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for flowers as a gift
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All poems for gifts
Poems to ASTRAM
Let the planets whimsical
Shut up in the distance,
You are beautiful and recognized,
If asters in hand.
If asters are donated,
Kohl in the hands of beauty -
All bugs fixed
With one finger.
Take these asters here!
Suddenly you will see my passionate gaze
And you will understand that I am unhappy
And burn with love!
The stars of your eyes are like asters!
I have long been in their power.
Make it clear that it is not in vain.
This heat burns in the blood!
These asters are my gift,
Maybe not very bright!
My kiss will be hot
And the ice will melt in the heart!
Be love and hope,
Be with me the most tender.
The ocean of love is boundless
You and me will be overwhelmed!

Poems to a BOUQUET OF FLOWERS I came to you with a bouquet,
It is a pity that I myself am not a flower.
I'd then in the bouquet of this
I stood with you for an hour.
But the flowers do not disappoint,
Tenderness will show their own.
I hand you a bouquet ...
Himself stand aside.
Stand just in case
Guessing in advance -
Suddenly a bouquet will bore you
And my turn will come.
I want to give a bouquet of lush flowers,
But none of them compare with you,
Even if I could search among the worlds,
He will fade completely before your beauty.
Today I woke up a little light,
Walked around the universe,
What a wonderful name ... (NAME)
It turned into a beautiful bouquet.
I give you flowers,
To smile you!
To be fulfilled soon
Hot your dreams!
You are beautiful, like a dream.
These roses are like fire,
So you know today:
I'm forever in love with you!
Without lavishing extra words,
I give you a bouquet of flowers.
Wish to be a beautiful lady
More beautiful with flowers!
The bouquet will fade, flying around.
What is not a secret.
But there is one mystery in the world -
How did you manage in winter and summer
Bloom all life, not fading,
Beautiful and young,
A lesson giving all the bouquets?
Confirming that it is ready
For you to erase the pollen,
I give a bouquet of flowers! ..
And your big heart!
I'm in a very difficult position
Suddenly turned out at this moment,
After all, my feelings will not be able to reveal
Here is this modest little bouquet.
And therefore I consider important
Add a few words to it:
I am before your every step
Ready to lay carpets of flowers.
A bouquet of flowers - what could be more wonderful,
Tender that may be desirable! ?
A bouquet of flowers can be compared only with a song,
With the song that can not forget.
In colors - soul, and life, and inspiration,
They are the victories and joys of the source!
Accept, as a sign of love and respect,
Flowers from us and this congratulation.
Today you were cooking dinner,
And I, in the meantime, bought you a bouquet.
A bouquet of flowers, of course, good,
Let there be no tears in your life.
Look more at the flowers,
And never again do you not be sad.
So that the petal of each flower,
He was beautiful like the wings of a moth.
Receive a bouquet as a gift,
And every bud in it,
Hello to you,
With a groan.
From the envy of your beauty,
Dawn smile equal,
Do you develop their sadness even a little,
Kissing petals regularly.
It’s hard to surprise by this,
Flowers are familiar to everyone for a long time
Conceived feelings to revive ...
Give flowers - everything is as usual!
Hand touch the petals
But they are so cute!
All gray hair off the temples!
She will be back, our courage!
When it’s time to give a bouquet
Flowers! It's awesome!
Take a chance - luck awaits in the morning
Well, success, someone!
There are many beautiful things in the world,
And the sun and the stars and the sky,
Good news and good news,
The loin of the freshest bread.
So let that in the world of beauty is,
Leads you without knowing the trouble.
And only admiration, pass all flattery,
We give flowers to your soul.
I give you this modest bouquet.
Wishing you many, many years.
Live happily and happily.
And in the dance of love in life circle.
Flowers as a gift to a woman-
Such is their purpose
And her beauty will be bordered, crowned
The only and correct solution.
When a woman is given flowers -
Her joy has no limits.
In the fragile color of living beauty.
Everything is so simple. And you have to do it.
In the scent of fragrant roses
Ile in a wreath of field flowers
She will swim away into the realm of dreams
In thoughts of light and unearthly.
Depart, rest soul-
Life is hard and sometimes difficult
And it happens that sometimes
Tears flow from the female eyes.
So you give her flowers -
A holiday of life, even though it is small,
Pushes away with hand
Squalls have fallen.


Field and arable land workers
They are considered weeds,
And to my taste, frankly,
These simple cornflowers.
And to me, they just, I will not hide,
Simple blue flowers,
With its pleasing simplicity,
The naturalness of beauty.
Flowers are brighter and more magnificent,
But no, in my opinion, dear.
The soul sings and the heart bleeds
From these "weeds" fields.
And you can see in them
The blue of the sky, the lightness of the clouds ...
Take my humble bunch.
Adorable fresh cornflowers! Poems to NAILS

Tender carnation - flower ornate.
Intricate and fresh buds
Fill the room with a wonderful aroma.
As a gift to you this bouquet is prepared!


Every petal in a gerbera without a doubt
The order is properly selected.
A bouquet of gerberas is assembled for you as a gift.
Please accept our congratulations.

Poems to gladioli For flowers your loud voice
I give away with delight
And solemnly give
You have gladiolus today.
Not one, of course not,
Gladiolus - a bouquet!
Just rhyme discovered
To one only, and to others
Not found. Yes, however, they
Rhymes in general do not need:
Without it, they are very
Cute and capable
Easily driving crazy
Its kind of unmatched.
Look, good!
Looks great at home.
And in them, plus a huge -
What I give them from the heart!
Let the breeze ruffle
Today is your hair.
I could not give you a gift
I have these gladioli!
What wonderful flowers,
All aspirations to heaven!
You are the beauty queen,
And all in love with you!
When will you take my bouquet,
Disappear in the life of the strip.
Let your mystery secret
Gladiolus will open!
Poems to BELLS

Don't blame him for that,
That the bell does not ring:
After all, he is a flower, his task
Feelings act differently.
And do not let your ears caress,
But he pleases your vision.
Take a look: form - sight,
And the color ... The color of the sky! .. I am on a meadow
In the morning I went, I picked up a bunch of flowers
And brought to you. And I give you.
And frankly I say:
Although you yourself notice
Of course we could - flowers
Wonderful look,
Beautiful freshness
And, like pleasant dreams,
Semi-air, ephemeral
Some kind of light is hidden in them. And you will appreciate, probably,
My bells bunch! Poems to the ROOM FLOWER

To live like again,
Need an incentive without fail,
Though fate is sometimes harsh
And fortune is variable.
Children grew up and grandchildren
They do not require care.
Are you sick of boredom
And they got really sad for something.
Here to you as a surprise
This is a young creature,
Very gentle, capricious,
It requires a lot of attention. Poems to the BASKET OF FLOWERS

Give huge bouquets
Now it is not fashionable, they say.
For me, the quirks of etiquette
Let the blue flame burn.
One flower does not express
Neither the power of feelings nor the thought of takeoff,
Scale gust distorts
And it does not turn around.
For violation of etiquette
I am ready to take reproaches.
I wholeheartedly give you this
A basket full of flowers. Poems to LILIES

Beautiful lily tender flowers
Only your underlined features.
A bouquet of wonderful lilies at a birthday party
For you! Congratulations! Poems to a mimosa
Let others give roses,
I give you mimosa.
Golden mimosa -
My gift for you!
Let the sun shine in your eyes,
The heart laughs happily!
Golden mimosa -
The morning of the golden day!
As peas radiators,
Like your laugh, clear, clear.
Golden Mimosa
So fluffy and fresh!
Be always so wonderful,
Be smart and beautiful,
After all, today, as mimosa,
You, my angel, are good!
How could he appear before you
I'm without a bouquet? Rose Time
More will come. And I brought
Daffodils - these are from the earliest.
But who dares to argue,
What early give way late?
All your time. Those need to wait.
And these are already today.
Let the roses be somewhat lush.
But daffodils are good too.
And if given from the heart,
The value of pomp is not.
And this sunlight is theirs,
The slope of respectful buds ...
Worthy after all, mind you,
I brought you a bouquet today!
Cupid will forgive me for being
What do I give you a flower!
When would I like loving
Now give you yourself.
I am beating excitement current -
How do you accept my gift are you?
I give you this flower
Outstanding worlds of beauty!
It is akin to the hope of my unearthly
The fact that, my angel, you will be with me!
I give you a flower, my dear,
And, without beautiful flattering words,
Receive my naive gift,
Believe me, he only grew for you.
Poems to the snowbeds The most fragile, the most tender
And unique
Of all the flowers snowdrop _
For my favorite!
I have a bunch of snowdrops
I will present with hope!
The sunniest in the world
Small snowdrop.
It sprouted through the snow and cold
And not afraid,
To the one who is young at heart,
Young stayed!
Be the loveliest of all in the world
And irreplaceable!
This little bouquet -
For my favorite!


I am giving as a gift
Bouquet of wild flowers.
He may not be very bright,
But pure and gentle, like love! Poems to the Daisies

Alas, without knowing your tastes,
I relied on my
And I give you a bouquet of daisies.
Ever since the morning they grew,
As they say, in the open field,
They caught the sun bright light.
And now they are a bouquet.
Put them in a vase on the table.
Do not occupy them with beauty,
Decorate the interior with flowers.
Yes, wherever they are, everywhere they are
Nice looking and cute!
I don’t know if I’m right, but I hope,
That I still pleased you. Poems to ROSAM
I will take an elegant pose
Say, for example, like this ...
And I will give you these roses -
Delights a sure sign.
Noble plants
Noble flowers,
Roses are just a lovely sight -
Symbol of wondrous beauty.
Not by chance in the whole world
The famous rose no.
Expresses you in a bouquet
Gamma of feelings without words of the poet.
And I send you these roses
I will soon accept,
After all, an elegant pose for me
It is difficult to keep long.
Bouquet of beautiful tender roses,
I brought you a gift,
Let you be beautiful,
Like these cute flowers.
Today you like these roses bouquet,
Gentle, beautiful, fresh,
Thin, wonderful, good,
And this day is prettier than you!
Favorite, I give you a scarlet (white, red, yellow, ...) bouquet of roses,
Let your beauty live for a hundred years.
Your voice and your eyes are full of love and tenderness,
And a strand of your pretty hair
Like the clouds of heaven.
From the heart I wish you
Always be like this, do not grow old,
Blossom and be always happy,
Healthy, joyful and henceforth.
For you, oh my queen,
I brought the queen of flowers!
I bow to your knee before you,
I'm ready for the feat for you!
Be beautiful as a rose, honey!
Charm me forever.
These roses are for you, dear,
I brought them to you with love!
Be always dazzling, wondrous,
Like this luxurious bouquet.
And I will say, I am always not comfortable,
When you are not with me!
Rose - a symbol of delight and power,
It's no wonder the Queen of Flowers!
I repeat that I am burning with passion,
And I'm ready for everything for you!
Poems to TULIPS

Soul flies by airplane
In the heavens of high feelings.
I give a bouquet of tulips,
Tulips tender you want.
No, I put it wrong,
And it will be more correct, probably,
Rather tell me
That by agreeing to accept the gift of
A bouquet of flowers, you, without a doubt
I do a favor.
And I can take it quite
What you have accepted by me given
As a gift to you a bouquet of tulips,
Already a gift to me!

A bouquet of tulips is noble,
Refined, strict, beautiful and fashionable.
And so today your he,
After all, you do not have more beautiful today! Poems to CHRISANTEM

Without departing from the main topic-
You express the delight of the soul,
I give you these chrysanthemums.
Admit it, are you good?
Of course, all the enthusiasm of the poet
It is hardly possible to fit
The space of one bouquet,
But part of the rapture - maybe
Came as a modest donor
Be able to understand me
on flowers throwing languid
After all, if this is only a part of
So how is the whole huge!

Beautiful Chrysanthemum Bouquet
Worth your attention.
We give him in recognition of recognition
All your beauty, charm,
The mind and efficiency of the merger,
You have all this, and it is not a secret!

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