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Godetiya - features of garden flowers Godetia refers to annual herbaceous plants, the homeland which is southern california. The flower qualification was first studied by the Swiss botanist C. H. Gode, in whose honor the name of the plant occurred. Beautiful silky flowers similar to azaleas from the 60s of the XIX century have taken their place in many gardens of Europe.

They have similarities with the plant of the Family of Cyprus - clarke. Godetia breeds by seeds and has some features of cultivation, which will be discussed in our article.

Content Godetia - description, variety and photo of a flower

Bushes of a plant differ in an extended or sprawling form and the compact sizes. In length, they exceed no more than 20–60 cm. On the upright stems of the shale bush, alternate lanceolate leaves, which may not be visible due to the lush flowering of the plant.

Cup-shaped or bell-shaped flowers with a diameter of 3 to 10 cm can consist of four petals and be simple, or can be collected in a brush and be terry. Depending on the variety, short stalks differ in white, purple, pink, peach, carmine, red, or a combination of colors. Species and varieties

Godetia in bloom is very beautiful - large bright flowers attract attention. Godetia charming is a plant with smooth, erect, brittle stems 60 cm high. Its leaves have a pointed, narrow lanceolate shape. Spade-shaped petals are collected in cup-shaped or bell-shaped flowers with a diameter of 5 cm. They are usually painted in different colors of red and bloom from July to September. There are varieties: Crystal snowflake - a plant with white flowers and stems up to 75 cm. Kirshkenigin - a bush with flowers of pink-red color.

The large-flowered Godetia is distinguished by slight pubescence and the stems are from 20 to 40 cm high. Fragile erect or recumbent stems are woody by the end of the vegetative period. The lanceolate-shaped leaves of the plant to the base narrow. At the ends of the shoots are formed leafy brushes with large flowers bell-shaped or cupped. The diameter of each flower can reach 10 cm, and their silky petals have white, crimson, red, pink, dark red, scarlet or lilac shades. Flowering lasts from July to October. Hybrid varieties of the large-flowered caramel can be dwarf and tall. The most popular of them are: The Orange Room variety is a branchy, semi-sprawling shrub 40–50 cm tall. On its reddish-green shoots narrow lance leaves grow. Red-orange flowers consist of entire petals and have a broad bell-shaped form. The Weisser Schwann variety is a spreading shrub not exceeding 30–35 cm in height. It is distinguished by green shoots in the upper part and brown at the base, full-edged petals and satin-white cup-shaped flowers.

Terry Godetia is a hybrid variety of the large-flowered Godetia. In nature, this type of plant does not exist. Azale like terry years is represented by the following varieties: Godetia is grown from seed, and seedlings are planted in the ground. Variety The bride is distinguished by white flowers, which can have a subtle pink shade. Brilliant variety is a bush with flowers of bright red color, petals of which are covered with white spots. The variety Rembrandt is a hemispherical low bush with a height of 30 to 35 cm. On its pink-green shoots are narrow-lanceolate leaves and double flowers 5 cm in diameter. Each wavy pink petal of the variety is cut up on the edge and has a red spot. Sherwood variety is compact and short. On the green-pink shoots up to 30-40 cm high grow lanceolate leaves and semi-double flowers. Salmon pink petals from the middle to the edge gradually brighten. Godetia: growing from seed

When planting a hook depends on how the plant is planted. In open ground, seeds are sown in April, May, or before winter, two weeks before frost. Seedlings should be sown in March. Cultivation in open field

Before planting, the seeds are kept for half an hour in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This The procedure will allow to protect the shoots from various diseases. It is necessary to take care in advance of preparing the bed, which must be dug up, cleaned of debris and weeds, fertilized and watered.

Since the seeds of the hedetia are very small, they are distributed on the surface of the bed and lightly sprinkled with earth. For ease of sowing, seeds can be mixed with a small amount of sand or earth.

Shrub bush during the flowering period Each bush should have enough space and located at a distance of not less than 20 cm from each other. Otherwise, the age will bloom badly. But it’s impossible to arrange the small seeds at the right distance at the right distance, so the densely sprouting shoots are thinned out.

Care of the planted seeds consists in the constant moistening of the bed, which is regularly neatly poured over with a watering can with a strainer. The first seedlings of seeds planted in the open ground will appear in 2-2.5 weeks. Growing seedlings at home

In order to get a beautifully blooming flower bed of a hedetia in late May - early June, you can use a seedling method of planting. The plant does not like transplants, so planting and caring for seedlings in this case will be difficult.

In order to disturb the root system of the godetia as little as possible, you can purchase special seedling cassettes or use disposable plastic cups, which can be easily cut, for sowing seeds. In each cell or glass is placed on several seeds, the soil is moistened and covered with glass or polyethylene. In such a mini greenhouse, the seeds will grow together and care for them is much easier.

Godetia Pride sprouts in the soil - planting seeds. Godetia on the flowerbed is a real decoration  Growing a tree - select seeds. Godetia is an undemanding flower, it needs special care not necessary.

Rassatnye containers are placed in a warm place and until the seedlings have risen, the ground must be ventilated every day and sprayed with water from a sprinkler.

As soon as the seedlings appear, the glass is removed and the seedling containers are exposed to a bright place. Care of them consists in accurate watering and top dressing.

If the seeds are sown in boxes, then when the seedlings appear in two or three true leaves, they will need to pick out on separate containers. Three seedlings are planted in each pot. In this case, they should be dug very carefully, and shortened too long roots. Planting seedlings

Seedlings reached 5–7 cm in late May – early June are planted in open ground. Approximately two weeks before planting, home-grown seedlings need to be gradually hardened, exposing it to a balcony or a garden for this.

The plot for yearning should be sunny. Plant Godetia can be grown from seeds, but planting directly into the ground will be successful only in the southern regions. loves neutral or sub-acid loamy soil. The flower bed is dug up and fertilized with humus at the rate of 5 kg per square meter. m, wood ash and mineral fertilizers.

Landing Godetsii should occur in cloudy weather or in the evening after sunset. The distance between seedlings depends on the height of future bushes and can be from 20 cm and more. Each sprout from the container very carefully gets along with a lump of earth, put in prepared holes, sprinkled with soil and well watered. Peculiarities of care for a year

Special conditions for the cultivation of a heidetia are not required, however, in order to obtain a lush and long bloom, it is necessary to follow some rules for care: The planting should take place in well-lit places, since in the penumbra and shade the flowers will be small, and the flowering itself will be moderate. The soil around the bushes is regularly weeded and loosened. Such procedures will eliminate unwanted "neighbors" and provide the roots with air and space for growth. Godetia likes regular watering, but it is not recommended to fill it. To high stalks attached support. Monthly plant requires fertilizing with mineral fertilizers, in which there is little nitrogen. This will ensure its timely and abundant flowering. Each bud blooms only three days. Therefore, in order to form new flowers as quickly as possible, wilted ones should be removed in time.

After flowering, seed boxes are formed on the bush, in which the seeds ripen within 30 days. As soon as the boxes darken, you can collect seeds from them, which are dried and planted next year.

An unpretentious garden plant with a good planting and care will decorate with its beautiful flowers not only a flower garden, but also curbs, lawns and flower beds. The plant is widely used for landscape design.

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