Can I buy a flower with hands

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YOU, Val. a tale., with neoprene. 1. There may be a possibility. M. to do in two days.M. to make it. 2. Allowed allowed. Here M. to smoke? M.? (the issue of permission, eg. m. log? M. take?). Is M. to do so? (ie, impossible). • How can you (Accel.) 1) does not. How could you do this? (expression of condemnation); 2) in his remark: expression of confident denial. Hurt you? As much as possible! (i.e., of course not). Is it possible? (colloquial.) the expression of sharp disapproval, condemnation. The bullied child, is it possible? We can say, wodn. CL. (colloquial.) expressions of confidence, it can be argued. Sixty years of age, you can say, venerable. Source: dictionary of Ozhegov and Shvedova on meaning in other dictionaries it is possible — POSSIBLE — IMPOSSIBLE [Irina:] No, please go away, Vasily. Can't be here. [Salt:] Why is the Baron and not with me? Chekhov. Three sisters. [Chugunov:] you can talk! [Murzavetskaya:] "You Yes you"! Why can not something?... Dictionary of antonyms of the Russian language — bezlimita.. in Val. story. 1. with neoprene. There are conditions and possibilities for the implementation of smth. [Olga:] it's warm Today, you can keep the Windows wide open. Chekhov, Three sisters. In the milk was heated by an iron stove, to keep warm. Kataev, our father. Small collegiate dictionary can — in options. bezlimita.. story. with INF. 1. About the possibility to implement smth.; there are conditions for performing what-l. actions. Today M. to ski. M. to go to the forest. Sun M. sun. 2. someone-what with the info. Allowed allowed. M. to enter. The dictionary Kuznetsova can — predic. 1. About the conditions of possibility for the accomplishment, realization of something. 2. Allowed allowed. Explanatory dictionary Ephraim possible — ADV, the number of synonyms... synonym Dictionary of the Russian language — you CAN see mogh. See also ICAO dictionary Dahl can — M course you CAN, Val. predicate. 1. ·INF. There may be a possibility. This can be done in two days. One might think that he's not coming. How mainoo to judge according to preliminary data. 2. Allowed allowed. Can I smoke in here? Can I go out?... Ushakov's explanatory dictionary

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