Catnip planting and caring

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Home \ Discussions \ guzel \ Compatibility of roses and other plants. Correct me, please, if I am mistaken, but I had the impression that rudbeckia and chamomile are bad for my English roses. At least when I destroyed them, the poor things began to actively grow. But maybe this is just a coincidence? Another suspicion of asparagus: Augustus Louise and one Englishwoman 40 cm from her, too, practically do not grow. The asparagus bush is huge, but if someone confirms my suspicion, I'll be with him.

Transferred from "What flowers can not be grown next to roses (tatianKa)": Good day, a lot of information about companions for roses: catnip, bell, sage and others. I would like to know what plants absolutely can not be planted next to the roses, in the legs to the roses. I have Forchun's euonymus and lemongrass cannibalum?

Posted by: guzel, 09/03/2012

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