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When the eggplant in the market costs about 50 rubles, you need to buy them. Make caviar, ajap sandalwood out of them, fry in circles or bake in halves. And you can also make them a salad with spicy oriental sauce or an original side dish for meat. In general, eggplant - the main product of late summer and early autumn. But you need to know how to handle it. The two main problems of eggplants: they taste bitter and absorb oil like a sponge. Therefore, when frying, low-calorie eggplants turn into just an oily high-calorie bomb. We tell how to prevent this. And also we share interesting author's recipes in case someone bothered fried eggplant with garlic: Tips for cooking eggplant

Victor Apasev, the chef of the Tarantino restaurant and the Rukkola cafe chain, shared his trade secrets with AiF-Kitchen: For eggplants to be crispy and juicy, they need to be well breaded. Starch and flour are taken in equal proportions, and the slices fall off very tightly. Frying eggplant does not make sense, they will be kvelye. The grill pan will help you to struggle with the absorption of eggplant oil. It is smeared with just a few drops of butter, and eggplants are fried on it. The second way to make eggplant without butter - just bake them. Best of all - entirely. Only Russian small eggplants are gorchat. Now there are many import markets, they do not require additional manipulations, soaking in salt water. Imported eggplants are softer than ours, but also very tasty. Eggplant salad with tomatoes

The author is Zhang Xiangcheng, the chef of China Literacy Restaurant Eggplant salad with tomatoes Photo: Restaurant "Chinese diploma"

100 g of eggplant

75 grams of tomato

20 g cilantro

3 g garlic

15 grams of corn starch 300 g of vegetable oil

For the sauce:

70 g sweet and sour chili sauce

2 g dark soy sauce

5 g light soy sauce

5 g oyster sauce

10 g cilantro

Step 1. Peel eggplant, cut into triangles, moisten with water and roll in corn starch.

Step 2. Fry in a wok in vegetable oil at 300 degrees until crisp.

Step 3. Cut the tomato into slices. Scald hot oil from fried eggplant.

Step 4. Put the tomatoes and eggplant in a plate.

Step 5. Finely chop the cilantro, mix all ingredients for dressing and cilantro, add to the salad and mix.

Step 6. Before serving add chopped cilantro and garlic. Quince Salad

The recipe of Ismail Gunduz, chef cafe "Bardak" Quince Salad Photo: Cafe "Bardak"

10 grams of quince

50g beef tenderloin

30 g cucumber

30 g of eggplant 10 grams of walnuts

Fresh cilantro

25 g of mayonnaise

Salt and pepper

To decorate:

10 g sirtaki cheese

60 g tomato

3g basil

For the sauce (for 1 portion - 1-2 tablespoons):

100 g of champignons

205 ml of olive oil

50 g onions

40 grams of tomato

20 g sugar


80 ml of balsamic vinegar

Step 1. Beat the beef tenderloin, add salt, pepper, olive oil, marinate for 20-30 minutes.

Step 2. Wrap the cleaned quince in foil, send it to the oven, heated to 220 degrees, for 10-15 minutes. Quince should be slightly soft. Cut into strips.

Step 3. Fry the meat on the grill, cut into strips.

Step 4. Cut the cucumbers into straws, chop the walnut.

Step 5. Cut the eggplant into slices, only three, each weighing about 10 g

Step 6. Fry the eggplant slices in a hot frying pan in sunflower oil for 1 minute each side. Spread on paper towel to absorb excess fat. Cool

Step 7. Mix quince with cucumbers, walnuts, cilantro, mayonnaise and salt with pepper.

Step 8. Cut the tomatoes into slices, just three slices, 20 g each.

Step 9. On a plate in a row lay basil, slices of tomato on top.

Step 10. On the eggplant lay out the salad and turn into rolls, lay out on top of the tomatoes.

Step 11. Cooking the sauce. Onions and mushrooms clean, chop. Tomatoes cut. In a large stewpan, heat the olive oil, add onions, mushrooms and salt. Cook until soft onions on low heat. Pour in balsamic vinegar, add tomatoes, sugar. Give boil. Remove from heat, let cool to room temperature.

Step 12. Each roll is decorated with tomatoes and a cube of cheese. Pour over chutney sauce. Eggplants "Pucholia"

Recipe for Mamia Jojua, chef of "Kazbek" restaurant Photo: Restaurant "Kazbek"

90 g of eggplant

80 g pink tomatoes

10 ml of olive oil

60 g. Cheese of buccholia (crushed young cheese with mint) 20 g of “Gebzhalia” sauce

Pomegranate Seeds

Svan salt

Step 1. Cut eggplants and tomatoes.

Step 2. Salt eggplant, leave for 10 minutes, then fry on both sides in a frying pan grill.

Step 3. Remove the seeds from the tomato.

Step 4. Grate the cheese.

Step 5. On a round cast iron skillet lay out layers: eggplant, tomato, cheese, eggplant, tomato, cheese.

Step 6. Bake in the oven at a temperature of 160 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Step 7. Pour the finished dish around the edges with the sauce and decorate with pomegranate seeds

Gebzhaliya is a Georgian cheese snack. The sauce is made of matsoni, mint, pounded garlic, red pepper and coriander. Baked Eggplant with Adjika

The recipe of Elena Nikiforova, the chef of the Shinok restaurant Baked eggplant with adjika Photo: Restaurant "Shinok"

250 g of eggplant

50 g adjika (tomatoes, herbs, garlic)

3 g salt

Step 1. Put the eggplant in a baking dish, put in an oven preheated to 180 ° for about 20 minutes (the eggplant should be soft).

Step 2. With the finished eggplant to remove the peel, leaving the tail.

Step 3. Make a cut in the center of the eggplant, add the adjika to the well and sprinkle with salt around the edges.

Step 4. When serving, decorate with a bouquet of greens (parsley, dill and cilantro). Beefsteak with eggplant and quinoa

Dmitry Eremeyev's recipe, chef of Turandot restaurant Beefsteak with eggplant and quinoa Photo: Press Service of the Restaurant " Turandot

150 g beef tenderloin

1 yolk

10 g of quinoa 10 g spicy miso sauce

15 g of ketchup

5 g sugar

40 ml chicken broth

5 g onions

5 ml of vegetable oil


40 g of eggplant




Step 1. Wash beef, cut into pieces and mince.

Step 2. Add minced egg yolk, salt and pepper. Form round beef steak.

Step 3. Boil Quinoa.

Step 4. Finely chop the onion, sauté until golden brown. Add spicy miso, ketchup, sugar, chicken broth and reduce to the desired consistency. Set aside miso sauce aside.

Step 5. Cut the eggplant with a knife on both sides and deep-fry until tender.

Step 6. Beefsteak cooked in melted butter with the addition of olive oil, frying on a hot frying pan for 3-4 minutes on each side. The meat will be ready when it acquires a smooth brown color on both sides.

Step 7. Put ready steak, quinoa and eggplant on a plate. Before serving, steak should be soaked with butter. Red eggplants

Recipe for Jimmy Lee, chef and owner of the restaurant "Jimmy Lee" Red eggplants Photo: Restaurant "Jimmy Lee"

250 g of eggplant

30 grams of red sweet pepper

30 grams of green sweet pepper

Sauce: 20 grams of garlic

15 g of ginger

35 g sugar

15 ml light soy sauce

5 ml dark soy sauce

25 ml of rice vinegar

5 ml sesame oil

Step 1. My eggplant, clean, cut lengthwise into two halves. Each half is cut lengthwise and cut into into pieces 2 cm wide, at an angle of 45 degrees.

Step 2. Washing sweet peppers (red, green), cut the core with the seeds. Cut into strips with a width of 1.5 cm, and then these strips into diamonds with a width of 1 cm.

Step 3. Fry the eggplants in deep fat or in a large amount of hot vegetable oil for 3-5 minutes (until golden brown), add the sweet pepper a minute before the end of frying. Remove from the fryer, give the drain oil.

Step 4. In a hot wok pour vegetable oil, fry chopped and peeled garlic and ginger. Then add a little vegetable broth, sugar, dark rice vinegar, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and bring to a boil.

Step 5. Add the fried vegetables to the ready sauce and simmer for 2-3 minutes until the sauce thickens. At the very end add sesame oil.

Step 6. Put the prepared dish in a deep plate. Crispy eggplants with pink tomatoes

Maxim Volkov's recipe, The Mad Cook's chef Photo: The Mad Cook restaurant

130 g of eggplants

100 g of Baku tomatoes

2 g cilantro

1 g sesame

Potato starch

Corn starch

Powdered sugar

For the sauce

100 g sweet and sour sauce

20 g oyster sauce

15 g sesame oil

20 ml of water

Step 1. Cut the eggplants into large chunks, marinate in salt for 5 minutes, wash off the salt with water, then pan in potato starch, cornstarch and powdered sugar.

Step 2. Deep-fried to golden brown. Lets back down on a napkin.

Step 3. For the sauce, mix all the ingredients.

Step 4. Cut the tomatoes into large pieces, add, add the sauce to taste, decorate with sesame and cilantro. Baked Eggplant with Elk Meat

Recipe Zaza Shengelia, chef restaurant "Tkemali" Baked eggplant with moose meat Photo: Restaurant "Tkemali"

1 eggplant

80 g onion

8 g garlic

130 g minced moose meat (can be replaced with veal)

70 g vegetable oil

1 chilli pepper

2 g hot pepper

2 cherry tomatoes


Step 1. Take an eggplant and cut it in half, bake in the oven at 200 degrees (12 minutes).

Step 2. Cut the onion, garlic, make minced veal or moose meat.

Step 3. Pour the vegetable oil on the pan and simmer it all until tender.

Step 4. Add spices: salt and hot pepper.

Step 5. For decoration, bake chilli peppers and cherry tomatoes for 5 minutes

Step 6. Put the eggplants on the plate, put the mince, pepper and cherry tomatoes on top, sprinkle with dill and pour the sabibeli.

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