul player.addperk 0004d8a7
player.addperk 001d2484
player.addperk 001d2485 Solar Charisma ID Name Name player.addperk 001d2456
player.addperk 000d75e2
player.addperk 001d2457 Cap collector player.addperk 00019aa3
player.addperk 00065e33
player.addperk 00065e34 The woman killer player.addperk 0004a0d4
player.addperk 00065e31
player.addperk 00065e32 Black Widow player.addperk 001d246b
player.addperk 001d246d
player.addperk 001d246e Lonely wanderer player.addperk 0004b26d
player.addperk 001d244d
player.addperk 001d244e War Dog player.addperk 0001e67f
player.addperk 0004a0d9
player.addperk 001d2450 Animal Friend player.addperk 0004d88d
player.addperk 001d2468 Local leader player.addperk 0004d888
player.addperk 001d2475
player.addperk 001d2476 Party Girl player.addperk 0004d887
player.addperk 001d2473
player.addperk 001d2474 Party People player.addperk 001d2461
player.addperk 001d2462
player.addperk 001d2463 Natural Born Player.addperk 001d248a
player.addperk 001d248b
player.addperk 001d248c Speaking with wasteland player.addperk 001d02b5
player.addperk 001d02b6
player.addperk 001d02b7 Bullying Intellect ID Name player.addperk 0004a0ab
player.addperk 0004a0ae
player.addperk 0004a0af
player.addperk 00065e5d
player.addperk 00065e5e V.A.N.S. player.addperk 0004a0b9
player.addperk 00024b00
player.addperk 00024b01 Medic player.addperk 0004a0cf
player.addperk 001d2465
player.addperk 001d2467 fanatic weapons player.addperk 0004a0d5
player.addperk 00065e0c
Aqua boy / Aquaboy:
player.addperk 000e36f9
player.addperk 001d248d Hacker player.addperk 001d2479
player.addperk 001d247a
player.addperk 001d247b Junk collector player.addperk 0004c92d
player.addperk 00024afd
player.addperk 00024afe Science! player.addperk 0004b259
player.addperk 001d1a62
player.addperk 001d1a63 Chemist player.addperk 0004d89e
player.addperk 00065e22
player.addperk 00065e23 Robotics player.addperk 0004d8a7
player.addperk 001d2484
player.addperk 001d2485 Nuclear Physicist player.addperk 0004d886
player.addperk 00065e37
player.addperk 00065e38 Botany Frenzy! Dexterity ID Name player.addperk 0004a09f
player.addperk 0004a0a9
player.addperk 0004a0aa
player.addperk 0006fa1e
player.addperk 00065e24 Duelist player.addperk 0004a0c5
player.addperk 0004a0c6
player.addperk 0004a0c7
player.addperk 0006fa24
player.addperk 00065e0d Commando player.addperk 0004c935
player.addperk 000b9882
player.addperk 000b9883
player.addperk 000b9884
player.addperk 000b9881 Scout player.addperk 0004b258
player.addperk 001d2490
player.addperk 001d2491 Sandman player.addperk 0004d872
player.addperk 00065df6 Zinger (female) player.addperk 0004d869
player.addperk 00065df5 Zinger (male) player.addperk 0004ddee
player.addperk 001d2492
player.addperk 001e0791 Running target player.addperk 0004d8a6
player.addperk 000e3704
player.addperk 000e3705 Ninja player.addperk 000221fc
player.addperk 001d2478 sleight of hand player.addperk 001d2451
player.addperk 001d2452 Blitz player.addperk 0004d881
player.addperk 001d244f
player.addperk 001d245c Gan-kata Luck ID Name player.addperk 0004c942
player.addperk 001acf98
player.addperk 001acf99
player.addperk 00215cd4 Treasure Hunt player.addperk 0004a0b0
player.addperk 001acf9a
player.addperk 001acf9b
player.addperk 001eb99c Freeloader player.addperk 0004a0bb
player.addperk 001d2453
player.addperk 001d2454
player.addperk 001f418e Bloodbath player.addperk 0004c929
player.addperk 001d2493
player.addperk 001d2494 Mysterious stranger player.addperk 001d245e
player.addperk 001d245f
player.addperk 001d2460 Sawant player.addperk 0004d87a
player.addperk 00065e03
player.addperk 00065e04 Critical damage player.addperk 0004c91f
player.addperk 0004c920
player.addperk 0004c921 Bank of critical attacks player.addperk 0004d8a2
player.addperk 00065e3e
player.addperk 00065e3f Death on take-off player.addperk 0004d895
player.addperk 00065e20
player.addperk 00065e21
player.addperk 001d245b Clover Quatrefoil player.addperk 001d247c
player.addperk 001d247d
player.addperk 001d247e Ricochet Cheats on baby dolls Baby dolls (S.P.E.C.I.A.L) ID Name player.additem 00178b63 Baby dolls “Power” player.additem 00178b5d Baby dolls “Perception” player.additem 00178b55 Baby dolls “Endurance” player.additem 00178b54 Baby dolls “Charisma” player.additem 00178b58 Baby dolls “Intellect” player.additem 00178b51 Baby dolls “Dexterity” player.additem 00178b5a Baby dolls “Smart patterns that are applied to a child code that is applied to a child code that is applied to a child code that is used by a child’s“ Smart ”player. 00178B64 Pups "Without arms" Critical damage from unarmed attacks + 25%. player.additem 00178b5c Pupps "Melee" Critical damage when using cold weapons increased by 25% player.additem 00178b59 Pups "Breaking" Expands the gap for opening locks. player.additem 00178b57 Baby doll "Explosions" Explosive damage + 15%. player.additem 00178b62 Pups “Eloquence” All merchants have an additional 100 caps in stock. player.additem 00178b60 Pups “Light Weapon” Critical damage when using lightweight ballistic weapons increased by + 25%. player.additem 00178b5b Pups "Medicine" Stimulants restore 10% more OZ. player.additem 00178b5f Pups "Science" 1 additional attempt at breaking terminals. player.additem 00178b52 Pupps “Exchange” Prices at merchants are becoming more profitable by 5%. player.additem 00178b5e Pups "Repair" Nuclear units last 10% longer. player.additem 00178b61 Pups "Stealth" You are 10% harder to detect in stealth mode. player.additem 00178b53 Pups “Heavy Weapons” Critical damage when using heavy weapons increased by 25%. player.additem 00178b56 Pupps "Energy Weapon" Critical damage from energy weapons +25%. Cheats for weapons

Full list of legendary property IDs

You can add a legendary property to any weapon that adds a special ability. For example: Poison or Damage Increase. To add a property to a weapon, enter the command attachmod or (A weapon can have only one unique property!) ID Name Player.additem property 001e81ab Stunning Chance to stun a target when hit player.additem 001f1048 Giving a 20% chance on hitting a leg to hurt player.additem goal 001f6ad4 Violent During a critical hit, the target goes berserk and will attack everyone (foe) too, if no one is closer). player.additem 001ef481 Violent Damage Increase with each subsequent attack of the same target. player.additem xx00da96 Decisive Short delay time when sending the last cartridge from the store. player.additem 001e7173 Incendiary Ignites an enemy, inflicting 15 units of fire damage spread over time. player.additem 001f31b9 Witch Doctor Additional poison damage for 10 seconds (3 damage / sec) player.additem 001f5479 Freezing 10 bonus cold damage and the ability to freeze an enemy on a critical hit. player.additem 001cc2ab Power Damage increased by 25%. player.additem 001f7b8a Aggressive +25% damage and limb damage, increased recoil. player.additem 001f9b4d Plasma-laden with 10 units of additional energy damage, a chance to turn the enemy into mucus (you can find nuclear material on his corpse) player.additem 001cc469 Irradiated with 50 units of bonus radiation damage. player.additem 001e7c20 Wounding Goals gain 25 points. additional bleeding damage. player.additem 001e6d6b Crippling deals 50% more damage to limbs. player.additem 001e6847 Anti-radiation Damage Ghoulm increased by 50%. player.additem 001f81eb Disastrous Damage to insects and bogs increased by 50%. player.additem 001e6848 Mutant Fighter Damage to Super Mutants increased by 50%. player.additem 001e6845 Hunting Damage to animals (not insects) increased by 50%. player.additem 001e6846 Deadly Damage to people increased by 50%. player.additem 001f04b8 Provocative Doubled damage to goals with complete health Player.additem 001f81ec Repair Damage to mechanisms (robots, synths, and turrets) increased by 50%. Impact on Power armor is not yet known. player.additem 001ef5d7 Berserker Bonus energy damage, dependent on resistance to owner damage. The smaller it is, the more damage is done. player.additem 001f5995 Protective Immobility Damage Reduction by 15% player.additem xx00da92 Charged 10% chance to inflict 100 points of electricity damage with a successful block player.additem xx00da93 Cold 20% chance to freeze an enemy with a block of his player.additem 001f57e2 block a chance to freeze the enemy during a block of his player.additem 001f57e2 block a cold 20% chance to freeze the enemy while blocking his attack player.additem 001f57e2002% a chance to freeze the enemy while blocking his attack player.additem 001f57e2 175% 95% chance to freeze the enemy when the block of his attack player.additem 001f57e2 17505% damage reduced by 15% during a block or acceleration. player.additem 001eb99a Addictive Bonus Damage, the greater, the greater the number of dependencies in the Survivor. player.additem 001e8174 Night At night, the damage is stronger, the day is weaker. Night - the period from 18-00 to 6-00 player.additem 001ec036 Blooded Bonus damage, the greater, the less the health of the owner. player.additem 001f04bd Pathfinder If a character has not yet joined the battle, the accuracy of the shot in the VATS increases, but the expenditure of money increases. player.additem xx00da98 Liquidation In the mode of aiming, the damage done is 10% higher. player.additem xx00da91 Rebellious Last shot in the store deals double damage. player.additem 001ebabd Dexterous When aiming, the speed of movement of the character is 75% higher than it should be in this mode. player.additem 001ed37e Tireless Critical hits with this weapon restore the OD of the carrier. player.additem 001f1026 Lightning Fast OD Demand Reduction by 25%. player.additem 001cc2aa VATS-compatible Increases accuracy in VATS, reduces OD consumption by 25% player.additem 002056f0 VATS-compatible Decreases OD consumption by 40% player.additem 000a4739 Automatic Ability to Automatically Shooting player.additem 001cc2ac Infinite OD.activitem 000a4739 Automatic Ability to Shoot player.additem 001cc2ac Infinite OD consumption by 40% ammunition is spent). Very useful for automatic weapons. player.additem 001e73bd Explosive Charge explodes when hit, dealing 15 square damage. player.additem xx00da99 High-precision Minor time delay when aiming. player.additem 001cc2ad Dual Charger Each shot a weapon releases two charges instead of one, and the consumption of ammunition does not change. Essentially doubles the rate of fire and UVS. However, accuracy is falling. player.additem 001f4426 Punching Ignoring 30% of the target's resistance to damage and energy. player.additem 001ec56d The rapid increase in the rate of fire by 25%, the acceleration of recharge by 15%. player.additem 001cc2a6 Lucky Weapon has twice the critical damage and replenishes the critical strike scale 15% faster when hit by VATS. Fist ID Name player.additem 0016498f kick boxer player.additem 0005524b Knuckles player.additem 0011b336 Power Knuckles player.additem 000d8576 glove claw cold death ID Name player.additem 000fdc81 switchblade knife player.additem 000913ca Combat Knife Blade player.additem 0022595f Pickman player. additem 00143ab5 Revolutionary blade player.additem 00f0364a Shem Draun’s sword player.additem 00147be4 Chinese officer’s sword player.additem 00147be4 General Zhao’s revenge player.additem 00147be4 Zhao’s sword player.additem 00033fe0 dddd Костdddddda 00142fab Roller player.additem 0008e736 Baseball cue player.additem 00226438 Baseball cue World Series 2076 player.additem kebab player Smooth-bore gungame with player chamber player.additem 00004822 10 mm gun player.additem 000dc8e7 Cn asiter player.additem 000ce97d 44 pistol player.additem 00225ac1 Pistol Kellogg player.additem 00225ae9 World Eddy player.additem 00225ae7 Winner player.additem 001633cc Institut pistol player.additem 0009983b Laser pistol player.additem 002 apron 5000 abиванияababababababab пистолет Институт Институт Институт пистолет пистолет пистолет ский пистолет Лаз Лаз Лаз Институт ababab player playerababab Институт Институт Институт Институт Институт Институт Институт Институт Институт Институт Институт Институт пистолет пистолет пистолет пистолет пистолет пистолет Лаз пистолет Лаз Лаз .additem 0014831A Smoothbore c shutter om carabethe player .additem 0001DACF Laser musket player.additem 0000463f Assault rifle player.additem 001abc93 Reb II II player.additem 001abe92 Watcher Guardian player.additem 0023e5ee UP77 Prototype “Unlimited Potential” Eggs Drugs 001f61e4 Defected Eggs Dashboard Eggs Eggs Eggs Drugs 00.abditem 001abc93 Automatic ID Name player.additem 0015b043 Submachine player.additem 001b28f7 Silver submachine gun player.additem 00165181 PUSH AND PRESS Heavyweight ID Name player.additem 0001f669 Minigan player.additem 000e27bc Gatling-laser player.dd.dd.d.d.ddmm, 15d, 16, 15dfmm, 16dfdm, 16dfd, 15dfm Launcher player.additem 00225969 death from heaven player.additem 000BD56F fat man player.addi tem 000E942B Hlamotron player.additem 000fd11b Volley player.additem 000e5881 Flamethrower player.additem 00171b2b Cryolator player.additem xx05178f Yader-Meet player.additem xx010b81 Gropunomet player.additem running home vs hpdp np nd vd.d. 00000000 Singing player.additem 0021a53e Big Boy Explosive ID Name player.additem 0010c3c6 Molotov Cocktail Player player.additem 00107bd6 Baseball player.additem 000eebed Fragment grenade player.additem 0010a33d impulse gaiter mine player.additem 06033905 Splitting about Rolling Grenade (Nuka-World) player.additem 060346FC "Smart" Frag Grenade (Nuka-World) player.additem
00075fe4 Nuclear block Special ID Name Effect player.additem 001025ac Rocket launcher Causes minitmen to reinforce (if there are settlements in the patrol radius) player.additem 0014d09e Injection carbine Syringes have different effects, the size and duration of which do not depend on the player’s abilities and target characteristics. player.additem 0012e2ca Artillery smoke bomb Causes artillery bombardment of a specified point with the guns of the nearest settlement (if there are batteries in the shelling radius) player.additem 00056917 Signal bomb for a rotorcraft Worms a helicopter wing player.additem 00065dec Navigational beacon Triggers a rocket launch with an artillery wing and an artillery wing of the rotorcraft Wing rotate the player. quest "Monsters can be found here") player.additem 000589f2 Synth relay grenade Causes a synth player.additem 000e98e5 GalluciGen gas grenade Fires gas that makes enemies attack each other player.additem 06023e60 Grenade "Persuasion" H and 8 minutes increases the chances of intimidating the settlers player.additem 06025b0a Predator Pomegranate Throws a cloud of substance to which the predators run together (when they are close to attack the survivor) player.additem 0602618b Grenade Rage Chance to infuriate the target for 60 seconds (target starts attacking the nearest live objects) ammunition ID Name player.additem 0001f276 10-mm cartridge player.additem 0004ce87 Cartridge caliber .38 player.additem 0001f278 5.56 mm cartridge player.additem 0001F673 Shotgun cartridge player.additem 0009221c Cartridge caliber .44 player. additem 0001f66a .45 caliber player.additem cartridge 0001f66b .308 player.additem cartridge caliber 0001 F279 Cal. 50 player.additem 0001f66c 5-mm cartridge player.additem 000c1897 Nuclear battery player.additem 00075FE4 Nuclear block player.additem 0001dbb7 Plasma charge player.additem 000df279 Cartridge for gamma gun player.additem 0018abdf 2 mm cartridge cartridge zentring-caliper. charge player.additem 000ddom player.additem xx02c8b1 Kal. 45-70 player.additem xx02740e Modified bowling ball player.additem xx00a6c6 Ammunition “Quantum Yader-Cola” player.additem xx00a6c9 Ammunition “Kernel Vishnya” player.additem xx02bdc2 Achrn. xx030076 Concentrated acid player.additem xx037897 Cartridge caliber 7.62 player.additem xx01b039 Yader-Charge Cheats for armor and clothing Leather armor ID Name player.additem 0007B9C6 Torso player.additem 0007B9C3 Right hand player.additem 0007B9C7 Left hand player.additem 0007B9C5 Right foot player.additem 0007B9C4 Left leg Raider armor ID Player.addfeff. additem 0018E411 Left hand player.additem 0018E40D Right leg player.additem 0018E40F Left leg Metallic armor ID Name player.additem 000787D3 Head player.additem 000536C4 Torso player.additem 000536C1 Right hand player.additemImms to a one-of-one-another-one-one-another-one-one-one-one-piece of an entity that can be applied to. additem 000536C2 Left leg Combat armor ID Name player.additem 0011E2C8 Head player.additem 0011D3C3 Torso player.additem 0011D3C 6 Right arm of player.additem 0011D3C7 Left hand of player.additem 0011D3C4 Right leg of player.additem 0011D3C5 Left leg of Armor synths ID Name player.additem 0018796A Head player.additem 0018796 Torso player.additem 0018796E Headboard ,. 00187970 Right leg player.additem 00187972 Left leg Protection armor Diamond City ID Name player.additem 000af0f6 Helmet regular player.additem 000af0f7 Helmet heavy player.additem 000af0ee Hull player.additem 000af0ec Right forearm player.addchmitchmitchmitchardchtchdchmd0mf0ee See more armor arm player.additem 000af0eb Left forearm player.additem 000af0ea Left shoulder player.additem 000af0f1 Left armor armor Armor juice Coy infantry ID Name player.additem xx056f7d Helmet player.additem xx009e5b.ea.ea.eeke.eeke.eeke.eeke.ext.xditem xx056f80 Body (assault) player.additem xx009e57 Right.ext (xilotian) player.additem.dex.e.d.yethe xx009e57 xx569e57 xx56x5e5x5e5x5e5x5e5x5e5a5x5e5a5x5e5x5a5x5e5x5e5x5ei. zilotskaya) player.additem xx056f7b; left hand (assault) player.additem; Name player.additem xx00ee79 Plain Torso player.additem xx00f04e Heavy Torso player.additem xx00ee76 Plain Right Arm player.additem xx00f04b Heavy Right Arm player.additem xx00ee75 Plain Left hand player.additem xx00f04a Heavy Left hand player.additem xx00ee78 Ordinary Right foot player.additem xx00f04d Heavy Right foot player.additem xx00ee77 Ordinary Left foot player.additete Case player.additem xx026bbf Right hand player.additem xx026bc1 Left hand player.additem xx026bba Right foot player.additem xx026bbc Left foot Armor of Adepts (winding) ID Name player.additem xx026bb2 Right hand player.additemd (Winding) ID Name player.additem xx026bb2 right hand player.addite4ddmam 14xd26pb player.additem xx026baf Left leg Armor of Adepts (spikes) ID Name player.additem xx026bbe Right hand player.additem xx026bc0 Leva I am a player. .additem xx03b556 Left leg Armor of Adepts (light) ID Name player.additem xx03b8ae Corps player.additem xx03b8ab Right arm of player.additem xx03b8aa Left arm of player.additem xx028741 Right leg player.additem xh4a4xa4xa4xa4xa5xa4xa5xa5xa5xa5xa5xa5xa5x4b additem xx028738 Enclosure player.additem xx028733 Right hand player.additem xx028731 Left hand player.additem xx028737 Right foot player.additem xx028735 Left foot Armor Flocks ID Name a player player.additem xx02741e Body Ordinary player.additem xx027417 Right hand rendered player 1414.dditem xx027415 Left hand Usual player poe player x addon xm02x1414cd right player Normal player.additem xx02741a Left foot Walker normal player.additem xx02741c additem xx02740b Left hand Heavy player.additem xx027412 Right foot Heavy player.additem xx027410 Left foot Heavy Dog armor ID name player.additem 001b5acc Dog easy player player.additem 001c32c8 You can go to search for a dog to start a party for you to search for a dog, for a dog, for a dog 0018b210 Chain collar player.additem 00034602 Canine collar player.additem 001c67b0 Canine collar c spiked player.additem 001c67b1 Double dog collar player.additem 001c67b2 Reinforced dog collar player.additem 001c67b4 dog helmet Super Mutants ID Name player.additem 00248fex Super Mutuals player.additem 00140c54 helmet player.additem 00140c57 torso player.additem 00140c52 left hand player.additem 00140c53 right hand player.additem 00140c55 left foot player.additem 00140c56 right foot player.additem 0600dc29 is enough to make a new one to work, you can make a new account to work, you can make a new one to work, you can use a new account to work, you can make a new one to work for a new account to work for, in this way, a new account to work for a workforce, a player, a player, a player, a player, a player, a player, a player, a player, a player, a player, a player, and a player. player.additem 0600dc27 left hand (improved) player.additem 0600dc28 right arm (improved) player.additem 0600dc2c left leg (improved) player.additem 0600dc2a right leg (improved) Power armor T-45 ID hand player.additem 00154ac0 left foot player.additem 00154ac1 right foot player.additem 00182ce1 helmet (Model B) player.additem 00182ce6 torso (Model B) player.additem 00182ce2 hand (Model B) player.additem 00182ce3 foot (Model B) Player B (model B) player.additem 00182ce3 (Model B) player (18) .additem 00182ce7 helmet (Model C) player.additem 00182cec torso (Model C) player.additem 00182ce8 arm (Model C) player.additem 00182ce9 leg (Model C) player.additem 00182ced helmet (Model D) player.additem 00182cf2 torso ( Model D) player.additem 00182cee hand (Mo Spruce D) player.additem 00182cef leg (Model D) player.additem 00182cf3 helmet (Model E) player.additem 00182cf8 torso (Model E) player.additem 00182cf4 arm (Model E) player.additem 00182cf5 leg (Model E) player. additem 00182cf9 helmet (Model F) player.additem 00182cfe torso (Model F) player.additem 00182cfa arm (Model F) player.additem 00182cfb leg (Model F) Power armor T-51 ID Type player.additem 00140C4E helmet player.additem 00140C4 torso player.additem 00140C4C left hand player.additem 00140C4D right hand player.additem 00140C4F left foot player.additem 00140C50 right foot Power armor T-60 ID Type player.additem 00140C4A helm player.additem 00140Ca4Ca Id youdart 404Ca Id you need to run. additem 00140C45 right hand player.additem 00140C49 left foot player.addi tem 00140C3F right foot player.additem 0100c57b torso (tesla) player.additem 0100c576 left hand (tesla) player.additem 0100c57a right hand (tesla) Strength armor X-01 ID Type player.additem 00154AC5 helmet player.additem 001544444444444 00154AC3 left hand player.additem 00154AC4 right hand player.additem 00154AC6 left foot player.additem 00154AC7 right foot Armored suits ID player.additem 00156c0d Alliance guard armor player.additem 00154f10 The armor of the guard is already at the height of the target of the new ten, as if you are already in a new tenant who are already at the speed of a child who has a child in a child who is already at a target, and if you are already in a new tenant, you can already have a child who has already become a new hand, and if you have already, a new hand can be used to make it easier for you to have a new hand to protect the player. (pre-war) player.additem 000821b4 Volt-Tech security guard player.additem 000ddb80 Spiked armor player.additem 000ddb81 Spiked armor with player.additem 000b2d8e helmet Boytsov th armor player.additem 000b2d8f Fight armor with a helmet player.additem xx029c0d Rocket suit Yadir Gyrl player.additem 00169523 Brotherhood form (standard) player.additem 001f1a7c Brotherhood form (medical) player.additemstrayer, medical.additem 001f1a7c additem 000e44ff Scriptor-scientist's armor player.additem 000e370e Scriptor-agent's armor player.additem 000e1af6 Leather pilot jacket player.additem 000dede7 Engineer's armor Suits ID Name player.additem 000af0e4 Tracksuit player.additem 0014bf50pthmattep player.additem 0014941a Summer shorts player.additem 000a740b Warm blue jacket player.additem 00117eb7 Winter jacket and jeans player.additem 000e6288 Washed homewear player.additem 00174d2f Casual clothing (husband) player.additem 001410ec Casual clothing (female) player.additem 0014b019 shirt and slacks player.additem 000fc102 Suspenders and slacks player.additem 0013d65e Checkered shirt and slacks player.additem 000fc100 Black trousers and slacks. slacks player.additem 000df455 Yellow coat player.additem 0014d08f Washed cream dress player.additem 000eecf5 Washed green dress player.additem 002075c1 Washed red dress player.additem 002075c0 Washed denim dress player.additem 0020 by her wrestler, fashioned.additem 002075c0 Washed denim dress player.additem 0020 by her own wrestling designer, add.additem 002075c0 Washed denim dress. .additem 0011a27b Dress with glitter player.additem 000fd9a 8 Red dress player.additem 001b828c Foul skirt player.additem 001bde04 Dirty black suit player.additem 001bddf8 Pure black suit player.additem 001bddfb Pure striped suit player.additem 001bde07 Dirty striped suit player.adry 15-year-old-old enough suit player.additem 001bddf9 Pure blue suit player.additem 001bde05 Dirty blue suit player.additem 00151e34 Pure brown suit player.additem 00151e30 Dirty brown suit player.additem 000a36be The patched three-piece suit player.additem 000a28d7 The applied method, which is used to be used by the new method, has to be used to be used by the new method, which has to be used to be used to be used by the company to be used to be in a simple way. additem 00115aec Clean room suit player.additem 0 0115aeb Suit with a hood for a clean room player.additem 0018b214 Damaged protective kit player.additem 000ceac4 Protective set player.additem 00178B68 Lab coat player.additem 00068cf3 Volt Tech lab coat. loader player.additem 00146177 The dirty form of the postman player.additem 00146174 The form of the postal services player.additem 001467a4 Pastor's clothing player.additem 001c26b9 overalls (green) player.additem 0005e76c overalls mechanic (Red Rocket), greenhouse player (green) player. 0022c679 Kids' Short Green Rags Player.additem website Atom player.additem 0022c674 Children's long brown tatters Atom player.additem 0011E7B9 Institute's bathrobe player.additem 001b350c Dirty black dressing gown of the Institute player.additem 001B350D Institute’s black bathrobe 00adBetam 001B350D Black institute's dressing gown for 001B350D Institute’s black robe 001B350D Institute’s black robe 001B350D Institute’s black robe 001B350D Institute’s black robe 001B350D Institute’s black robe 001B350D 001B350D Black dressing gown of the Institute.additem 001B350D 001B350D Black dressing gown of the Institute.additem 001B350D 001B350D Black dressing gown of the Institute.additem 001B350D You can read more and more for you! er.additem 001b350b dirty yellow robe Institute player.additem 001B350A Yellow lab coat Institute player.additem 001b3508 dirty yellow robe head player.additem 001B34FE Institute Department Yellow robe head of department of the Institute of player.additem 001b3506 dirty orange robe head of department of the Institute player.additem 001B34FD Orange gown of the head of the department of the Institute player.additem 001acd0a Dirty green coat of the Institute of the player.additem 001A5CFB Green dressing gown of the Institute player.additem 001b3504 Dirty green gown of the head of the department of the Institute player.additem 001B34FC Green coat of the head of the department of the institute of the head of the department of the institute player.additem 001B34FC tutu player.additem 001A5CFD Institute’s blue robe player.additem 001B3502 Dirty blue robe of the head of the Institute’s department player.additem 001B34FA Blue robe of the head of the institute’s department player.additem 001ab214 Institute’s dirty overalls player.additem 0011E7B8 Overalls In-appetnas app’s widget in the account’s widget in the account’s widget in the account’s widget in the account of the withdrawal of the withdrawal of the institute’s headset’s department of the Institute of the player’s. .additem apt. player.additem 000732AE ostyum scavenger player.additem 000732ac Suit Ranger player.additem 00034595 Suit of skins glad stag costumes Unique ID Name Bonus player.additem 001828cc Suit Grognaka STR +2
+20% damage with melee weapons player.additem 000732b1 Ripped jacket player.additem 001641f8 Form “Di-Tech” UDCH +2 player.additem 001c2214 The form of the general of mini-men HAR +1 player.additem 0023caa4 Set of Geneva GSP +1
HAR +1 player.additem 00118864 Submariner form CON +2 player.additem 000d415a McCready's Cloak VST +1 player.additem 00116806 Red VSP coat +1
HAR +1 player.additem 00136335 Quinlan Armor player.additem 00136166 Tigana Armor player.additem 00039a66 RV Overalls +5 player.additem 001223cb Dirty Coat HAR +1
CON +1 player.additem 001fe1a6 Maxon's battle suit VSP +1 player.additem 001b5f1b Dress of feathers HAR +2 player.additem 001921D8 Ammunition belt Keith SIL +1 player.additem 0014fbd0 Father’s lab coat INT +2 player.additemathfathmmatdathm 0014fbd0 Father INT +2 player.additem 0014fbd0m HAR +1
+4 damage from unarmed attacks and fist weapons. Player.additem 001153d9 Working clothes VST +1 player.additem 000e2e2c Shabby VSP trench +2 player.additem 0001f17b Colonial cloak player.additem 0009f252 Red leather coat HAR +1 player.additem 001153ddd .additem 001e8cab Laboratory lab coat Cabota Int +1 player.additem 00169bba Suit Lorenzo HAR +2 player.additem 000f15d0 Suit Reginald HAR +3 player.additem 000f15cf Dress Agates HAR +3 player.additem 000F15D2 Sumer, as a model, that is the same as a pattern that is applied, that is the same as a pattern that is applied, that is, that the model is applied by the figure, which is applied by the model, the figure, which is applied by the model, the figure, HF, +3 ,. +1
GSP +1 player.additem 0014e58b Silver Cloak LOV Armor +1
VSP +1 player.additem 0009ac97 HAR camouflage vest +1 player.additem 00225a5e Podtropeshnik Ingram player.additem 0004d6ae Beaded stitched player.additem blazer 00237680 Shabby suit LOV +1 Lower clothes ID Name player.additem 0019 .additem 0018e3f7 Leather clothing raider player.additem 000af0e2 Road leather clothing player.additem 000e517b Minuteman's equipment player.additem 00019568 Pantalois player.additem 000ffc21 T-shirt and jeans player.additem 00117eb9 FlannelTypidypidoostellaspidospodostele and ale of a part of the same body and old women in a group of women and women in a group of women and women in racerne.deditem 000f5 additem 00144f03 Baseball player uniform player.additem 0019cbb3 Dirty by army scoop player.additem 00023431 Army uniform player.additem 0016892c Military uniform player.additem xx03578e “Yader-Mira” overalls player.additem 000dedeb Uniform BS (orange) player.additem 002223e3 Uniform BS (gray) player.addite 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15. .additem 00134294 Uniform of the Officer of the Brotherhood of Steel player.additem 0012b91d Form synth player.additem 0018ac6e Form synth (for synths) player.additem 00223cfd Flannel shirt and jeans arrow player.additem 00223cfb Capupea arrow player for you, Idle f 00 00 00 Shelters 75 player.additem 0022da67 Jumpsuit Shelters 75 (new) player.additem 001103a4 Jumpsuit Shelters 81 player.additem 0022da69 Co. Asylum romper 81 (new) player.additem 0022da73 Asylum romper 95 player.additem 0022da66 Asylum romper 95 (new) player.additem 000976b3 Asylum romper 101 player.additem 0022da6a Asylum бин 101 101 (new player.additem 0001eaaa-a-dystype) 0016da6a Asylum Overalls 101 (new new player.additem 000.eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a a ale Witch Dress Up Shelter Romper 111 (new) player.additem 000976b5 Shelter Romper 114 player.additem 0022da68 Shelter Romper 114 (new) player.additem 001921d6 Corset Keith player.additem xx0042ae Shelter Overalls 88 player.additem xx001afd Overalls xx0042ae Shelter Overalls 88 player.additem xx001afd Overalls xx0042ae Overalls 88 player.additem xx001afd Romper 88x. additem 00167a76 Tattered homeless player.additem 00167a75 Children's shirt and jeans player.additem 001 67a74 Children's baseball cap player.additem 0003fb9f The shape of the squire player.additem 0016bffe child-friendly girl child player.additem 001561d8 Children's dress player.additem 0015dba6 children's child-wear player player.additem 001d5f43 Overalls Shelter 81 player.additem 001833c-child-child child pajamas 001d5m VSP +1 player.additem 0016892E Takes VSP +1 player.additem 0013AEF5 Captain of the airship captain HAR +1
CON +1 player.additem 001F599A Lieutenant HAR's headgear +1 player.additem 000316D4 Minuteman's headgear - player.additem 001C2216 HAR's general of the Minutemen general headdress +1 player.additem 000E517D Militiaman's headgear +1 player.additem 00183232324 +1 player.additem 001F9793 The postman’s dirty hat is CON +1 player.additem 001223CD UDCH dirty hat +1 player.additem 000DF457 Yellow VSP hat +1 player.additem 001FA250 Yellow UDCH hat +1 player.additem 000B4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 .additem 000E2E2E Worn-up WWW hat +1 player.additem 000A740E Newsboy Cap + +1 player.additem Scriptor Faris Missing patrol player.additem 00148B85 Explosive charge On the brink of war And Red blink of rockets player.additem 0001d95c Green paint Old Town in new color player.additem 00059acd Impulse charge Critical mass player.additem 0014fd7d Idit card Id. additem 0002a6ff Wilson Atomaoz Pass Card Find at the Atomoyz factory spare parts for toys player.additem 0009bc6e Cybernetic brain stimulator Dangerous thoughts player.additem 0014e58b Silver Cloak Suit Silver Cloak player.additem 000e1d29
000e1d2c Contract: Shelly Tyler Silver Cloak player.additem 00199043 Medallion Response service player.additem 000b9767 MILA Weathervane player.additem 000986c8 Modified seeds Fighting for harvest player.additem 0019fcf5 Normal blood sample Collecting blood samples of player.d.d. Fires of San Francisco Revelation player.additem 0009139f Bearings for FLLL3 turbopump Last flight of the Constitution player.additem 000EDE2A Transmitter Reclamation player.additem 0009139e Transmitter of the Poseidon radar Last flight of the Constuction of the Constittion 0009139e Radar of the Poseidon Radar The last flight of the Constittion of the Fashln 0009139e Radiator of the Poseidon radar The last flight of the Constittion of the Poseidon 0009139e Radar of the Poseidon radar The last flight of the Constittion of the Fashln 0009139e Radiator of the Poseidon radar. 000754e4 Protote Carrington clerical work player.additem 0002CC42 Piezuader layer of the Cambridge Polymer Laboratory (quest) player.additem 0017be8b Reactor Cooling Fluid Create Reactor Coolant player.additem 000c30e0 Reflector Capacitor Quartermaster player.additem 000 You will have to apply and you will be able to make it for you. serum Glowing Sea
Assign Serg to Virgil player.additem 000c30df Tactile Drive Quartermaster player.additem 0017cc5a Technical Documentation Technical Documentation Gathering Technical Information player.additem 000ded2a Photo of Silver Cloak Silver Cloak player.additem 0008a1fb Photo of robbers Robbery of Mary player.addithyctyctrystypryystryprystryprystrystystrystystrystystrystypdtmitestroke Player Image: General Atomics Gallery Mall player.additem 00082c07 Airport employee certificate Honor or disgrace player.additem 000ed65d Drawings Acquisition player.additem 0006d0e8 Hunter Chip Hunter / Victim player.additem 0004e3a2 Chip Control Aviation NX-42 The last flight of the Constitution player.additem 000b2744 Radio layout with discs Launch player.additem 000b2746 Radio piece with buttons Launch player.additem 000b2745 Radio piece with tubes Launch

Magazines Awesome Cool Stories

Bonus: Various abilities from the Fabulous Cool series ID Release name Bonus player.additem 0016969a "My brain and I" Recovers 1 OZ per minute player.additem 0016969b Starlet-Sniper Weapon with optics deals +5% damage player.additem 0016969c "Attack of metal people" Damage from robots −5% player.additem 0016969d “Zetan Invasion” Damage with an Extraterrestrial Gun increases by 5%. player.additem 0016969e “Revenge of the Mad Russian” Protection against poison +5 player.additem 0016969f “Attack of the fish people” Damage to the bogs +5% player.additem 00169690 “Attack of the sinister seafood” The damage done at night increases by 5% player.additem 009.99 The man who could stop the time "The number of OD increased by 5 player.additem 00169692" The gorilla ate my patrol car "Cryolator deals +5% damage player.additem 00169693" Invasion of giant insects "Radiation protection +5 player.additem 00169694" Rise of irradiated "Antiradin is 5% more efficient player.additem 00169695" I have a dog, I am ready to travel "Spa tnik-dog takes 10% less damage to player.additem 00169696 “Curse of the Burnt One!” Damage to ghouls increased by 5% player.additem 00169697 “Rise of the Mutants” Damage to supermutants increased by 5% Pistols and bullets

Bonus: Critical damage from the use of ballistic weapons increased by 5% ID Release name player.additem 00092a8d “Keep your camp safe from bears” player.additem 00092a8f “Guide to hunting a commies!” player.additem 00092a88 “Small guns for little ladies” player.additem 00092a8a “Avoid these stupid laws about weapons! ”player.additem 00092a87“ Lasers and hunting: acceptable excessive shooting ”player.additem 00092a8e“ Plasma is a weapon of tomorrow ”player.additem 00092a89“ Street trunks of Detroit ”player.additem 00092a8c“ Aiming, Army style ”player.additem 00092a83 “The Future of the Hunt?” Player.additem 00092a8b “The Moon: A Doomsday Communist Device?” Manual US undercover operations

Bonus: You are more difficult to detect in the mode of covert movement. ID Release name player.additem 0008e737 "Whistling in the dark" player.additem 0008e738 "Urban camouflage" player.additem 0008e739 "Basics of combat-colored" player.additem 0008e73a "These are not the soldiers you are looking for" player.additem 0008e73b “Who walks there?” Player.additem 0008e73c “Squeaky floorboard, sudden death” player.additem 0008e73d “Getting an advantage over the communists” player.additem 0008e73e “Bushes, boxes and beehives. Special issue of camouflage "player.additem 0008e73f" In black you look better "player.additem 0008e740" Tiptoe through tulips "Grognak-barbarian

Bonus: Ability "Barbarian". Each level increases critical damage by 5% without weapons and melee weapons. ID Release Title player.additem 0008e741 “Blood on the Harp” player.additem 0008e742 “Appearance of the Dodger” player.additem 0008e743 “Jungle of the Bats” player.additem 0008e744 “In the Embrace of the Queen of Corsairs” player.additemzee4e4e4e4e4e4e4e4e4e7e, which is 0008e741 the sands of demons ”player.additem 0008e746“ The phenomenon of Maula: The Battle Maiden from Mars ”player.additem 0008e747“ Stinking fatherless! ”player.additem 0008e748“ Lost in Lust ”player.additem 0008e749“ Lost in Lust ”player.additem 0008e749“ Lost in Lust ”player.additem 0008e749“ Lost in Lust in Lust ”“. “What kind of witchcraft is it?” To live and love

Bonus: Various abilities for companions and communication. ID Issue name Bonus player.additem 00184da7 Stunning 1st edition: Long life to best friends Satellites receive +10 OZ. player.additem 00184db9 Bomb humanity! Satellites do 5% more damage to player.additem 00184dc6 Shake up fat by 10 satellites to payload. player.additem 00185cc2 The secretary seducer + 25% experience while convincing women player.additem 00185ccd Sober talk +1 to Luck with alcohol in a satellite company. player.additem 001c2e24 Tips from a married man Satellites get +5 to resistance to ballistic and energy damage. player.additem 001c2e26 Beware of a male tamer + 25% experience when convincing men player.additem 001c2e28 Memorable experience + 5% experience with a satellite player.additem 001d1cd6 I got married to a robot! Robot satellites deal an additional 5% damage. Tesla Science

Bonus: Energy weapon deals 5% more critical damage. ID Release Title player.additem 00092a78 Will robots rule the world? player.additem 00092a79 What is this plasma? player.additem 00092a7a Rocket science for babies player.additem 00092a7b Technologies of tomorrow Our main technologies are modern players for modernity Player.additem 00092a7c Giant super-weapon player.additem 00092a7d Geckos and gamma radiation player.additem 00092a7e Our companies have been in place for 16 years and 16 years ago, we are in a team of non-American companies who are in a team of non-American companies who are in service for 16 years and 16 years ago, in our campaigns, in our campaigns, in our company, we are in a business team, and we will be in a business team, we will be a company in our company, and we will be able to use it. player.additem 00092a80 The future of war? Massachusetts Surgical Journal

Bonus: You do 2% more damage to your limbs. ID Release Title player.additem 0008e74e “Let's Play Doctor!” player.additem 001d1f53 “Full Confession of Emergency Nurses” player.additem 0008e751 “Raised by Robots” player.additem 0008e750 “Cryo-technologies: Refuge or Crypt?” player.additem 001d1f55 “Special Edition. Joyful soothing ”player.additem 0008e74d“ Scars are cool ”player.additem 0008e74b“ Pay now, you will recover later ”player.additem 0008e74c“ Looking for your biceps ”player.additem 0008e74f“ Best life with chemicals ”Survival Guide

Bonus: Various bonuses aimed at survival. ID Issue name Bonus player.additem 0008E75E “Farming in the wastelands” Fruits and vegetables restore 50% more OZ player.additem 00135F0A “Special release: insect repellents” Insects cause 5% less damage player.additem 00135F0D “Light” side of radiation poisoning ”Irradiated food and drinks cure 50% more OZ player.additem 00135F0E“ Guide to decorating a house in a landfill ”Gives access to construction in the workshop of new items of the“ decoration ”section. player.additem 00185CBA “Diamond City Guide” Marks Diamond City player.additem 00185CBD “Impressive Commonwealth Coupons” on map. Food prices are 10% lower. Player.additem 00185CC4 “Water aerobics for gully” 25% of walking speed .additem 00185CCA "Secrets of self-defense" Melee attacks inflict you 5% less damage player.additem 00185CD8 "Waste Hunt" Ability to collect more meat from dead animals. Bikes merchant from Junktown

Bonus: Merchants offer their goods at a lower price. ID Release Title player.additem 00092a69 “Why did I sell my mother” player.additem 00092a67 “Get your business on the road” player.additem 00092a66 “Pros of Child Labor” player.additem 00092a65 “The Art of Trading” player.additem 00092a63 "How to organize a successful tray" player.additem 00092a6a "Costume, the basis of success" player.additem 00092a64 "Capitalism and You" player.additem 00092a68 "Joys of Wealth" Taboo tattoos

Bonus: Each magazine offers a unique face tattoo. ID Release Title player.additem 00184d9b Mass Pike Tunnel player.additem 00185ce2 Quarry Ticket player.additem 00184da5 Concord - service entry player.additem 00184dc0 Irish Pride Industries shipyard.addstdtdddmtdtmdtmdtmdtmdtmdtmdtmdtmdtmd 00md183d

Bonus: It will be easier to open the locks. ID Release name player.additem 00092a6d Hairpins - “More effective than master keys?” player.additem 00092a72 “Bear's Confession” player.additem 00092a70 “Breaking into any lock in five seconds” player.additem 00092a71 “Special edition. Certification of master keys - Passed with great success ”player.additem 00092a6f“ Mysteries of the master key are revealed! ”Fences

Bonus: New facilities for construction in settlements. ID Release Title Unlocks player.additem 00184D8B “House of the Future - Today!” White fence fences player.additem 00184DB7 “Modern Hearth” High-tech lighting player.additem 00180A36 “Important Improvements” Statues of player.additem 00185CDD “Modern Care” behind the lawn "Potted plants player.additem 00185CEE" Welcome home "Garden furniture Enduring

Bonus: At 1% increases the probability of completely avoiding damage from enemy attacks. ID Release Title player.additem 00135f06 “Locked in Pterror-Dactyles Dimension!” player.additem 00135f05 “Kommi-Qadze vs. Mantamen” player.additem 00135f04 “Who will stop the inevitable Grog-on-Ryok?” player.additem 00135f07 “Visit the Uks-Ron Galaxy !!!” player.additem 00135f03 “Doctor Brainwashing and his Army of the De-Capitalists!” Trashman!

Bonus: Various Bonuses ID Issue name Bonus player.additem xx02a9f3 The Terrible Truce Increases the chance of being tested for credibility player.additem xx02a9f4 Fear the Knife King by 25% to the damage from the combat knife and flick player of the player.additem xx02a9f5 10% to hand-to-hand combat player.additem xx02a9f6 Nuka Brahmin Stampede +5% to explosion damage to player.additem xx02a9f7 That No-Caps Rage +1 to strength and
+1 to Stamina if you have no more
10,000 caps.
+2 to strength and +2 to Endurance if you have no more than 1,000 caps.

+3 to strength and +3 to Endurance, if you have no more than 100 caps. Islander's Almanac

Bonus: Island Survival Bonuses ID Release Name Bonus player.additem xx04ef8b “Dodge Claw” You take 5% less damage from hand-to-hand attacks of the bogs player.additem xx04ef8d “Precise Hunt” When attacking animals with which a fight is started, the probability of hitting with VATS is higher by 5% player.additem xx04ef8f “Far Harbor Guide” the labels of key objects on the island became available to player.additem xx04ef92 “Atomic Children Newsletter” You receive 10% less damage from attacks using radiation player.additem xx04ef94 “Dishes from Sludge” You have access to recipes based on sludge, which orymi can use in the chemical laboratory of fun with the "timid"

Bonus: Pip Games ID Issue name Bonus player.additem 00184da1 Atomic Command Record with the game “Atomic Commandment” player.additem 001c1418 Zeta Invaders Record with the game “Zeta Invaders” player.additem 00184dc4 PipFall Record with the game “Tochnopad” playeraddadm, 00ad4m 00184dc4 PocFad Record with the game “Tochnopad” playeraddadmm 00184dc4 PipFall Record with the game “Totacopad” playeraddadmm 00184dc4 PipFall Record of the game with the game “Zeta Invaders” playeradditem 00184dc4 Grognak and Ruby Ruins Holozpis with the game "Grognak the Barbarian" Hot Rhode

Bonus: New options for painting power armor. ID Issue name Bonus player.additem 00185cd1 “Flaming Job!” Red / black color with stylized flame pattern. player.additem 00180a24 “Shark Paint Shemes” Dark green paint with burgundy accents and a shark-maw image on the chest. player.additem 00185cbf “Hot Pink!” Pink / white. Total hacking

Bonus: Additional terminal commands that allow hacking into security systems. ID Issue Name Bonus player.additem 00094734 Tutorial on Hacking Protectrons Bypass Program mutant hounds OZ +30, Glad +8 player.additem xx0518d3 Gulrilla Meat OZ +60 player.additem 00024075 Ghoul Meat OZ +10, Glad +10 player.additem 000330f4 Meat of Dutny OZ +5, Glad +6 player.additem 00074d0fy meats swan wings OZ +65, Glad +9 player.additem 00074d0e Death claw meat OZ +90, Glad +6 player.additem xx04ba11 Recluse crab meat OZ +100, Glad +25, CON +1 (for 1 hour) player.additem xx0138c3 Bloodworm meat OZ +25, Glad +7 player.additem xx04aa17 Crocodile claw OZ +100, Glad +6 player.additem 00033101 Meat of rat OZ +25, Glad +7 player.additem xx0138c5 Meat of the winged ant OZ +5, Glad +7 player.additem xx0138c5 Meat of the winged ant OZ +5, Glad +7 player.additem xx0138c5 Meat of the winged ant OZ +5, + +7 ,. .additem 0020d3de Uterus meat of swamp farmers OZ +100, Glad +25, CON +1 (for 1 hour) player.additem xx04aa23 Uterus meat of crabs OZ +120, Glad +30, CON +2 (for 1 hour) player.additem xx0138ee Ant OZ meat +15, Glad +11 player.additem xx0138c4 Cave cricket meat OZ +15, Glad +11 player.additem 0004a14f Glad-deer meat OZ +60, Glad +13 player.additem xx0138f7 Meat of radioactive rat OZ +25, Glad +5 player.additem 00074d10 Meat of the radorpion OZ +75, Glad +13 player.additem 00033106 Meat of radrakarakan OZ +15, Glad +11 player.additem xx01c714 Meat of anglerfish OZ +35, Glad +10 player.additem xx04aa1e Meat of crab cores OZ +45, Glad +10 player.additem 00047660 Meat of yao-gaya OZ +80, Glad +6 player.additem 0002fbf7 Poured apples OZ +10, Pleased +3 player.additem 000e377a Unspoiled instant mashed potatoes OZ +45 player.additem 00134c68 Intact egg of death claw ty oz +45, glad +7 player.additem 0004a3b9 Vegetable soup oz +55, Sopr. glad. +25 (for 1 hour) player.additem 0004693e Omelet from the eggs of the bogger OZ +45, OD +50 player.additem 0004693c Omelet from the eggs of the death claw OZ +115, Regeneration of OZ (+0.3 OZ / s for 2 hours) player.additem 0004693d Omelet from eggs Radscorpion OZ 75, Removing all dependencies player.additem 0021188e chops hound mutant OZ 60, Rad -50 player.additem 00,046,940 chops sobachatiny OZ +50 player.additem 001f24b6 Peplotsvet OZ 10, Pleased +3 player.additem 000330f7 Cave mushroom OZ +10, Pleased −1 player.additem xx00f11d Feast of captain OO +10% for 2 hours player.additem 00047648 Food pasta OZ +50, CON +1 (for 1 hour) player.additem xx044043 Lure from algae OZ +10, Glad +2 player.additem 000366b9 Puree quick izgotovleniya OZ +20, I am glad +7 player.additem 00046955 Ribs ia-gaya OZ +165, Resistance to damage +15 (for 1 hour) player.additem 000366be Roll OZ +20, Glad +4 player.additem 001d33d2 Roulette “Happy Birthday »OZ +20, Glad +4 player.additem xx02689a Cotton candy OZ +10, Glad +3 player.additem 000330f2 Sugar bombs OZ +15, Glad +7 player.additem 001994a9 Fresh corn OZ +20 player.additem 001994aa Fresh carrots OZ +20 player.additem 001994ab Fresh watermelon OZ +20 player.additem 001847b6 Fresh mutafruit OZ +20 player.additem 001c0fc3 Glowing mushroom OZ +10, Glad +3 player.additem 000330f0 Pork with OZ bean +20, Glad +6 player.additem 0016ca4f Synthetic meat of the gorilla OZ +30 player.additem 0006352f Slokam Buzz-Bytes OZ −10, M ax OD +25, VOS +1 (for 1 hour) player.additem 000d981d Smolyanik OZ +10, Glad +2 player.additem 000330fb Sobachatina OZ +20, Glad +8 player.additem 000bea58 Dog canned food OZ +10, Glad +2 player .additem 000366ba Salisbury steak OZ +30, Glad +9 player.additem 0004695a Brahmin steak OZ +110 player.additem xx04cbb9 Steak gazelle OZ +60, Max. cargo +25 (for 2 hours) player.additem 0004693f Steak from the wretch of OZ +105, Max. OZ +15 (for 1 hour) player.additem 00101293 Steak from the claw of death OZ +185, BWP +1 (for 1 hour) player.additem xx04aa1c Steak from the crocodile OG +195, BWP +1 (for 1 hour) player.additem 0021c00c Uterus steak meat from the bogs of OZ +200, CON +2 (for 1 hour) player.additem xx04c0e3 Steak from radrysy OZ +48, ​​Max. OD +5 (for 20 minutes) player.additem 00046950 Radskorpion OZ Steak +150, Energy Resistance +25 (for 1 hour) player.additem 00036927 OZ Protein Soup +105, 2% bonus to OO (for 2 hours) player .additem 00102157 Iguana Soup OZ +95 player.additem 0004696a Rad-Deer Soup OZ +150, Energy Resilience +30 (for 1 hour) player.additem xx04d2e8 Smoothie Soup from the Vulgaris Invisibility (for 10 s) player.additem xx01c710 Raw minced minced meat OZ +90, Glad +6 player.additem xx04a3b8 Pressed crock OZ +20, Glad +5 player.additem xx02689b Anthill Cake OZ +10, Glad +4 player.additem 0009dcc4 Ozka OZ +10, Glad +5 player.additem 000ef24d Pumpkin OZ +10, Glad +3 player.additem 000366bd Stuffed eggs “Yum-yum” OZ +15, R hell +5 player.additem 00046945 Fillet of the wing wings OZ +130, BOC +1 (for 1 hour) player.additem xx04cbbd Crisp cave cricket OZ +250, Sopr. energy +20 (for 30 minutes) player.additem 001c4010 Watermelon flower OZ +10, Glad +3 player.additem 001c4013 Carrot flower OZ +10, Glad +3 player.additem 000e34e9 Flower of a fern mutant OZ +10, Glad +1 player .additem 001c400d Toshka Flower OZ +10, Glad +5 player.additem 001c4011 Pumpkin Flower OZ +10, Glad +3 player.additem 001c3fdc Tsentrotsvet OZ +10, Glad +2 player.additem 00017c73 Cup with OZ noodles +40 player.additem 0009f24b Thistle OZ +10, Glad +5 player.additem xx01b189 Black bloodbler OZ +10, Glad +2 player.additem 000366bb Shashlik from squirrel OZ +45 player.additem 000330fe Shashlyk from iguana OZ +40 player.additem xx5715530530.30d seasoning OZ +45, UDCH +1 (for 30 minutes) player.additem 001ee1ff Experimental plant oz OZ +10, Glad +5 player.additem 0023e9d4 Eggs bog OZ +9, Glad +12 player.additem 00046939 Egg of death claw OZ +45, Glad +7 player.additem 0004693b Egg of radskorpiona OZ +35, Glad +11 Beverages ID Name Effect player.additem xx008833 Wim! OZ +30, OD +10 player.additem xx0088a6 Wim! Captain cocktail OZ +600, OD +100, HAR −2, Sea creatures less often attack you (for 2 minutes) player.additem xx0088a8 Wim! Quartz OZ +75, OD +25, Max. cargo +15 (for 5 minutes) player.additem xx0088aa Wim! Freshness of OZ +50, OD +35, Increase the speed of restoration of OD (+10 OD / s for 60 s) player.additem xx054281 “Wim!” With ice OZ +55, OD +10 player.additem xx054282 “Wim! Captain cocktail "with ice OZ +700, OD +120, HAP −2, Sea creatures less often attack you (for 2 minutes) player.additem xx054284" Wim! Quartz "with ice OZ +75, OD +35, Max. cargo +20 (for 5 minutes) player.additem xx054286 “Wim! Freshness "with ice OZ +75, OD +60, Increase the recovery rate of OD (+12 OD / s for 60 s) player.additem 000a4944 Water with OZ preparations +20, Glad +7, BOC -1 (for 2 minutes) player.additem 000366bf Dirty water OZ +20, Glad +7 player.additem 00101295 Dirty inhabitant of the Wasteland SIL +3, XAR +1, INT −2 (for 5 minutes) player.additem xx02453d Wild Yade-Cola OZ +20, OD + 20, Glad +5 player.additem xx02edb1 Icy Wild Yader-Cola OZ +30, OD +10, Glad +5 player.additem 0021681d Institutskaya bottle of water OZ +40 player.additem 0004835f Quantum Yade-Cola OZ +400, OD + 100, Glad +5 player.additem 00178b25 Ice “Quantum Yader-Cola” OZ +650, OD +125, Glad +5 player.additem xx024538 Quartz Yader-K la OD +240, Glad +15 player.additem xx02edaf Ice Quartz Yader-Cola OD +360, Glad +15 player.additem 000e9284 Dizera OZ Lemonade +50 player.additem xx030eff New Yader-Cola OZ +200, OD +50 player. additem xx0502af Icy New Yade-Cola OZ +250, OD +75 player.additem xx02b5d4 Broth Uera OZ +100, Glad −100 player.additem 000366c0 Purified Water OZ +40 player.additem 00052409 Blood Package OZ +50 player.addmdmitm drink Withdrawal of all dependencies, OZ +500, Glad −1000 player.additem 000e2f68 Radioactive blood OZ +50, Glad +20 player.additem xx04e773 Fresh OZ juice +20, Glad +2 player.additem 0004835d Nuclear-cola OZ +20, OD +10, Glad +5 player.additem 00178b23 Ice “Yader-Cola” OZ +45, OD +20, Glad +5 player.addite m xx024536 Dark Core Cola SIL +1, CON +1, BOC -1 (for 3 minutes) player.additem xx02eda9 Ice Dark Nuclear COL SIL +1, CON +1, BOC -1 (for 4 minutes) player.additem xx02453a Kernel-Orange OZ +100, OD +50, Res. glad. +25 (for 8 minutes) player.additem xx02edad Ice Core-Orange OZ +150, OD +50, Res. glad. +25 (for 8 minutes) player.additem xx030f02 Yader-Batz OZ +35, OD +125 player.additem xx0502b2 Ice Yade-Batz OZ +40, OD +150 player.additem xx030f00 Nuclear Kernels OZ +100, OD +50 player.additem xx0502db Ice Core Twin OZ +150, OD +50 player.additem xx03b8b4 Bomb Core SIL +1, CON +1, BWT +1 (for 5 minutes) player.additem xx0502ac Ice Yad Bomb SIL +1, CON +1, LOV +1 (for 6 minutes) player.additem xx030efa Yader-Breather OZ +1200, OD +350, Max. OZ +50, Max. OD +20, Glad +5 player.additem xx0502d5 Ice Core Breather OZ +1800, OD +350, Max. OZ +50, Max. OD +20, Glad +5 player.additem xx024534 Yader-Grape OZ +100, OD +50, Glad −400 player.additem xx02edab Ice Yard-Grape OZ +130, OD +75, Glad −400 player.additem 00048360 Yader- Cherry OZ +50, OD +25, Glad +5 player.additem 00178b24 Ice “Cherry-Cherry” OZ +75, OD +35, Glad +5 player.additem xx030f01 Yader-Isisk OZ +100, OD +100 player.additem xx0502b7 Ice Crusade OZ +130, OD +125 player.additem xx024544 Cores-Cola Victory OZ +840, Glad +15 player.additem xx02edb0 Icy Cores-Victory OZ +1020, Glad +15 player.additem additem 0006907b wiring additem 000AEC5F Textiles player.additem 001BF730 Fertilizer player.additem 0006907E Gears player.additem 00069086 Nuclear Material Medical Preparations ID Name use player.additem 001506f4 X-cell player.additem 000459c5 Addict player.additem 00249f8e Herbal anesthetic player.additem 00249f8f Herbal-based antibiotic (other) Player.additem 00249f2c Antibiotics player.additemmayphartypt.phditem.phditem. additem 00058aa3 Buff-screw player.additem 00058aa5 Buff-tats player.additem 00033778 Buffaut player.additem 0010129a Grape mentates player.additem 000366c5 Screw player.additem 00150729 Gluconate player 2005 admite xx054452 Silty cocktail of resilience player.additem xx04b4b5 Strong silty cocktail player.additem 0007238f Complex X-11 1 player.additem 00055f10 Asylum Medicine 81 player.additem xx023e61 Player us.additem player 00033779 Honey-X player.additem 0003377b Player's mentates player.additem 00058ab4 The package of glowing blood player.additem 0003377d Psycho player.addith is ok, you can get it, you will have an accountant, you will have an accountant. -Screw player.additem 00058aaa Psycho-Tata player.additem 00024057 Rad-X player.additem 000518d0 Jet fuel player.additem 00058abc Saliva stimulant skit player.additem 00023736 player.additem 00249f8d Stimulator herbal player.additem 000ec4f7 mysterious serum player.additem 00101299 Ultra-screw player.additem 00058aa7 Uspokin player.additem 00058aad the Fast and the Furious player.additem xx0418d1 Silk Uspokin player.additem 00156d0b Chic player.additem 000518bb Berry m entherents player.additem 000628ca Rage keys and passwords ID Name Opens player.additem 00026AA0 assignment in Sandy Coves player.additem 00132245 Asylum key card 81 player.additem 000D2C86 Key Barney Storage in the basement player.additem 000195 withdrawal in a card in a card, 000D5002000D2C86 Barney Store in the basement of the asylum 8119.45 Parsons Hospital player.additem 0002CDC6 CPL Director's Key Director's Cabinet at Cambridge Polymer Laboratory player.additem 000BB7B3 Captain's Key player.additem 00197471 Fanel Hall Cashier's Key Opens a safe in the cashier's office (on the right, 1st floor) player .additem 00080172 Key Casey Opens a room inside the Oceanic Society of Nahant player.a dditem 00194372 Key Kathryn Opens Kathryn's personal safe in sanatorium Sandy Rdrdpdr.dditem 001F7AA8 key sleepwalker Opens the safenote safe in the trailer player.additem 00166A75 Key to Lucia player.additem 00043B4C Key to player.ddatem 16166A75 Key Lucia player.additem 00043B4C Key to player.ddatm 00016B75 Key of player Lucia player.additem 00043B4C Key player.ddtdm1616A75 Key of Luan player. Irish Pride Industries ”player.additem 00088D05 The key to“ GalluciGen ”Opens the back entrance of the back side of the Corporation“ GalluciGen ”player.additem 00044AD0 The key to the“ Dunwich drillers ”player.additem 000644EA The key to the“ Social events ”player.additem 00063597 Player.additem 00063597 The key to the“ Public drums ”player.additem 000644EA Choosing Chops ”Opens“ Choosing Chops ”in Diamond City player.additem 001 B06F3 Poseidon Energy Key Opens the doors from the main entrance and the roof entrance player.additem 000E4510 Spare Bench player player.additem 001B4A9C Haymarket key Player.additem 000E9BB4 Jameika-Plein archives will unlock archives in the archives in the archives of the Jaymek-Plain. player.additem 001C3FB1 Atrium key for the Raiders Red atrium door player.additem 000C3096 Airport key player.additem 0006858C Key for the luggage compartment Skylens Opens the secret compartment of the Skylanes flight player.additem 00099770 Key for the Fort-Hagenent nent player.additem player, 9999770 key player 0599. 17. The key to the balcony of the museum player.additem 000F4331 The key to the bar "Clover" Exit on the nab Ezha from the Clover bar player.additem 0008E59B Gerald Barricade Key player.additem 00043E24 Library Key Opens the library at the Shaw school player.additem 00100D9F School Library Player.additem 000E1ACB House Key KL-E-0 player.additem 000E928D Alliance House Key Opens the door of the Alliance House - the farthest house from the Alliance entrance player.additem 00064129 Arturo House Key Opens Arturo House in Diamond City player.additem 000E210D House.of the Memories player.additem 0006A69D House Key by John and Jessie Opens the House of John and Jessica in Diamond City player.additem 0006AA70 Dock Crocker House Key Opens the House of Dock Croker in Diamond City player.additem 00020B90 Dr. Sun House Key Opens Dr. Sun's House in Diamond City player.additem 000E1AC9 Key Daisy player.additem 000F7EEC Kellogg House Key Opens Kellogg's House in Yes ymond city player.additem 0006A678 Kodman House Key Opens Kodman House in Diamond City player.additem 0006A67F Cook House Key Opens Cook House in Diamond City player.additem 000495D5 Kebots House Key key player.additem 0006A68E The Keys key.additem 0006A68E Key and 856685D5 Key of the House of Cabotov player.additem 0006A68E Key will be removed. Latimer's House in Diamond City player.additem 0006AA74 Mo Cronin's House Key Mo Mo Cronin's House in Diamond City player.additem 000644DF Pembrokes House's Key Opens Pembroke's House in Diamond City player.additem 0006358B House Key. in Diamond City player.additem 0006A684 House Key Hawthorne Opens House Hawthorne in Daimo d City player.additem 000644D5 house keys Kavolski Shen Shen Kavolski Open House in Diamond City player.additem 000E45FF key to the Abbott House Open House Abbott in Diamond City player.additem 0002F800 house keys Earl of Stirling House Opens Earl of Stirling in Diamond -city player.additem 000D8D3E Keeper's home key Player.additem 0019E054 Machkra key Opens the entrance to Fishcracker fish player.additem 0003EFB6 The key to the factory of the Big Lukowski player.additem 00043F72 Key from the director's office Cabinet director in the name school Show player.additem 001D1CDD Camera key player.additem 000FECCD Camera key player.a dditem 001478C0 Trinity Tower Camera Key Opens a locked camera with Strong and Rex player.additem 0019FEFC Coast Guard Camera Key Opens a prison cell in the Coast Guard Pier building player.additem 001097E3 Cambridge Police Key key player.additem 000941 Circuit1011C1 blood transfusion clinics player.additem 0011B473 Gladys room key Opens Gladys room in Sandy Coves sanatorium player.additem 0006E46C Data room key Data room player.additem 001103A1 Keeper room room player.additem 000F2865 The key of the room. additem 001443D3 Roof Key Sogas »Roof Sogas Ironworks player.additem 000C16FF Key from the hydroponics laboratory player.additem 000F5D88 Key from the hydroponics laboratory player.additem 000E1AD1 Key from the doctor’s doctor player.additem 0009DBAA Key from the labs“ Mass fusion ”player.additem 000666666DDAA labs from the“ Mass Fusion ”labs player.additem 00066666DDAA laboratories from the“ Mass Fusion ”laboratories player.additem 0006666DDAA. City ”player.additem 000890C3 Alliance Store Key player.additem 001A8981 Galleries Master Key player.additem 0007DD7D Medford Anatomical Theater Key Opens the Medford Anatomical Amphitheater player.additem 00227814 The Key for Montsignor Opens an open anatomy amphitheater of the Monsignor Theater, and has opened the control, which is open in the Medford anatomical theater. Plaza player.additem 0 0160B47 The key to the museum of the witches of Salem player.additem 0005C7EF The key to the city hall Jameica-Plain Opens the door in the basement of the city hall player.additem 0023E372 The key to the armory "Pridvena" player.additem 00141946 The key to the main base House "Main Base" in the Diamond City player. additem 0022C86B key from the office player.additem 0018AC49 key to the "Hyubris Comics» office Open office writer player.additem 000890C2 key from the office of the Alliance player.additem 0018443A key to the basement, "Joe Sandwiches» player.additem 0006AABF key to the basement hospital player.additem 0016D40B Key from the basement in Salem player.additem 000A0702 Key from the basement Krupov Opens the Basement Krupov player.additem 0006 44D4 The Fallon basement key player.additem 000644EB The key to the Diamond City radio station player.additem 000D3C60 The key to the Korvega safe player.additem 0003C43D The key to the safe in the Cambridge police station player.additem 0006C19C The key to the safe in the tank in the 20106 c19C Key for the safe in the Cambridge police station player.additem 0006C19C The key to the safe in the Cambridge police station player.additem 0006C19C additem 0015F723 The key to the safe in the Boston mayor's shelter Opens a safe (very complicated lock) for the mayor on the lower level of the player. player.additem 00191671 The key to the safe in the church player.additem 0019290E The key to the long-lasting John's safe Opens the safe in the house at the Long-loving John player. additem 001A7122 The Key to Captain Wes's Safe Unlocks Captain Wes's Safe, Kotor the nd is located in the recording studio at the shooters' buildings player.additem 00194374 Margaret Safe Key Opens Margaret's personal safe at Sandy Coves sanatorium player.additem 00194370 Mortimer Safe Key Opens Mortimer's personal safe at Sandy Coves sanatorium player.additem 00194343 Safe.Coopes safe box in player Sandy Coves Randall Safe Open Randall's personal safe in the Sandy Coves sanatorium player.additem 000D8D3F Keeper's safe key player.additem 194371 Edward Safe Key Opens the Edward's personal safe in Sanatorium Sandy Coops san.ordiem 194373 The key of the safe in the Sandy Coops sanatorium player.additem 194373 Edward's safe Ethel's safe in the Sandy Coves sanatorium player.additem 001660E1 The key to the warehouse The warehouse of the store near the location of the secret plumber player.additem 0001D0FC The key from the warehouse player.additem 000D3C71 The key to the warehouse Korvegi Entrance to the warehouse of the assembly shop machines Korvega player.additem 0018AC3D The key to the warehouse “Hubris Comic” Warehouse next to the box office in “Hubris Comics” player.additem 00091F9A The key to the library vault Opens the door to the library vault of the Boston public library player.additem 0019FDF4 The key to the Fallon warehouse player.additem 0019C545 The key to the Hozmag warehouse The warehouse on the second floor of Hozmag player.addmm 000 Bedroom Krups Opens the door to Nats on the third floor of the Krupow family mansion player.additem 0019B233 The key to the station “Square Square” Opens the closed door from the box office player..dditem 001A535F The key to the recording studio SGBN Opens the recording studio player.additem 000F10DC The key to the gift shop Opens the door to the Cellar of the souvenir shop and a safe inside the basement of the gift shop. player.additem 0006A134 Linn Woods chests player.additem 0007FBB5 Theater keys The door of the Charles-View Theater office player.additem 000F75F5 Viik Shipping trailer key Trailers for Wicked Shipping player.addmmtmtmtmtmmtmtmt 000m50055 Trailer for Wicked Shipping Trailer for Wicked Shipping Fidlers Green Trailer in Fidlers Green player.additem 0006A339 Toilet key in the mayor’s haven of Boston player.additem 001B4BC1 Evans Way Way for the Deadlock player.additem 0011E4B5 key for the Key to imprisoning the door of the day to get to the door of the day, in the window of the day, I’m using the key to use the card in the door of the day, I’m using the window, I’m using the key, I’m using the key, I’m in charge player.additem 00100289 K-21B installation key Abandoned shack player.additem 000A2747 Warvik farm key player.additem 000423FA Fort Straw key ng Safe in the office of the head of Fort Strong player.additem 000FB263 The key to the hut in Neponett player.additem 0012B899 The key to the vault of Hancock player.additem 0006A641 The key to the center "Science!" The entrance door of the center "Science!" player.additem 0006358A All Beliefs player.additem 00043B53 Key to the locker with evidence player.additem 0006A63D School Key player.additem 000919F3 Key from Wilson Atomoiz Headquarters Opens the door to Arlen Glass's office at the Headquarters of Wilson Atomoyz corporation player.additem 0017FC7B Key from the “Subways” headquarters player.additem 001081BB Vault guard key 81 player.additem 0008A838 Pickman Key Open Safe Pickman safe player.additem 00147D5A Shem Draun's key Shem Draun's grave player.additem 0007E609 Edwin's key Safe in Edwin's house near Chestnut-Hillock lake player.additem 000EF46E Energichny key Ernie Opens a safe in the “Kayf-city” location.pathmdadmditem.kitditem. Clark player.additem 000FF378 Master password "GallyutsiGen» player.additem 0019B17D key from the terminal Skara player.additem 000827C9 code from razvedbunkera 429A player.additem 00099D3E password base arsenal Fort Hagen player.additem 001291BF password in Lieberthal player.additem 001965F8 password Jacob player .additem 000E929C Password Jacob player.additem 001D83A5 Password Gerald from the safe player.additem 000639D9 Password for the Mass Pike Tunnel Opens the terminal from the Mass Pike Tunnel office premises player.additem 000BE152 Access password for the Supervisor player Aadomoz engineer password: Marlin Door to the design laboratory and the terminal in the laboratory at the Headquarters laboratory, Marlin The door to the design laboratory and the terminal in the laboratory at Shabot Control Station: Marlin Wilson Atomaoys player.additem 0015DE98 Password of the Galleria inspector player.additem 000A02D8 Kellogg's password from the player.additem terminal 001F3CA8 Project manager’s player player.additem 00111829 Mayor Jameika-Plain player.additem 0016FB8 password The player.additem 0016FB8B Mayor’s password for the project manager’s player.additem password for player.additem player’s password. 000BE131 Password from the entrance to l laboratories of player.additem 001B2F98 Password Door Ranger player.additem 001C3AF0 Password from the magazine boasts player.additem 0010C476 Password from a blood transfusion clinic player.additem 0011C4EB Password from the lab "Arkdzheta» player.additem 00117F98 Password from the Security Service Office Atomatoz player.additem 0004EBDA Password from the Gwinnet brewery player.additem 0008C3FE Password from the Campbell safe University Point, the building of the University Credit Union, opens the Campbell safe. player.additem 0014404C Password from Henry's terminal player.additem 001C3AFE Password from Irma's terminal In Irma's inventory player.additem 001E1DA5 Password from the terminal of the reactor player.additem 001D88AC Password from the Shona terminal player.additem 0019FEFB The password from the Coast Guard opens Sentry Watchdog opens the memory of the radio guard. guard player.additem 001A458E Password from the federal food warehouse Gives access to the warehouse with products in the Federal Food Warehouse location player.additem 0017660B Password from the radioactive materials storage player.additem 0007053C Password of the officer of the National Guard Gives access n to armory, compartment with power armor, arsenal control terminal player.additem 001793DD Four-Leaf Guard password player.additem 001B48AC First Assistant password player.additem 000B4685 Manager's Mass Fusion terminal Opens the terminal of the main research laboratory Mass Fusion player. additem 0013A02C Security password player.additem 0019900E Buddy Password Unlock Terminal Buddy player.additem 001C3AF8 Fred Allen Password player.additem 001E97B9 Password Emogen Cabot player.additem 0013CB54 The password by Ernie Dayet I will access the key, 001E97B9 Password Emogen Cabot ,. ation "Kayf City» player.additem 000A16DA Skipping to Vault 111 player.additem 000FF17E Call password from "Haller» player.additem 001F0FB3 Technical password Vault 81 player.additem xx001d29 Password central control RB-2851 in central control terminal Den Mechanist

As you may have noticed that Fallout 4 cheat codes are exactly the same as the third part, and coincide with Skyrim cheat codes. If any codes do not work for you, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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