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Bodygraf Human Design is a universal language for describing reality. Or maya, illusions. Who calls as. Each has its own reality of illusion. What we think about ourselves and how things go wrong with affairs here - this is also Human Design.

You can formulate in different ways what it is, and in a conversation with a new person I answer this question differently each time. Then I still think: here, we must write it down! - but rarely have time. We can safely say that Human Design is a game of decision-making, in trusting yourself. This is the science of self-love. It is a method that allows you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and transform weakness into awareness. For me personally, this is the comprehension of man and humanity in all aspects - genetic, energetic, emotional, mental. And the name of this Human Design project is FORMULA LOVE to yourself. We were born with this formula, and we can embody it. Discovering what love is. Discovering it where, I think, it is impossible to find.

This knowledge is deeper than the rabbit hole)) Where it came from, you can learn a little here from the creator of the Human Design System, his name was Ra Uru Hu.

He said:

“You cannot kill your false Self, because it is you too. You cannot destroy it. You can convert it. It's about your ability to work with authority, which leaps the mind, bypasses it. You have to breathe it.

You stop listening to your mind telling you what to do. Nothing to do. Each person has a built-in mechanism that allows him to establish his authority in this life.

Lord Jesus, generation after generation of sheep. You see, Human Design is for wolves. It is intended for those who are ready to assert their own authority. The mind is not your authority. He is always where you are not. ”

Other Ra quotes are collected here.

Several terms in one quote. False Self, authority. Sometimes they say that they are difficult to understand. I can neither support nor argue. When I became interested in Human Design, I came to the seminar Living My Design, and received a base. If you collect it yourself bit by bit on the Internet, it can be more difficult. But everyone has their own way to learn.

The most beautiful thing about Human Design, perhaps, is that there is no authority on anyone other than yourself.

New information can meet skepticism. This is a natural defense against quackery or loss of time for useless knowledge.

So I understand you. Decide for yourself)) And if anything, ask questions, so the answer may come))

Yes, and more. My interviews on Human Design for various publications can be read here. What is it?

Generators, projectors, reflectors ... and these more are manifestos. That only people will not think up to earn money and serve yesterday's salad with fresh parsley. Here and astrology with I-Ching, and Kabbalah, which is not enough to study the three lives, and the chakras. And it would be fine if only this, so there is none - genetics and quantum physics have been attributed here. As if from this more trust will arise.

Those who fell for this bait first began to preach to Human Design, then calmed down, and then they somehow lost touch. Or the phone is changing, or leaving work, or leaving somewhere.

And if at a meeting you ask about business and the conversation comes to Human Design, they say: “You need to learn this from your own experience. It is necessary to experiment. If you just know about it, nothing will change. ”

Even if you just read various websites on this topic on the Internet, you will recognize yourself in some way. In type, in profile. Then there is an interest to learn what the Incarnation Cross is. Then even - who would have thought! - and actually try to experiment with it. And then you leave somewhere or change jobs. Changing attitude to what is. And to those who are. ("To leave is not necessarily to go somewhere far away. You can stay where you are, but live as if in a parallel world. And you already determine whether you will be noticed or not" (CHOM)

Well, the new adept is ready.

Want to know what Human Design is? Are you ready to try it? Where there is gone

In short, the story sounds very strange. One Canadian was tired of the motley and empty life of a successful business dandy, he disappeared and appeared in Ibiza, where he spent 5 years, was homeless, a freak and a teacher at school. Experimented with an expansion of consciousness. Watched life. One day he discovered the knowledge that he called Human Design. It was a revelation on the night when Supernova exploded.

He systematized this teaching and did an unprecedented work in 25 years to teach it. He said that Human Design is not for everyone. “How is it, Ra,” the students asked him, “because it really can help people. It is so practical and unique! ”

Yes sir. But you, too, may have met this incredulously as the next network project of the Age of Aquarius. But one of us was stung. And no one. Although knowledge is unique as much as each of us is unique, and it came, I can assume, from the same distance.

This knowledge is different. Something harder, but something simpler. You can read a lot about it, but stay in the plane of the mind.

Amazingly, the relationship of genetics and the principles of quantum physics with Human Design exists. And this is an accurate tool.

You start to feel special. And special. More precisely, this feeling, once dropped, comes back to you. You feel your place in the world under your feet. And this feature is simple. This is your movie.

And then - whether you want to use this tool or avoid meetings - this is not what determines. Each of us gets our unique experience on Earth.

My longtime text with a simple explanation of what a Human Design to a girlfriend is: Such A Cool Horoscope. For those interested and need more information:

Human Design is a human device. The science of how you are energetically arranged and how your energy is inscribed in the matrix of the surrounding world and the Universe.

Human Design is the matrix of the Absolute, an organic synthesis of the teachings on chakras and biology, the meeting of I-Ching and genetics, Kabbalah and the principles of quantum physics, astronomy and astrology. This modern science has been developing since the late 80s and has attracted the attention of both esotericists and rationalists - those who are interested in an accurate and practical tool of self-knowledge, giving an understanding of their uniqueness. This is all reflected in the graphic picture called the bodigraph.

Human Design - 9 Centers The Energy Centers in Design are from the Hindu chakra system. But traditionally, the chakras are 7, and there are 9 centers. This reflects the evolutionary development of mankind and the accompanying mutations that have taken place since 1781, when the planet Uranus was discovered. In Human Design, the same initial data as in astrology is used to build the map: the date, time and place of birth. In this case, the features of houses and zodiac signs, as in astrology, are not considered, attention is directed to the values ​​of hexagrams i-jing and the lines in which the planets were at the time of birth. Hexagrams are located on the outer circle of the mandala. It can be clearly seen in the following video:

Physics confirms the possibility that information is transmitted through a neutrino stream. This is the breath of stars, the smallest particles that have mass. They pass through space objects and our bodies. Thus, each of us receives its own special “cosmic imprint” at birth and the current influence throughout life in this ocean of information. The quantum principle: “I mention the quantum principle in the only case, when I speak of the imprint of the Primary Matrix in Bodigraph. The trick is that you have Channels, each of which has two pairs of Gates. Each Gate has its own value. But at that moment, when a connection is established between these two completely different aspects, something third arises. This is the basis of the quantum principle, the observer and the observed influence each other and, of course, something new that emerges as a result is unique and differs from the original two ”- Ra Uru Hu. Genetics and Design. All the genetic information that defines us is contained in the DNA molecule. This molecule has a double axis, it is very stable, it is difficult to destroy. And accessing it is not so easy, because the DNA molecule contains a protocol for creating a protein molecule, for creating any cell. Therefore, to get access to genetic information you need a copy that provides access to genetic information, here it can be destroyed. And this copy is called RNA. The RNA molecule has 4 different bases. These 4 bases are called cytosine, urasil, guanine and adenine. Each quarter is based on one of these bases.

Communication of Design of the Person and Genetics Each quarter basically has the same digram - the two lower lines of the hexagram. In order for us to have a building block of genetic information, it is necessary that there are 3 different types of bases, or basics. And together these 3 bases form a codon - a genetic block of information. When we look at the hexagram, we see the so-called. the structure of the codon, and when on the bigram we see the structure of the base, or base. 64 DNA codons correspond to 64 hexagrams of i-jing. Each codon is associated with one hexagram. The division into four types (Manifestor, Generator, Projector and Reflector) reflects the four main groups of which our DNA is built. They are known in genetics as the "four bases." Thus, depending on the informational imprint obtained at birth, certain genes are activated in us, while others remain in an inactive state. The fact that we are active in (painted over on the map) shows that you are giving to the outside world. What is not active (white on the map) is the place of reception from the outside. This is how the genetic imperative works, based on the attraction of opposites. This card gives a lot of information about your predisposition to creativity, about the characteristics of character and behavior, about strength and vulnerability, about health and - most importantly - gives a clear idea of ​​how to develop this, making the right decisions, trusting yourself. This trust in oneself is defined in the Human Design as Inner Authority, its particular way of making decisions.

Reality is just an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein

A little more for clarity:
The value of this knowledge is that you get the keys that help you in everyday life to make decisions and enter into relationships with other individuals in a natural way for you. This is called Strategy and Internal Authority. It dissolves possible resistance and aligns you with your real life purpose.

P.S. An interview with Ra Uru Hu can be read here.

More information on the subject of human design can be found here.

If you need a personal consultation, come.

© Masha Vodolazskaya

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