9 Wacky Sandwich Creations

Courtesy of Hill Country Chicken
Grilled cheese? Yes, please. Peanut butter and jelly? Of course. A sandwich that combines the two—and with apples, no less? Actually…yes! While traditional sandwich fare is as popular as ever, there are new, unusual flavor combinations emerging that are unbelievably tasty. From a patty made out of egg foo young in St. Louis to a New York City sandwich using potato skins instead of bread, here are nine offbeat sandwiches you've probably never tried—but should if you get the chance!


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Jerry's Sandwiches & Beer in Chicago doesn't take sandwiches lightly. This neighborhood spot boasts more than 100 sandwich options, including a handful of gourmet grilled cheese concoctions. Our favorite? The PBJ&C, a grownup version of the kid classic, featuring peanut butter and provolone cheese melted with tart Granny Smith apples and sweet chutney on multigrain bread.Photo: Courtesy ofJerry Sandwiches

Mr. Potatoskin


Manhattan's Certé knows how to make a mean sandwich—but that didn't stop them from being open to new ideas. The upscale deli issued a sandwich challenge, asking customers to come up with inventive combinations. The restaurant chose the winners, and now features a special sandwich per month. One of the most unique in recent months: "Mr. Potatoskin," which is made by placing a chicken cutlet between two potato skins and then layering it all with BBQ sauce, aged Cheddar and applewood smoked bacon. As if that wasn't enough, it's served with sour cream and chives!Photo: Courtesy of Midtown Lunch

St. Paul's Grinder

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This specialty sandwich is pretty much exclusive to Chinese restaurants in St. Louis. Consisting of an egg foo young patty (eggs, bean sprouts, onions and meat), dill pickle slices, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes between two slices of white bread, it really brings the experience of the "American melting pot" right to your taste buds! Although the origins of this beloved sandwich are uncertain, word has it that Steven Yuen, founder of Park Chop Suey near downtown St. Louis, invented it to attract American customers; the name stems from his hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota.Photo: Courtesy of msparksls viaflickr

Fried Pimento Cheese


Anyone familiar with Southern food knows about fried chicken, collard greens and black-eyed peas. But a real Southerner knows about the deliciousness that is pimento cheese spread—a tangy, creamy mix of Cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, pimentos and seasoning. Hill Country Chicken, a Southern food haven in the middle of New York City, has taken this spread to new heights with its Pimento Cheese Sandwich—two slices of white bread layered with the spread and deep-fried until they're an irresistible golden brown.Photo: Courtesy of Hill Country Chicken

Newark Double

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It takes a big appetite to tackle The Newark Double, a monstrous creation of fried goodness at St. Anselm in Brooklyn, New York. But if you do, the foodies at swear that you'll be amply rewarded for it. This behemoth features two deep-fried spicy hot dogs that are topped with deep-fried onions, french fries and red peppers, and tucked inside a pizza crust. Makes eating a ballpark frank seem paltry, doesn't it?Photo:Yi-Ching Lin

Yakisoba Noodle Sandwich


This Japanese spaghetti sandwich is a carb-lovers' dream: a fluffy white sub stuffed with yakisoba, which is made with chukka, thin wheat noodles that are fried with a piquant sauce akin to Worcestershire, but thicker. Throw in a few thin strips of vegetables like carrots, bell peppers and onions, and you've got lunch on the go!Photo: YGX Cameron Yee via

Chip Butty


No, the name of this popular British sandwich is not a joke—and neither are its ingredients. This street food is serious (carb!) business, featuring bread that's buttered and filled with french fries and sauce. Ketchup is a favorite for the sauce, but it can also be salt and vinegar, cheese or curry. The sandwich is said to have originated as pub fare in Liverpool, but you can find it just about anywhere in the UK.Photo: David Jackmanson

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Brussels Sprouts Sandwich


Considering many of the sandwiches on this list feature fried food and starches galore, we'd say this is a healthy option. New York City's No. 7 Sub created this infamous sandwich (noted for its delicious taste but strong smell), which features chopped Brussels sprouts, Granny Smith apples and crushed peanuts on a roll. Sadly this concoction was recently taken off the menu, but there's always hope it'll make a comeback.

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