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Beadwork is a very exciting activity, allowing you to create amazingly beautiful paintings, decorations, various crafts. There is a huge scope for fantasy.

It is worth starting with simple products, and then moving on to more complex options. Brooch made of beads "Bullfinch" - not complicated in execution. Even beginners who have mastered the basics of embroidery with beads and beads can make it with their own hands. To make it all on the level, you need to be patient and make an effort, and, of course, if you feel tired, then you should not embroider everything at once. Break the work into several stages. And most importantly - carefully follow the instructions given in the master class.

How to easily and easily embroider a bullfinch from beads and beads, read below. Detailed step by step comments will help to cope with the most difficult stages. Tools and Materials

Before you start making a brooch, you need to prepare everything that may be needed in the process. That it was not at the crucial moment that there are not enough any beads or beads. This will suspend work indefinitely and may affect creative inspiration. And this is absolutely useless. Therefore, in advance of stocking the necessary materials.

Beads and beads are used for embroidery of various volume figures: various sizes and shapes (round, cylindrical, long, short); all sorts of colors; matte, shiny, pearlescent.

They also use rhinestones, sequins, Swarovski stones, cabochons. The choice of material depends on your idea. You can focus on ready-made schemes and add your own solutions to them. Options for schemes

To make a decoration from beads “Bullfinch”, you first need to decide which bird you want to portray - animated or realistic.

The Internet offers a lot of different decorations in the form of a bullfinch, choose which one you like, and select the appropriate material. Examples and workshops for embroidery bullfinch can be viewed on various resources. Ready options

The stores have the opportunity to buy magazines on needlework, where ready-made schemes for bead weaving are already offered. The necessary materials are detailed in them: how many beads are needed, what color, their weight in grams is indicated. According to this scheme, the pattern will be embroidered with ease. The brooch from beads "Bullfinch" can be made according to the ready-made sketches.

At will the decoration is carried out in an oval frame or it is given additional volume (with the help of cloth and batting). color range

What only colors beads are not represented on the shelves! But, if you are working on ready-made journal schemes, it is not always possible to choose the exact color that is indicated on the pages of your assistant. There is nothing wrong with that. It is necessary to select similar colors, the main thing is to take into account their combination with each other. You can also replace matte beads and beads with shiny or pearlescent. The main thing is that it looks organic.

The same applies to the manufacture of brooches from the beads "Bullfinch" with a detailed description. Here you can also change the proposed colors to others at your discretion, then the work will turn out to be individual and peculiar, different from other similar products.

For example, in the version with the bullfinch, red beads can be replaced with peach, black with gray, gray with light gray. Description of the creation of a bead brooch

For the manufacture of brooches from beads "Bullfinch" we need: a small piece of white felt; Swarovski rhinestones for sewing black 12x6 mm or rhinestones with darts; round rhinestone for eyes black; black round beads number 10; pomegranate round beads number 11; light cherry round beads number 11; white round beads number 10; light gray beads number 11; needles for embroidery beads; threads in tone of beads; monofilament; plastic (polymer clay) for the beak; cardboard; clasp for brooches; scissors, pencil or pen.

Getting to the manufacture. Brooch "Bullfinch" beads - master class.

At the very beginning you want to create a sketch of the future bird. You can print a picture or draw it yourself. The second option is suitable for craftswomen with a talent for drawing. You can also try to redraw the sketch that you like. Then cut and cut the pattern around the contour on a piece of white felt.

The color of the pen, it is desirable to take black to match the last fixing row Cut, departing from the contour by about 1 cm. On the template to draw the contours of the wing and breast.

The manufacturing algorithm is as follows: Place three rhinestones on the intended wing, leaving a small gap between them. Glue to the base, then sew a mono thread. Sheathe a string of black beads around each rhinestone. Sew according to the following scheme: fasten the thread with inversion, go to the face, put on 2 beads, place them on the fabric, pierce them and go back over it; then pierce between the beads and go to the front; pass the needle through the second beads, put on 2 more pieces, go out on the wrong side; start the needle between the third and fourth beads, thread the fourth and so continue the whole row further.

Glue a round rhinestone to the eye, around to go next to the black bead From plastic for baking to make a black beak with two through holes. Stick it on the marked place and sew. If there is no plastics, then in such a case, embroider a beak of floss doubled in thread.
Embroider the head, as shown in the photo, in black on the top, in the middle parts add white, bottom - garnet. On the wing, except for black, flash the “feathers” with light gray beads.
On the breast, make rows of garnet color and paste in a chaotic order one by one - two beads of light cherry color are slightly larger in size.
Tail flash five rows of black beads.  Cut the felt along the contour, try to cut very close to the contour line. To prepare a template made of cardboard and leather, the cardboard should be somewhat smaller than the felt base. Paste the cardboard blank on the felt. On the skin to make holes, fasten the lock. Stick a leather pattern over the cardboard.
It remains to complete the embedment black bead row. This can be done in one of the ways - Russian (the beads are arranged with openings to each other) or American (the openings look outside).

Everything, the brooch from beads which the master class helped to do, is finished. Bullfinch is ready to decorate your wardrobe. Our recommendations

Before embarking on beadwork, it is advisable to learn the basic methods of bead embroidery. The best option is to watch the video, because the description cannot convey all the subtleties of the work.

Try it! Successes in your endeavors!

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